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Marinette's Significant Wardrobe Shift. Art by zoee-oneesama

Leave for Mendeleiev is a Miraculous Ladybug fanfic written by imthepunchlord on tumblr. They co-created the AU along with zoe-oneesama and miraculouscontent.

Marinette is dreading the new school year, another year of having to share a class with her bully, Chloe Bourgeois. However, things look up when she finds out she's actually going to be in Ms. Mendeleiev's class, rather than Bustier's. Hence, no Chloe.

But Chloe is still attending the same school, and refuses to be left behind so easily. Her favorite victim may not be forced to be stuck around her all day anymore, but she's still going to strive to keep her tamped down and properly in her place. And then there's the whole 'suddenly a superhero' thing, with all the responsibilities that entails... and a partner that seems more interested in her than in heroism.


Still, there's new friends to be made, and Marinette's determined to not let anything — or anyone — drag her down anymore. After so long being stifled, it's finally her time to blossom and become more than Chloe's punching bag!

This fanfic can be read on Archive of Our Own here.

Leave for Mendeleiev contains examples of:

  • Adaptational Intelligence: In this fic, when Marinette has her first face-to-face conversation with Master Fu (during the events of "Princess Fragrance"), she immediately recognizes him and figures out he has some connection to the Miraculouses.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul:
    • Since she's not part of Bustier's class anymore, Marinette doesn't have particularly close connections to anyone in it, and is building friendships with members of Mendeleiev's class like Aurore, Jean and Ondine instead.
    • Chloe has developed a sort of Super-Persistent Predator attitude towards Marinette due to the transfer. Having gotten used to Marinette being readily accessible (and getting away with all her bullying due to Bustier's lax methods), she's determined to prove that Marinette can't get away from her so easily.
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    • Marinette doesn't have any kind of crush on Adrien, and he in turn barely registers her existence, only taking an interest when he thinks she might be Ladybug.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: So far.
    • Aurore has a crush on Adrien, but he only started paying attention to her because Ladybug was dropping hints. It seems he was only paying her any attention because she might have had a connection to Ladybug, but after the events of The Gamer, he's been drifting. As of chapter 14, Aurore is over him.
    • Adrien/Chat Noir still retains his crush on Ladybug, but she doesn't reciprocate for either party.
  • Alpha Bitch: Chloe, who isn't especially thrilled that her favorite victim isn't stuck in the same class as her and repeatedly attempts to reassert her power over her.
  • Armor-Piercing Response:
    • This exchange between Chloe and Ms. Mendeleiev when the teacher catches her cornering Marinette:
      Chloe: Do you know who I am?
      Mendeleiev: Do you know who I am? I am the meanest teacher in this school, and if I find you disrupting my class again, I'm going to see to it that you get suspended. Now, out!
    • When Chat attempts to play off Ladybug's anger post-interview and insists that the two of them are meant to be together, Ladybug throws him for a loop with four little words: "I don't love you."
    • After the Ladyblog gets some serious backlash following the Face to Face incident, Marinette tries to help Alya calm down, leading to this exchange:
      Marinette: I think it's for the best. Ladybug doesn't want her identity revealed, and—
      Alya: American heroes don't mind!
      Marinette: A lot of those American heroes revealed themselves of their own consent. Has Ladybug ever consented to revealing herself?
  • Ascended Extra: Several, thanks to the transfer.
    • Most notably, Aurore Beaureal. In canon, she was an akuma in two episodes, but otherwise remains in the background. Here, though, she becomes Marinette's new best friend, standing up to Chloe and Alya for her. She also models clothes and accessories for Marinette. Marinette, in return, supports her at the Weather Girl competition, designs clothes and accessories for her, and helps her try to win Adrien's affections.
    • Jean Duparc was originally a background character whose akuma was mentioned in Princess Fragrance. Now, he's one of Marinette's new friends, who's a bit of a trickster, and tends to get under Aurore's skin a lot. Despite that, he still tries to support her at the Weather Girl competition and also in trying to win over Adrien.
