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A fanfiction series set in The Fairly OddParents! universe, with character cameos from Danny Phantom and Tales of Symphonia. It features characters and skills acquired in other fanfictions by the same author.

"My name is Timothy Neogene, Timmy Turner to you guys, the kid who broke the most powerful rule of all; 'No one escapes Death'."
Timothy Neogene (paraphrasing of Act 1's intro)

On a normal day in Dimmsdale, Timmy Turner fell off the top of a jungle gym, broke his neck and died.


Four years and a distorting of Nature by Danny Phantom later, an immortal and renamed Timothy Neogene from New York City comes to find Dimmsdale has been drastically affected by the events of that day. The city is in perpetual gloom, its citizens have a scarily fanatic hero-worship of Timmy Turner, and Remy Buxaplenty has taken advantage of the power vaccum to build eight Dark Spires that blanket Dimmsdale in a field of fairy magic-neutralizing waves. Fairies are dying, hope is fading, and if things don't change the Spires will soon be spread all over the world. Timothy Neogene must rally Timmy's friends and form a resistance to not only destroy these Spires but also uncover the truth behind Timmy Turner's death.

Burning Black is the title for a series of five fanfics, dubbed an Episode, while each story is called an Act. Currently four out of five Acts are completed. First published in 2008 by author Digi-Dolphin, and can be found both on her Fanfiction.Net account and her deviantART account, the author is known for her sporadic and often lengthy hiatuses. A Sequel, Intolerable Light, has been promised upon completion of all five Acts.


Burning Black's Acts are as follows:

  1. Dimmsdale by Blacklight
  2. A Raven's Mourning Tears
  3. Shadows of Doubt
  4. The Darkest of Secrets
  5. Night of Revelation

Bonus Material:

  1. A Collection of Burning Black Poetry
  2. Burning Black Interludes

Character Page under construction.

Burning Black contains examples of:

