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Hero Fox is the name of an infamous Tails The Fox fan series written by Herofox and co-written by Hellfox. It was mostly scripted, but included elements from pretty much every Sonic continuity going, in attempt to appeal to the widespread Sonic fanbases.

The series is named for the Fan-Made Nine-Tailed Ultimate Form of Tails.

A teenage Tails is stranded on earth, disguised as a human and suffering from amnesia. He finds out that the Freedom Fighters are now bad guys. He gets his memory back, manages to revert to his true form and teams up with a Freedom Fighter Sub-Group called the Terra Shenshi. The series was split up into three arcs or "sagas".


  • The Acorn Empire Saga- The Freedom Fighters (via mind control) are the bad guys. Mostly played for laughs.
  • The Robotnik Saga- Tails teams up with the original freedom fighters to fight classic Big Bad Robotnik. Tails also winds up victim of the same mind control that the freedom fighters suffered from in the first arc and becomes Shadow Fox
  • The Anti-Mobius Saga- Robotnik brings in the Anti-Freedom Fighters and launches his final assault on Mobius. A lot Darker and Edgier than the last two arcs.

A second "Season" was written in which the character dynamic is drastically altered and the scripting is largely toned down.


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