    • Felix and Amber are based off of characters from the earliest concepts for Miraculous Ladybug, with the latter being based off of Chloe's concept art.
    • Ondine. As of season three, she's only made major appearances in "Syren" and the Heroes' Day two-parter, not even interacting with Marinette in their civilian identities. Here, she commissions Marinette for the banner for Alix and Kim's race, swaps stories about their love woes, and gives Marinette her stuff back when Alya takes it.
  • Because You Can Cope: Adrien sees no reason to help Marinette when Chloe is targeting her because she's used to being bullied, whereas Chloe is so used to getting her way that she can't handle being told no.
  • Breaking Speech: Chloe starts giving one to Marinette at her half-birthday party, aiming to tear down her self-confidence once and for all. Aurore and Amber intervene and put a stop to that.
  • Bribe Backfire: Minor example when Adrien snatches a piece of Camembert from Plagg, declaring that he won't get it back unless he spills the beans. Plagg tells him that it's 'extra melty' from being left out, right before it drips on his hand, grossing him out.
  • Broken Pedestal: Adrien loses Aurore's regard for good when he attempts to prevent her from intervening in Chloe's bullying, declaring that it's better to let Chloe harass them than risk the Alpha Bitch turning into an akuma.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Downplayed. Ms. Mendeleiev wears her reputation as "the meanest teacher in this school" on her sleeve, although in practice she's more of a Stern Teacher.
  • Demoted to Extra: Characters in Bustier's class, while relevant for the akuma of the week plots, are out of focus.
  • Did You Think I Can't Feel?: Marinette effectively asks Adrien as much when she points out that, contrary to his beliefs, Chloe's bullying was hurting her, enough that she could have been akumatized if nobody stepped in to stop it.
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: When Ladybug finds out what really caused Copycat and confronts Chat about it, Chat attempts to change the subject. At no point during the confrontation does he actually bother apologizing for how he lied, more focused on asserting that their relationship is inevitable.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: Or 'Frustratingly', rather: Bustier sincerely thinks that Marinette is suffering in Mendeleiev's class, spending much of her POV section mentally lamenting about how she used to be one of the 'best examples' she had for Chloe (read: Bustier pressured her into being a Stepford Smiler who endured Chloe's bullying rather than 'rocking the boat' by asserting herself). The notion that Mendeleiev might be better for her by virtue of actually stepping in, addressing and preventing the bullying is completely lost upon her.
  • Entitled Bastard: Plenty of examples can be found in Bustier's class:
    • Chloe feels entitled to having her favorite victim to push around, actively seeking her out and getting pissed off when others get in her way.
    • Adrien feels entitled to Ladybug, believing that their Miraculouses are proof that they're 'destined' for each other. He ends up stringing Aurore along when he thinks that she holds the key to Ladybug's identity, and spends a lot of time downplaying and brushing off Ladybug's disinterest, even telling her to her face that "We are going to be a thing one day, you know."
    • Alya feels entitled to Ladybug's identity despite repeatedly being warned off, until Nadja's disastrous interview combined with Marinette telling her off leads to her recanting and deleting the Ladyblog. Even then, she tells Marinette that she suspected she was Ladybug and seems to hope for some kind of confirmation.
    • At one point, Marinette is just passing by Bustier's classroom when Nino grabs her arm and hauls her in, offering her up to help with a group project. Despite her pointing out that she never agreed, they brush off her complaints and act as though she should be happy to help.
  • Evil Is Petty:
    • Chloe continues to try to terrorize Marinette and bring down her spirits even after she moved to a different class just because she wants to prove to Marinette that there is no 'escape'.
    • Chloe also exploits Kim's crush on her purely as a way to 'punish' Ondine for standing up to her, making a point to get in her face and gloat about he'll never want to swim with her again.
  • Flat "What": Aurore's initial reaction to being offered the Dragon Miraculous.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: The Bourgeois' twins dynamic. Chloe's penchant for self-centered dramatics and spoiled, petty behavior makes her the Foolish sister, while Amber is a Responsible, hard worker who rejects her father's attempts to earn her affection through bribery.