  • 0% Approval Rating: Remy can't get away from this since Dimmsdale practically worships Timmy rather than pay any attention to him, which was what he wanted in a deluded plan to become the only happy kid around. Trying to buy approval only drops him further down the list. When he finally gets the PR needed to win some points with the city, Remy ends up causing a riot and dividing Dimmsdale pretty much in half between those still loyal to the memory of Timmy and those who are desperate for a living Heart.
  • After-Action Healing Drama: Broken up between the end of Act 3 and the beginning of Act 4, where after Team Turner escapes a sewer full of living toothpaste monsters, they discover Anti-Cosmo has been beaten nearly to death and rush him to the intensive care unit in the Ivory Tower to keep him stable while the anti-fairies took turns infusing him with restorative negative energy.
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  • A God Am I: Remy declares his aim to be this eventually. Juandissimo panics, realizing that his godkid just crossed a line that guaranteed a karmic backlash.
  • Alchemy Is Magic: Timmy is using a variant of alchemy instead of real elven magic. His abilities include transmutation (turning one thing into something else), conjuring (creating objects using mana and memory) and manipulation (controlling mana directly without using spells or turning it into magic).
    • Transmutation: An example is when Timmy picked up a ratty old blanket at the Dimma-Dump and transformed it into a brand new and very much clean shirt and promptly put it on. He can apply this to people as well, even Danny Phantom.
    • Conjuring: First instance of conjuring is Timmy creating a warm chocolate chip cookie out of his personal mana, the memories associated with the cookie and applied a curative Element to it. Cosmo and Wanda aggressively disapprove of him using this aspect of his abilities. Anti-Cosmo explains his doing so disturbs the flow of magic fairies use to do the same thing and if they find out Timothy is causing it, they'll wage a war with Earth to get at him.
    • Mana Manipulation: At one point in the series, Remy had raised a barrier that prevented magic attacks from reaching him. Timothy simply pulled clods of Earth mana up from the pavement and pelted him with them. The mana passed through the shield because they had not been shaped into anything resembling a structured magic spell and thus were exempt from the barrier's effect.
  • All-Cheering All the Time: Veronica. Her Valley Girl accent makes her sound like she's constantly cheering, even while she's attempting to murder Trixie and stalking Timmy. It's broken up by her Verbal Tic manic giggling.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Remy attempts to destroy the Ivory Tower shortly after it's been built by hiring demolition teams, but is foiled when Timmy wishes a memorial of himself onto the building, placing it under the city's protection. Later, Remy attacks it himself brazenly with a tank and does serious damage to the tower before the tank is destroyed and he's run off. Because Remy witnessed the damage and was aware of Timmy's image on it, the Ivory Tower had to be repaired without the use of magic.
  • Aloof Ally: Anti-Cosmo, until he returns on Friday the 13th and Timmy grants him and all the freed anti-fairies sanctuary within Dimmsdale and the Ivory Tower.
  • Amplifier Artifact: Timmy's Faerie Ring and Mystic Symbol. They were supposed to speed up his casting time and reduce the amount of mana used to power spells, but failed to work because he wasn't actually using real elven spells. They were given to Tootie instead.
    • Caleb gives Vicky an Attack Symbol (a dagger-shaped pendant on a necklace) to increase the power of her attacks after she jumps into the middle of a failing Spire attack and starts pounding on anti-magic units with swords and karate kicks.
  • Angrish: Remy goes into a fit of this in A Raven's Mourning Tears after Timothy reveals he's partnered with Wanda. He's described as 'babbling incoherently' and 'frothing at the mouth ... in disbelief, incomprehension and utter hatred...'. It's so bad, he doesn't snap out of it until late the next day.
    • Though, YMMV on if prank calling the source of such unbridled hatred and giggling madly over it counts as 'snapping out of it'.
  • Animal Theme Naming: Caleb is known for nicknaming valuable friends after birds. There are two known Birds revealed in the series: Wren, the Wonder Chef Caleb befriended during the Age of Symphonia; and Raven, Danny Phantom, although Tucker points out that it had been four years since Caleb last called him by that nickname.
    • A third Bird has been named, Sparrow, but no word yet on who this name belongs to.
  • Anonymous Benefactor: Someone in Fairy World keeps leaving care packages for Cosmo and Wanda wherever Apollo and Andromeda are when they show up to run errands. They only appear after confrontations with Jorgen, but the neatness of the lettering and the packages themselves don't fit with Jorgen's style of 'manly'.
