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Je Mourrais (French for "I Would Die") is a Halo fanficiton written by Kavek.

It starts out as a novelization of the last parts of Halo 3. Master Chief must rescue Cortana from the grips of the Gravemind. To be able to do that, he has to get through the corridors of High Charity, former capital city of The Covenant and now just a hive of the Flood, with millions of them ready to tear Chief apart. During his attempts to rescue Cortana, he goes into a soul-searching, mostly about his own history and his relationship with Cortana and if it's more than just partnership. After he resisted the Flood's desperate attempts to stop him, he finds Cortana but she is in a heavily bad shape. They find a way out of High Charity and, with help of the UNSC and Covenant Sepratists, go to the recreated Halo 04 in order to activate it with hopes that it will finish the Flood for good. They activate it and attempt to get of the ring before it kills them as well. As we already know, Chief and Cortana fail to get through the portal and now are in the empty space, waiting for a miracle to happen.


Now the original parts of the story begin. The ship with Chief and Cortana is pulled back by the Ark's gravity and is forced to land there. On the Ark, they try to find some way to contact the UNSC with hopes that they'll send some ships to take them back to Earth. They also realize that they aren't the only ones on the Ark; some UNSC/Covenant Sepratists personnel were forgotten by the fleet during its retreat and were stranded on the Ark as well. Those who happens to be on the Ark are Sergeant Major Donald J. Kramer, Lance Corporal Jana Hook of the ODST, Private First Class Lance Briggs, Medic Eugene Roe and Minor Domo 'Ulee Dakol. Together, they help the Chief find a way to contact the UNSC. However, they find out that Covenant Loyaltists exists on the Ark as well, a Brute Chieftain named Maximus and his loyal Ultra Grunt bodyguard Dari. They agree to help them after Cortana proves to them that the Great Journey was false. The problem is that Cortana is experiencing rampancy created by the virus the Gravemind gave her and fueled by her own conflicting emotions.


When the UNSC finds out about Cortana's rampancy, they send ONI agent (and former SPARTAN) Jack Bauer to find Cortana and terminate her before she evolves out of control. Given command of the fleet, Jack travels to the Ark to take Cortana for termination and to get Chief back to Earth. When Chief refuses to hand over Cortana, Jack and his own team begin hunting Chief and his allies across the Ark. As if things weren't bad enough, Chief and his allies hear from Mendicant Bias that the Flood had survived Halo 04's activation and is growing in numbers...


This fanfic contains examples of:

  • The Atoner: Mendicant Bias, or at least what it seems as he ask for the group's help to activate some kind of weapon that will wipe out the remaining Flood.
  • Ax-Crazy: Briggs became this in chapter 15, as the isolation on the Ark finally gets to him.
  • Back from the Dead: Gravemind. Shouldn't be a surprise since it's about the Flood the story is talking about.
  • Big Bad: Gravemind, for the first half of the fic, and it seems that he'll be it again in the last part soon.
  • Breaking Speech: Kramer is the victim of Cortana, as she used his Dark and Troubled Past to screw his mind open.
  • Broken Bird: Cortana, due to Rampancy, and Hook, due to Dark and Troubled Past.
  • Cowardly Lion: The grunt Dari No-Claw. As a Grunt, he has some shaky nerves, but yet he can fight pretty efficently.
  • Cultured Warrior: Master Chief has read Aristotle, Ptolemy and C.S. Lewis, as well plays piano during his free time.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Chief, Jack, Hook and Kramer have these, specially Kramer, who once ended up in a mental hospital after his failed mission that only he survived, causing massive Survivor Guilt in him.
  • Friendly Sniper: 'Ulee Dakol. Despite the very recent alliance between the humans and the elites, he's already a very good friend to his human companions.
  • The Medic/Combat Medic: Eugene Roe, a medic who is in his 60-70s, and still serves in the marines.
  • Morality Pet: Jana Hook to Dari's. Maybe it sounds weird that a human is a morality pet for a grunt, but she has use of it in chapter 15, when Briggs goes nuts.
  • Not So Different: Maximus believes that the relationship between the Humans and the Brutes is this.
  • Only Sane Man: Maximus is the only one who doesn't suffers from serious psychological trauma. Ironic since he's a Brute.
  • The Philosopher: Chief and Maximus. They discuss the theories of Aristotle, for instance.
  • The Power of Friendship: If you have to survive in an alien world, with both the United Nations' own supercommandos and parastic monsters hunting you, cooperation is vital. Without it, you'll be dead in short time.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: The Brute Cheiftain Maximus because he lacks serious psychological trauma
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Master Cheif and Sgt. Kramer, especially Kramer, so much that he suffer a Heroic BSoD later on.


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