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Wizarmon: I am the one that requested you come here. To help us, that is.
Tyson: Help with what?
Wizarmon: Why, Saving the World of course!

Every time the Digital World is in danger, the Digital World chooses the next Light Bearer, and appoint a group of guardians to protect them. With their control over the the powers of the elements, and their digimon partners, these kids must defend the Digital World, and eventually earth as well. Using the power of their digivices, and the Crests, they can let their digimon achieve new levels of power.

Tyson, Jett, Maia, Brian, Allie, and Hewy have all found themselves in the middle of a dangerous world, partnered with their digimon, and far away from home. Their only chance of getting back home is finding the answers they seek, and finding a way to defeat the ones that threaten not only this world, but also the kids themselves.

Digimon Legend is a fanfic that stars a cast of original characters, and fan-made digimon, and is not at all related to the rest of Digimon canon, and is set in a completely alternate universe.


The fanfic, up to chapter 64, and still on-going, can be found here.

Also see the character sheet. All character-related tropes should be placed here.

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