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Hyphen is a Pokémon fanfiction created by Dermonster.

The plot is an AU of Pokemon Emerald, where the Ralts that would be captured by Wally dodges the pokeball and flees instead. She then finds the discarded pokeball and eventually decides to disguise herself and become a pokemon trainer, recieving the name 'Astra' as she does so.

The work can be found on AO3,, Sufficient Velocity, and Spacebattles, though the author recommends AO3 or Sufficient Velocity for proper formatting and discussion respectively.


Hyphen contains examples of:

  • Constantly Curious: The entire adventure is started when Astra becomes fascinated with a Poké Ball. It leads to her ignoring the warnings of her village and venturing out into a nearby human settlement where she is drawn in by her curiosity.
  • Cover-Blowing Superpower: Astra's Psychic Powers, including telekinesis and telepathy, are potentially this. She pretends to give her Pokémon orders through violin playing while secretly using telepathy.
  • Fan-Art: It's technically comissioned, but there are many illustrations of scenes in the story from Dexexe1234, creator of Terrene Spire.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: Astra recieves her name only the night before she visits Professor Birch.
  • No Need for Names: All of the inhabitants of the Pokémon village think this, due to the fact that they can simply identify each other with their Psychic Powers.
    • Subverted later on. When the other Ralts children learn that Astra was given a name, several of them immediately start naming themselves.
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  • Parental Substitute: Since her parents died around the time she was born, Astra's grandfather seems to have assumed the role of main caretaker.
  • Perspective Flip: Hyphen's main character was a very minor supporting character in Pokemon Emerald—the rival's starter Pokemon.
  • Pokémon Speak: As Astra is a Ralts, she can only vocalize combinations of syllables in the word 'Ralts'. Luckily her telepathy lets her bypass this.
  • Psychic Powers: Astra's entire species is capable of this.


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