  • For Want of a Nail: What if Marinette was placed into Mendeleiev's class instead of Bustier's?
    • While Marinette is still caught in the rain after their third day at school, Adrien doesn't offer her any help, only an apologetic smile as he opens his umbrella and hurries off. It's Aurore who offers her help instead, walking her home despite the inconvenience to herself.
    • Since they aren't friends, Ladybug sees Alya as reckless and a potential threat to her Secret Identity, repeatedly warning her off and stating on Face to Face that she doesn't support the Ladyblog.
    • Marinette does not develop a crush on Adrien. In fact, she barely knows who he is until Aurore points him out.
    • Chloe is the reason Aurore loses the Weather Girl competition.
  • Heartbreak and Ice Cream: After the Stormy Weather incident, Marinette takes Aurore back to the bakery to binge on cookies and watch movies together up in her room.
  • Heroic Bystander: When Despair Bear attacks Chloe and Amber's half-birthday party, Amber grabs the akuma outright, and is immediately startled by her own action. Jean trips it up with a card later, and Aurore helps pin it down.
  • Hoist by Her Own Petard: Chloe perfectly recreates Marinette's bowler hat for the contest... including the hidden signature she incorporates into her work, disguised as embroidery. This proves to the judges who the real design thief is, resulting in her disqualification.
  • In Spite of a Nail:
    • Marinette still gets the Ladybug Miraculous, and Adrien still gets the Cat Miraculous.
    • Adrien is still completely oblivious about a pigtailed girl crushing on him. It's just Aurore who finds herself in that unfortunate position instead of Marinette.
    • Alya still creates the Ladyblog, and still tries to figure out Ladybug's Secret Identity despite the superheroine being much less tolerant of her antics.
    • Aurore still loses the Weather Girl competition in chapter 5. Why she lost, though, is a different story...
    • Chloe still gets her hands on Marinette's design and enters the hat contest in Chapter 9. Despite her efforts, Marinette still wins.
    • Adrien still threatens to quit in the middle of Syren's assault on Paris, deciding that his desire to know what Ladybug is hiding outweighs saving the city from flooding. Then Syren pops up, and he takes a dorsal fin to the face, knocking the loosened ring right off his hand.
  • Internal Reveal: Ladybug learns the truth about the Copycat incident when Nadja brings Theo onto her show as a surprise guest in an attempt to ambush her and Chat with 'proof' of their relationship. This does not go over well.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • After rigging the Weather Girl contest, Chloe gloats to Aurore about it, rubbing it in her face... and triggering the birth of Stormy Weather.
    • When Chloe is caught cheating in the hat-making contest, she's not only disqualified, but banned from entering any further fashion competitions. By her own mother.
    • Chat Noir lying to Ladybug and making her think she was responsible for Theo becoming Copycat blows up in his face after she finds out what really happened.
    • Nadja also finds herself facing considerable backlash when her tactics on Face to Face lead to her losing her 'exclusive interview' and getting into serious trouble with her boss.
    • Alya also faces fallout from that interview courtesy of Nadja bringing up the Ladyblog only for Ladybug to declare that she doesn't support it, specifically pointing out the importance of keeping their secret identities secret. This causes the blog to get some backlash until she deletes it.
  • Misplaced Kindergarten Teacher: Ms.Bustier is seen as this because she is an overly permissive teacher who encourages her other students to Turn the Other Cheek while never punishing her and other bad students' bad behavior.
  • Mood Whiplash: After their victory over Syren, Marinette returns to Master Fu bursting with excitement and eager to report how the fight went. Then she sees that Plagg is with him, bearing grim tidings about what happened to the Black Cat Miraculous.
  • Not a Game: Part of Ladybug's call-out to Chat after the failed interview:
    Ladybug: We're not celebrities. We're heroes, Chat. We're not out here saving the day for a big show to please the public; this isn't some big act! This is real! There's a terrorist out there, taking advantage of people, doing some real harm!
  • Oblivious to Love: Adrien doesn't seem to notice the huge crush Aurore has on him. Even when she drops hints via the pastries she brings to him or flat out tells him to his face. His reaction? He asks her for her name.