  • Anti-Magic: The Dark Spires and nullifier units were designed to do this and wipe out fairies from Dimmsdale. Anti-fairies, who operate on a reverse version of fairy magic, are immune to their effect. The devices work too well; they're nullifying mana, which Caleb needs to survive and could weaken the Earth.
    • The reason why these devices were created to destroy fairies? They were designed by the Pixies.
    • The devices are limited by their software. The countdown of the Episode is the Team trying to destroy all the Spires before they complete perfect nullification. Until then, there are short amounts of time that fairies and magic can function in an anti-magic zone, but at reduced strength and stamina. Extended exposure is still dangerous.
  • Apologizes a Lot: Andromeda. She even bows repeatedly as she does it, squeaks and stresses out to the point her pigtails explode. She gets better as the story progresses.
  • Attending Your Own Funeral: Timmy was banned from doing this, but can be seen throughout the series visiting his grave and playing with the gifts left around the headstone. Team Turner has gotten into the habit of going to Timmy's grave whenever Timothy ditches them without a word, learning that it's the place he'll go to in order to escape whatever's stressing him out.
  • Arc Villain: The end of The Darkest of Secrets on the deviantArt account had the author comment that the villain of the next Episode had been 'released', confirming that Remy, Crocker and the Pixies are the villains dedicated to Episode 1.
    • Other one-shot works by the same author have Remy returning, possibly as a reprise solo Arc Villain.
  • Arch-Enemy: Remy to Timmy, and Driven by Envy. On a lesser scale, it's Remy to Chester, of The Resenter variety, as after Chester proves his strength of will he becomes the voice people tend to listen to rather than Remy. Chester points it out in their encounters; he's the second most powerful influence in Dimmsdale, with Timmy being the only one greater.
    • Juandissimo to Cosmo, of the Two Guys and a Girl type, although Cosmo has never considered Juandissimo a friendly anything. It gets amped up after The Reveal of how Timmy died, as Cosmo places blame for that on Juandissimo's head too.
    • Quite possibly all of Fairy World to Cosmo:
      Cosmo: "Judgment should be passed on Fairy World for what they did to me!"
  • Armies Are Evil: It's alluded to that the Fairy World Army is this and that it would be incredibly bad for everyone if Cosmo were to be re-enlisted with them. Anti-Cosmo put it best:
    Anti-Cosmo: "Do you really want to give the military Cosmo? A fairy with the potential of becoming a living weapon? You'd be giving a gorilla a ticking time bomb."
  • Author Catchphrase: "This bodes most unwell." The author reportedly was tired of seeing the Star Wars line 'I've got a bad feeling about this.' overused whenever a situation arose that called for it, so she created a substitute that's been used at least once in every fandom she's written for.
  • Awful Truth: Timothy believes that his death was the result of a stupid accident. Turns out, it wasn't.
  • Back from the Dead: Timothy Neogene, formerly known as Timothy 'Timmy' Tiberius Turner. The method used to do so breaks the loop of fate for him, as Death can only collect a mortal soul once and is now blind to him.
    • Several pieces of poetry written by the author alongside the series implies that this isn't the first time he escaped Death either.
  • Basement-Dweller: Francis. He's also home-schooled via online classes and has a therapist come around on a regular basis to 'help' him. Francis reconstructed a duplicate of the jungle gym in the basement after turning it into a home lab.
  • Berserk Button: Trying to hurt Timmy or hit on Wanda while Cosmo is around tends to make Cosmo lose it in so many scary ways.
    • Remy flies into rages whenever Timmy's name is mentioned or referred to as The Heart of Dimmsdale while in his presence.
    • The Others go completely wild and violent if Remy dares to call himself The Heart of Dimmsdale in front of them.
    • Dimmsdale citizens go into 'Angry Mob with Torches and Pitchforks' Mode if they so much as think a person is attempting to defile their memory of Timmy, nickname their own children 'Timmy', or don't observe their rituals for 'paying homage' to Timmy. It's implied that if they ever learned the truth behind Timmy's death, the entire city will unleash hell on the parties responsible in a form of justice and retribution.
  • Betty and Veronica: Tootie is the Betty, Trixie Tang is the Veronica. Timmy is initially torn between the two of them, and then learns Veronica Star is still after him. Timmy, Caleb and Danny Phantom are not pleased with this.
    • Danny, refers to the trope as the 'Sam and Paulina' with Timmy playing the role of the 'Danny'. Later, when Timmy confides in him that Veronica has joined the Love Triangle, Danny grimaces and dubs her the 'Valerie', more likely to kill him than date him.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Cosmo. Dear god, Cosmo. First clue that he's not one to play around when pushed is his weapon of choice; a reverse-bladed scythe called the Windcutter. When it's destroyed, he grades up to a dual-bladed scythe called Stormreaver. Both weapons are used primarily to fire air pressure blades but can be used in physical combat equally as well.
