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Fanfic / Crowns of the Kingdom

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Karalora wrote Crowns of the Kingdom in honor of Disneyland's 50th Anniversary. It probably says something about its scope that it was almost time for the 55th Aniversary by the time she posted the final chapter.

The story begins with a vengeful Maleficent casting a spell to undo all 50 years of Disneyland's development, leaving the park as it was when it first opened in 1955 and trapping every animated character created since then in a limbo between reality and non-existence. In order to rescue them and restore the park to its 2005 state, Mickey Mouse and his core group from the Classic Disney Shorts quest to retrieve five decorative crowns stolen from the turrets of Sleeping Beauty Castle, each one representing ten years of Disneyland history. Along the way, they are opposed by the Dispirations, shapeshifting beings from the limbo dimension whom Maleficent has recruited. They also frequently find themselves navigating the hazards of Disneyland's thrill rides, reified as an indirect result of the spell. And then the rest of the Disney Villains get involved...


The result is an adventure much in the vein of Kingdom Hearts—a Disney Animated Canon crossover featuring a horde of soulless, soul-crushing enemies, the threat of the world's destruction, and Mickey Mouse as an action-ready hero. But what it really is is the author's love letter to Disneyland—a nostalgic journey through the park's history, and a celebration of its capacity to blur the line between reality and imagination.


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