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Fan Fic / Inescapable Past

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A Sonic the Hedgehog Patchwork Fic of sorts, Inescapable Past takes characters, locales and narrative elements from most Sonic games up to Shadow the Hedgehog, both the Archie and Fleetway comic series, and Sonic X and Sonic Underground, and fuses them into a single continuity. Set a few months after the events of Shadow the Hedgehog, the fic features a Mobius now free of the menace of Robotnik, with the mighty egg-shaped one now languishing in a G.U.N. prison cell.


It follows Shadow, whose become a wanderer since taking down Black Doom, as he fights for his life against the forces of G.U.N., whose vendetta against the Ultimate Life Form has been inexplicably restarted by the organization's zealous newly-appointed Commander, his predecessor having retired.

This fic contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: Amy Rose, and Tekno
  • Modesty Bedsheet: Averted; Amy's makeshift garments seldom hold up to the rigours of combat.
  • Five-Man Band: Eventually.
    • The Hero: Shadow
    • The Lancer: Espio
    • The Chick: Amy
    • The Big Guy: Omega
    • The Geek: Tekno
  • Patchwork Fic: Through and through.

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