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The Kith and Kin series is a collection of Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfics written by AnAppleOfDiscord on The series has four installments so far; Wendigo and Elferingewort are complete, while the third fic (Gramarye) and a prequel to the series (Sirena) are in progress.

  • Wendigo: Arthur was so used to foes attacking him as a nation; he forgot his vulnerabilities as a man. A longtime enemy settles the score; Alfred gets caught in the crossfire.
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  • Elferingewort: America chafes under England's unwavering attention and the globe's reaction regarding his...downsizing. Will liberty prevail in a world deadset on confining the hero with bedtimes and booster seats? Can he last a Winter Holiday in the U.K. when the Unseelie Court gets dangerously interested in him?
  • Gramarye: Distraught over governmental deceptions from both sides of the pond and concerned with America's well-being and his blossoming magic, England solidifies his role in the boy's life. Sadly, his leisure plans for Beltane's Day go awry when Alfred acts on a hidden agenda and a hinkypunk's directions.
  • Sirena: "Be wary of America, Tejas. Greater nations and men than you have been dashed on his rocks." In 1823, a cynical Texas accompanies Mexico on a trip to England and is caught off guard when the foppish America's mask slips. Maybe he's not the only one with a streak of mean in him.

Tropes for the series:

  • Abuse Mistake: In chapter four of Elferingewort, England sees that America's gotten a black eye after the latter secretly goes to a combat exam. England thinks that people in America's government are beating him (and it doesn't help when America flinches away after England attempts to check if he has any more bruises) until America comes clean and explains the truth.
  • Baby Morph Episode: America "downsizes" into a seven-year-old; unlike most examples, he needs to grow normally. America struggles with adapting to being a child who has to rely on others to care for him.
  • Big Brother Bully: Canada has streaks of this towards America in the times he lets his resentment get the better of him. One particular instance in Elferingewort has Canada give America a pacifier as a Secret Santa gift, accompanied by fifty euros and a sarcastic note telling America to have fun buying more of his "awful Power Rangers movies." The pacifier causes the seven-year-old to burst into tears.
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  • Big Brother Instinct: Texas to America. He is arguably the most supportive of America's siblings and is the one America confides in the most.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: Let's see...America and England are estranged. England and his three older brothers have issues. Canada resents America. Texas hates Spain, who wants to rekindle his relationship with his former colony. Texas and Mexico also have a tense relationship. And then there's Iroquois...
  • Distressed Dude: Lampshaded by America himself. He is kidnapped and put in danger a lot in this series and is not happy about it in the least.
  • Green Thumb: Alfred's magic.
  • Historical Fiction: Sirena takes place in 1823.
  • The Fair Folk: A lot of classic fairy lore is in the series. The Fae and Unseelie Court range from manipulative to outright evil, and must be dealt with with great caution.
  • Original Character: Texas, who was also briefly known as the Confederate States of America. There are also personifications for Hawaii, Mexico, and numerous Native American tribes.
  • Papa Wolf: England to America, past the point of overprotectiveness. It gets to the point where multiple characters call him out for smothering America.
  • Really 17 Years Old: America's human age is seventeen, not nineteen like his ID claims. He had his age at nineteen so he could function self-sufficiently as an adult. When he goes missing, England puts out an Amber Alert for him.
  • The Resenter: In a downplayed example, Canada towards America. He hates that America was always England's favorite and how England is so focused on reforging their bond in the present. Most of the time, Canada holds it in, but there are times when his resentment gets the best of him and he acts needlessly cruel to his brother.
  • Stepford Smiler: America, particularly in Sirena. Whenever England acts cold or condescending towards America, he laughs it off and pretends not to be hurt by his brother/father-figure's rejection.
  • Wendigo: Considering the title, it's no surprise the creatures are a major threat throughout the first fic.


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