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"This... is the birth of a new player in Gensokyo." - partial summary of the first book

Fugere Illusion is a series of Touhou Fan Fiction stories created by the Fan Fiction Dot Net user Vaati Star.

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  • Vaati, a heavily injured teenager, is thinking about how he got to where he is now. Having gone through this for months, and with no end in sight, he has cast off his name and family, forgotten to the world... Vaati, however, still has one more chance... Gensokyo is the land of those forgotten. Now in Gensokyo, he meets Cirno, and finds a new life and name.


This series provides examples of:

  • Amusing Injuries: Vaati/Minerva gets hit with this a lot.
  • Crossover: In total, there are 4 crossovers in the main Fugere Illusion series. They are:
    • Madoka Magica
    • Sword Art Online
    • Fire Emblem: Fates
    • RWBY
  • In the Spin-Off series we currently have one Crossover, and several references to other franchises. The main cross over in the Spin-Off being:
    • Pokemon
  • Death Is Cheap and Resurrective Immortality: Mokou, Kaguya, Vaati and Cirno (after the third arc), and other Hourai Immortals.
  • Deuteragonist: There are quite literally too many characters to share the spotlight to count them, and funnily enough, even if it DOES explicitly focus on Minerva, she's still a supporting protagonist.
  • Gender Bender: Not halfway through the first book and Vaati gets turned into a girl. It stuck, and she doesn't mind.
  • Missing Main Character: Reimu and Yukari are taken out of the equation after the end of the second book.
    • Vaati and Patchouli are notably absent in the Perfect Cherry Blossom arc.
  • Name Amnesia: Vaati chose to abandon his old name, it had brought back too many bad memories.
    Vaati (internal monologue): "My name? Yeah, right, I don't use it anymore, brought me nothing but crazy psychos, drug deals, and injuries abound. If I ever have to use it again, it'll be too soon."
    • In addition to that, after the third book, she gives up the name Vaati as well! Changing it out for Minerva entirely. 20 years of being female and answering to that name will do that to someone.
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  • Phrase Catcher: "Let the gates open!"
  • Ret-Conned: Book Four was originally going to have a different crossover, but it was changed to RWBY early on, and the old Book Four is still accessible.
  • Shout-Out: Nitori discovers Iron Man in the first book, and makes a suit inspired by it.
  • Side Kick: Vaati/Minerva.
  • Spin-Off: A paintball war spin-off was created in 2016, due to writer's block.
    • A second spinoff, focusing on Flandre and most of Team 9 in the Pokemon world, was created as well.
  • Superpower Lottery: Inverted with Vaati.
  • Supporting Protagonist: Vaati/Minerva is this, to an extreme, while a major part of the story he/she is quite literally the supporting character in terms of ability and plot. The majority of the Stories focus on almost every main character equally.
  • Teleportation Misfire: As a plot point! Anankos keeps screwing this up.
  • The Hero: Shared between Cirno/Celsius, Garon, and Marisa.
  • Word of God: Reimu is missing until the end of the fourth book.
  • Tarot Motifs: Word of God: Most of the characters have a tarot assigned to them that fits them the most, in some cases they have two Tarots.

"To Escape To Illusion"-specific tropes:

  • Early Installment Weirdness: First chapter, and only the first chapter, has a first person view.
  • Go Out with a Smile: Vaati does this at the end of the second arc thanks to Yuugi, he doesn't die... barely.
    • Due to the "shenanigans" of basically everybody involved, mainly of Cirno, Vaati becomes a Hourai Immortal. ( does Cirno.)
  • Heroic BSoD: Reimu... halfway into the story...?
  • Point of No Return: Yet another first-chapter "Vaati-version".
  • Butt-Monkey: Vaati is this constantly.
  • Determinator: Vaati is also this. Since the very beginning of the book, he's been dying, and he chooses to help Cirno for as long as he can. It's implied he would have died a long time ago if he hadn't been this focused on helping Cirno.
  • Deep Sleep: From end of the third arc to the end of the fourth Vaati is in this type of coma, as a result of almost a year of hypothermia and nearly dying because of Yuugi. In story this happens over three months and Vaati is given only a week left to live before Cirno manages to do something about it.
  • Darker and Edgier: The chapter 32, the Chapter focusing on the outside world and Madoka Magica is a lot darker than most other points in the story. Everyone, except Homura, as usual, dies before the chapter ends, though Homura actually KILLS Renko and Sumireko herself.
  • Tournament Arc: The second to last arc in the story is this, with major characters from across the story showing up to fight. The tournament ends with a tie between Marisa and Cirno, and Yukari having to gap their final attack away since it was so dangerous. This also leads to The Cameo from The Doctor having to deal with it in his own world.
  • Invisible to Normals: Thanks to Eirin, during the final arc of the story Mokou, Cirno, Sakuya, Alice and Komachi are rendered this so that they don't stand out in the outside world while trying to assist the Madoka Magica girls. There was, however, the side effect of Vaati being unable to see them either due to how the potion worked, and despite this, the Bad "Bad Acting" of the Gensokyo girls render this power useless two chapters into the arc, more of a hinderance than anything else.
  • We Can Rebuild Him: Mami ends up getting eaten by Charlotte again, but Sumireko saves her Soul Jar, allowing Alice to make Mami a life-sized doll for her soul to inhabit. She also ends up making one for Nagisa when she's released from Charlotte.
  • Killed Off for Real: Komachi's scythe allows Kyoto to kill off Kyubey for real. However, this has the side effect of releasing all the soul gems he had collected, allowing Charlotte to Come Back Strong.
  • Why Won't You Die??: And why won't you stay dead, Charlotte dies a grand total of three times, having come back from the dead twice separate times, once from using Alice's magic, and then once again after Kyubey is killed, essentially becoming a second Walpurgisnacht via a Fusion Dance with the soul gems that were released. Charlotte was the witch of tenacity, and she had a death grip of life.
  • Final Battle: The final chapter of the first book features this, with all the Magica Girls and the girls from Gensokyo, as well as Yukari assisting in the final battle against Walpurgisnacht.
  • Mêlée à Trois: During the Mountain of Faith arc, this happens REPEATEDLY, with more sides joining the fight each time! The fight starts with the incident solvers (and Kasen) going up against the Tengu in the Kappa village, and Sanae, who is also being targeted by the Tengu, then Yuuka shows up and the battle devolves into an all out brawl between four sides before it ends... until the next chapter where the Tengu's Calvary arrive to wreck shop. The fact that Yuuka alone counts as her own side solidifies her as the One-Woman Army.

"Life In Illusion"-specific tropes:

  • TropeTitle: Placeholder.

"Fates of Illusion"-specific tropes:

  • AcCENT upon the Wrong SylLABle: Dragon Anankos speaks this way, as does Nergal.
  • Adaptational Heroism: A lot of characters get hit with this, including several minor characters, more important ones include Garon, Nichol, Zonta, Zelgius, Tirado and more.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Just like the above, just as many characters get hit with this as well as the heroism label.
  • Anyone Can Die: It's Fire Emblem, so it's to be expected, so far the death toll includes Zonta, Sumeragi, Zelgius, Astore, Arete, Chad, Noah, Trec, and more.. As of the Great Theives arc Jaffar is dead.
  • Ascended Extra: Pretty much anyone who wasn't already a main character. But especially Garon.
  • Doting Parent: Garon and Minerva are this to the Nohrian children.
  • Dub Name Change: Vaati became Minerva, Cirno became Celsius.
  • Happily Adopted: Corrin is this. Azura is not.
  • Large and in Charge: Any male leader from Nohr.
  • Legacy Character: The title of Black Knight is passed down from father to son... after the son kills the father, Zelgius has Celsius kill him to stop this legacy.
  • Rotating Arcs and Simultaneous Arcs: Not entirely, but the Great Theives Arc takes place during the latter end of the Old Nohr Arc and Great Theives focuses on Marisa, Nitori and Alice instead of Garon, Cirno and Minerva. Word of Vaati here, Takumi and Corrin's respective story arcs do take place at the same time.
  • Time Travel: Good!Anankos screwed up the teleportation for the three groups he sent out to save the world. Minerva and Celsius end up 20 YEARS in the past.
  • Final Boss: True to form every arc in the story has an endgame chapter, with the final boss of the arc right at the end. Only one arc averts having a final boss. The Jaffar arc, where Jaffar ends up dying to Beruka willingly and without a fight, but not before giving her the Almost Dead Guy explanation and dropping a lot of info on Valla to Beruka, who, having not entered Valla at this point, makes her the only one immune to the Curse. This being Beruka[1], this is still a problem.

"Dust of Illusion"-specific tropes:

Fugere Illusion Spin-Off-specific tropes:


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