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Fan Fic / Coruscant Noir

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Coruscant Noir is a trilogy of Fan Fiction stories set in the Star Wars universe about ten years prior to the events of The Phantom Menace. It's a Detective Drama centred around former cop turned Private Detective Jali Dawler and his dealings with a criminal organisation called the Silver Ring.

In the first story, The Seventh Star, Jali is out of prison and trying to clear his name. One of his friends says he has information about it, but then the friend dies...


The sequel, The White Twi'lek is around five years later and Jali is now a private detective. A woman comes to Jali's office to ask him to locate her husband. Jali and his new associate find the husband, dead.

The third story, set to be titled The Silver Ring has yet to be completed but is said to be the final part with no further stories about the characters.

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