  • Personality Powers: Played with. The moment Marinette hears what the Dragon Miraculous can do, Aurore immediately leaps to mind as the perfect temporary holder.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: Chloe and Amber; Chloe's a Spoiled Brat who expects everything to go her way, while Amber is much nicer and regards Marinette as a Worthy Opponent and potential rival.
  • Pungeon Master: Aurore tends to pepper everything she says with weather-puns.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Master Fu, as demonstrated when Marinette mistakenly thinks that she needs to accept his previous offer of apprenticeship to secure his help with Syren.
  • Reset Button: Adrien's thoughts during the Syren incident reveal that this is how he regards Miraculous Cure. Since it restores things back to normal as the akuma is cleansed, he's used to it saving him from the consequences of any mistakes he makes during the fight. Thus, he's hopeful that it will protect him from having to deal with the fallout of losing the Black Cat in the flood waters. It doesn't.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!: Chloe's so used to this working in her favor that she's caught completely off guard when Mendeleiev doesn't back down. She also rigs the Weather Girl contest against Aurore in order to 'punish' her for standing up to her and defending Marinette, and is utterly aghast when Audrey reacts to her cheating in the hat-making contest by disqualifying and banning her from future competitions.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!:
    • Another one of Chloe's favorite M.O.s: exploiting her family's wealth to get what she wants.
    • Adrien invokes this when he offers to buy Plagg 'the biggest wheel of Camembert ever made' in exchange for being let in on Ladybug's secrets. Plagg gives him a Deer in the Headlights look, but refuses the offer.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Ladybug storms out of the Face to Face interview after Theo's brought in.
  • Skewed Priorities:
    • When Lady Wifi mistakenly exposes Chloe as Ladybug, Marinette is more concerned about the fact Alya thinks Chloe is Ladybug than the fact Lady Wifi is keeping someone captive.
    • When Chloe corners Marinette at her half-birthday party, Adrien is more concerned by Aurore wanting to stop her than the bullying itself, claiming that Marinette can handle the bullying better than Chloe can handle being called out. This decisively destroys Aurore's crush on him.
    • When Ladybug gives him a friendly heads-up that they might get another teammate soon, Chat/Adrien is more immediately concerned by the notion that she's keeping secrets from him. He starts trying to blackmail Plagg into telling him, culminating in a threat to quit outright. And when he sees her first chosen partner in action, he's nearly overcome with jealousy despite having more important things to be concerned with. Like the fact he'd accidentally lost his ring in the flood waters.
  • Stern Teacher: Ms. Mendeleiev, naturally.
  • Turn the Other Cheek: Miss Bustier believes she has been teaching her students this by encouraging them to 'lead by example' when it comes to Chloe. However, since she hasn't paired this with any punishment for her bullying, Chloe has no reason to change — why should she, when she's already getting what she wants?
  • Twin Threesome Fantasy: Chat hints at wanting a variation of this when Ladybug floats the idea of them getting another teammate. Asking if she intends to split the earrings, then declaring that if she does so, the other Ladybug needs to be a cute girl in order to qualify.
  • Wham Episode: The Syren arc has Tikki enthusiastically recommending Marinette as an apprentice guardian, Fu entrusting her to start choosing temporary bearers for other Miraculous, and Adrien losing the Black Cat into the flood waters, with the ring being picked up by a random passerby who finds it on the street afterwards.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Ladybug is livid when she learns what really sparked the creation of Copycat, and calls Chat out on lying to her, as well as how he's been brushing off her repeatedly stated disinterest in him and encouraging the speculation over their 'relationship status'.
  • With Us or Against Us: Stormy Weather puts this very succinctly when she declares "You can either ride along this breeze, or be swept up by the storm." Yet despite saying this to Marinette, she doesn't go on to hurt her, giving her a hug and apologizing for scaring her before heading off.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: Invoked In-Universe: Chat Noir is so convinced that the Ladybug and Cat are 'destined partners' that he tells Ladybug flat-out that they're going to be together someday and that she should stop denying it.


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