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Digimon united is fanfic written by Alphamon Ouryuken( Formally known as NYCDMan).

The story starts off during the events of Digimon Adventure 02 and Digimon Tamers (more specifically "It Came From the Other Side"), it starts off with Izzy's Digi-Radar picking up Digital portals opening in Shinjuku, the 02 DigiDestined investigate and end up meeting the Tamers, specifically Takato Matsuki & Henry Wong, Davis, TK, and Cody help them defeat an Akatorimon & Wendigomon, although Wendigomon escape's. Meanwhile, Kari and Yolei are attacked Rika and her partner Renamon, after forcing her to flee the 2 groups decide to team up to stop the Bio-Emerging Digimon.


Several seasons of the Digimon series from Adventure to Fusion/Hunters are confirmed to exist in the same universe (Although Applimon will be excluded). However the first half of this series focuses on the cast from Adventure 02 to Tamers (although characters and events from future seasons shall be seen and/or referenced at several points).

The original Fic was taken down from Fanfiction.Net, after some time the fic has been brought back with several changes and a few additional writers and editors assisting in the writing processes. The story can now be read on, Archive of Our Own and Deviantart.


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