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Lightwaves is a Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name Alternate Universe Fic by EmptyHeart and DigitalDreamer

The year is 20XX.

After a variety of terrible plagues and wars, mankind has finally united into several city-states. One of these is the City of Varuna. Sprawling thousands of miles and surrounded by unmovable walls, the City of Varuna lives in isolation from the outside world, taught only what the government wants them to hear. People are under constant watch and surveillance under the name of protection. Technology has advanced beyond our wildest dreams. The only issue now is Undesirables. Paranormal creatures, vampires and werewolves, remnants of an ancient and dying world. These creatures are expected to register with the government and are seen as second class citizens, living in oppression so as to avoid tainting the other citizens and ruining their quality of life. These creatures are hunted down by a special section of the police force, the Ahimsa.


"Eli" has been an officer of the Ahimsa for ten years. In his late twenties, he suffers from insomnia and has grown indifferent to the world around him. Every day is a copy of a copy, another day spent hunting down creatures that may not even deserve it. The more dissatisfied with life he becomes, the more he begins to question— is there something more?

And of course, that's when a certain redhead comes literally crashing into his life...

Can be found here on DeviantArt in its entirety and here on

Is now complete with the beginnings of sequel, Father of Death, but your sequel is dead.


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