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Dead Connie Society is Family Guy fanfic by Lurkerbunny. It started out with a simple question: "What If? Robin Williams did a guest voice on Family Guy?"

The plot: Meg Griffin has decided to take poetry class as an elective in hopes that she will not only find a place to express herself, but also a place away from her tormentor, Connie D'Amico. Unfortunately for Meg, Connie is in the class for the sake of being near a cute boy. But fortunately for Meg, the teacher, Rodney Weaver is a free-thinking Blithe Spirit who inspires her. And he's cute too. As time goes by, Meg's feelings for Mr. Weaver grow stronger, and soon it becomes clear that he also has feelings for her. He manages to talk the rest of The Griffin family to into treating Meg right, but meanwhile, Connie is determined to make Meg look bad in front of him. She ends up humiliating Meg in swimming class while Mr. Weaver is in the room, but instead of making him dislike Meg, she ends up triggering a flashback to his own humiliation by a girl not unlike her.


It's payback time.

The first fanfic I've completed in four years (though you really don't want to know about my early stuff, you really don't), Dead Connie Society is filled with tropes, many referred to by their trope names. It's got a lot of jokes that in many ways are true to the spirit of the show (which means there is some Black Comedy as well as some stuff I came up with at the last minute). It may not ever become a classic, or even a cult classic, but hopefully it's decent enough that I won't go down in history as someone who wrote a Family Guy fic that's bad even by Family Guy standards.

Posted on Deviant ART in three parts on October 12th, 2009.


Featured Tropes (Hoo boy):

  • All There in the Manual: I attempt to clear up things that might be confusing about the fic in my DA journal. It's pretty much the text equivalent of a DVD Commentary. I try not to explain too many jokes though.
  • Actor Allusion / Celebrity Paradox: I had a lot of fun with this one:
  • All Men Are Perverts: Mr. Weaver is the chivalrous kind, but as for everyone else... oh dear. Chris and Peter get excited when they hear Lois and Meg are going to have a "Girl-to-girl" talk. Tom Tucker and Principal Shepherd both say perverted things about Connie after her death. Even Mork is uncharacteristically randy. Then there's the cameo by Fritz the Cat... and of course, who else but Quagmire?
  • Animated Actors: In the very end where it's revealed that Mr. Weaver (and Mork) were Robin Williams in costume. As he says his goodbyes to The Griffins, they all compliment him (in their own, er... unique ways).
    • What's more Mind Screw-y is that Connie D'Amico is shown alive at the end, complaining to a friend on her cell phone about her character getting killed off. And then Robin Williams accidentally runs her over with his car. Three times.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: In the end, Mr. Weaver and Meg get off for killing Connie after two other officers tell Joe how Connie drove their daughters to suicide, awakening Joe's Papa Wolf side. However, Mr. Weaver gets fired after he and Meg get off in the pool.
  • Art Shift: Several scenes, if really animated, would call for Mr. Weaver (and Meg) to become Animesque (see Self-Fanservice, below).
  • Author Appeal: Dear lord, where to start?
    • Well, obviously: Robin Williams. Not just Robin Williams, but Robin Williams as the story's Mr. Fanservice, playing two characters, one being Mork and the other one being a savior for the show's Butt-Monkey. By then end it's revealed that he and Lois had an affair in the past, that he and Meg actually had sex during the course of "filming", and then there's Pam Dawber's reaction to working with him for the first time in years:
    Robin: Pam... it has been so long since we've seen each other! Who'd have thought it would take Family Guy of all shows to- (she grabs him and kisses him for several seconds)
    Pam: I have missed doing that SO MUCH! (walks away, satisfied)
    • I have a thing about teacher/student relationships in general... Yeah.
    • Non-sexual examples include the soundtrack (there are a lot of songs used in this fic. So much that I made a playlist of them), and of course the TV Tropes Shout Outs.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Well, this is Family Guy, so the typical "manatee jokes" are expected, but this fic has a cutaway within a cutaway: After a cutaway to Quagmire in bed with Mork and a very angry Mindy, Mork prompts a flashback to when Exidor invited them to an orgy. It ends badly.
    • Also, Retro Rachel, as noted below.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Twice.
    Lois: Well, it's just that sometimes teenage girls can be such a pain to raise. Sometimes you lose your temper... sometimes you say things you don't mean... sometimes you dump hot spaghetti on her face and shove the meatballs down her throat during her "vegetarian" phase.
And later:
Meg: So, what are we going to do to her? Are we gonna hack her Facebook account? Are we gonna raid her MySpace page? Are we gonna rape her?


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