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Alice: Cats don't come when you summon. They turn up when it suits them to make cryptic statements or not at all.
Kakashi: Suppose I wouldn't know, I'm a dog person myself.
Alice: Is that why you wear the mask then, to hide your canine features? Do you have a tail?
Typical conversation between Alice and any Shinobi

Butterfly Genjutsu is a crossover between Naruto (with a bit of anime thrown in for flavor) and American McGee's Alice by Erisah Mae


Should a strange woman with a blood splattered pinafore and slightly off expression show up at your doorstep, especially when you didn't see her coming, that would be cause for for alarm, right? You wouldn't invite her in for tea and cake and probe her mind and let her use the thing that goes Snicker-Snack? Or The Butterflies? And the Rabbit dress? And The Hobby Horse?... And then there's that really creepy talking cat.

Focusing more on Alice and the reactions of those around her to her seemingly Cloudcuckoolander ways, the fic showcases her Victorian values and manners and how Alice has become the person she is in the story.A deeper secret seems embedded in the why and how she has gotten to Narutoverse

The fic takes place a time after the Search for Tsunade Arc in Naruto and after Alice Madness Returns for Alice Liddell.


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