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Every time the Master Sword has recieved a new master, its master has been that hero, Link, be he a small boy or a young adult. Every time it has chosen a single master.

But the godesses know that, someday, an evil so powerful, one weilder of the Master Sword would be insufficient, would come. They had an idea of what to do in such a case, should the legendary Four Sword, which has the power to split its weilder into two, three, or even four selves, be inacessible. They just did not know what would happen when their plan was finally forced to be used...
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The Legend of Zelda: Rings of Dualtynote  is an in-progress Action-Adventure (with a dose of comedy) Zelda Fan Fic for written by FerreTrip ("FT" for short) started in late November 2007. It is written like a Novelization of a game that exists entirely within the author's (and reader's) mind...complete with new items and fully-narrated dungeons.note  The main gimmick behind the "game" is that it is an almost entirely co-op 3D game, with two similar yet distinct main characters: The hylian Link, of course, and the intelligent lizalfos Samba. It can be found here on


The premise is this: Some Big Bad is threatening Hyrule, and all the people who have a clue what it is know is that one person holding the Master Sword ain't gonna cut it...and the Four Sword is unavailable. The goddesses had the feeling this would happen, and thus engineered a way to get past the Master Sword's One Hero Limit and have its power shared between two wielders, via three rings called the Rings of Dualty. The basic way it works is simple: Whichever one wears the most Rings at the time has the Master Sword while some of the sword's power is granted to the other one. Of course, only the chosen may wield them, and they're scattered about the land, punishing anyone unfit who tries wearing one.

When circumstances lead to Link getting one Ring, he decides to collect the others to keep them out of the wrong hands, and so goes to Hyrule Castle where he learns another lies. At the same time, a new character, the blue lizalfos, Samba, obtains another Ring, and goes off to the castle to get it, too...though for somewhat different reasons. They end up getting to the third Ring at the same time and, after some exposition, set off on a quest to stop this evil threatening Hyrule as the chosen Knights of Dualty. They must gather eight MacGuffins, which of course are held by eight powerful bosses, which of course reside in eight big dungeons (after two smaller ones to get the Rings). The MacGuffin theme this time is rather unique, however—tools representing the different kinds of materials that people use (wood, stone, metal, etc.). The bosses guarding them are appropriately called the Leviathans of Material.


Extremely wordy (something the author fights with for everything), chock-full of Lampshade Hanging and justification of different mechanics and aspects of the series, and not lacking of gratuitous effort and attention to detail in certain places, the fic is supposed to make the reader feel like s/he is actually playing a Zelda game, with the two main characters often thinking like players. (The author wants to make a sort of interactive version on his own wikinote  someday to make it more like a real game, letting players figure out what to do themselves.) It, like most other fanfics, falls victim to pretty Egregious Schedule Slip because of various factors, the biggest being college. (Second-biggest is various other projects, third- being indecision.)



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