    • Act 2, A Raven's Mourning Tears, gives us Cosmo busting out an attack spell later called the Doom Ribbon to wipe out an entire contingent of anti-magic units. He smiles in the midst of the destruction.
    • Act 3, Shadows of Doubt, he transformed his wings into giant blades and spun in place to take out pursuing fairy traps that were chasing him and Sophia. Later, in a duel with Juandissimo, he becomes scarily competent and clear-minded, using another specialized combat magic attack to hurl Juandissimo away from himself, Wanda and Anti-Cosmo.
    • Act 4, The Darkest of Secrets, when Juandissimo challenges Cosmo to a duel to the death for Wanda, he becomes downright vicious, to the point that he ignores the very things that would normally distract his attention, like string and nickles. In the same Act, Apollo uses the Doom Ribbon spell and is completely drained of magic, hinting that Cosmo has a greater power limit than even a top Fairy Marine undercover agent.
    • From Act 4 again, when Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, Cosmo and Wanda are pursued by new anti-magic devices, Cosmo literally rips his shirt and tie open to get out of Anti-Cosmo's grip in order to attack the squad. He (mostly) single-handedly takes them all out, and only fails to get the last unit because it shoots him in the chest at close range. The extent of his injury is currently unknown.
  • Big Bad: At first, everyone believes it is Remy Buxaplenty, but by The Darkest of Secrets it is revealed that the Pixies are really to blame for everything that's happened to Dimmsdale, including Timmy Turner's murder.
  • Big "NO!": In A Raven's Mourning Tears, Danny Phantom shouts this when he sees Timothy throw a lethal ball of explosive mana at Remy.
  • Black and Nerdy: A.J. Ibrahim; he designs the laser weapons and other armaments for the Team and figured out how to use the Dark Spires' own defenses against itself. He also doubles as a Black Best Friend to Timmy and Chester.
  • Black Mage: Timmy. He only has a few healing spells for personal healing, his strongest being Cure, while the rest of his repertoire is all about dishing out damage in either a concentrated point, Flagrare Lancea, or over an area of effect, Lustrare Spiralis.
    • On that note, Cosmo is also a very powerful Black Mage, he just relies on physical attacks more than his magic since they A) are weakened in anti-magic zones and B) tend to catch the attention of the Fairy Army who dubbed him a living weapon.
  • Black Magic: Justified in that anti-fairies use 'black magic' to generate bad luck and cause misery and chaos, collateral damage is mostly indirect, and is powered by the negative emotions of their victims. It's the reverse (mirrored) form of magic that fairies use. Because it operates differently, it is unaffected by anti-magic.
    • In Shadows of Doubt, Caleb points this out to Timmy, who then began intentionally taking on anti-fairy traits in order to better function in anti-magic zones. His spells are more powerful, cause more damage and his personality takes on a darker, more malevolent bent, but the effects can only be used while he is in the company of anti-fairies.
    • As of The Darkest of Secrets, Timothy lost the ability to access and use black magic.
  • Blah Blah Blah: What Timmy hears whenever Caleb goes into Magi Babble rants over how he uses mana.
    The first time he showed [the Light orb] to Caleb, the poor angel nearly had a conniption; something about it being outside the laws of mana usage as dictated by yadda, yadda, old guys Timmy never heard of and somebody who wandered around for a few thousand years while wearing white spandex.
    Short Attention Span Boy zoned out halfway through the fit.
    • Crocker thinks this of Remy's rants whenever a Dark Spire goes down and he gets called about it.
      "Blah, blah, blah. You don't get it, do you, boy?" Crocker muttered bitingly, "Scream and threaten all you like, the truth will never change. Ultimately, everyone in Dimmsdale, including you and me, is under Timmy Turner's power, his control...."
  • Body and Host: Cosmo shows many signs of this, as his guest is capable of speaking and thinking independently of him and can hijack Cosmo's magic for its own use. It appears to be acting to follow a set of objectives, but is never really clear on what they are or how it became a 'guest' in Cosmo's head. No one else seems to have any idea that Cosmo is playing 'host' to something.
    • It seems really focused on keeping Cosmo away from the Fairy Army and blaming Fairy World for something.
    • There is also plenty of artwork on deviantart, done both by the author and a few fans of the series.
  • Breaking the Bonds: Timmy tries to do this after Remy chucks a magical device at him and it trusses him up in metallic rope. Averted in that it was custom built specifically for him and the attempt to magically bust out triggered the mana-draining effects to weaken him further.
  • Bring News Back: After Anti-Cosmo finds out why Timmy was murdered and the Dark Spires were erected, he tries to deliver the news firsthand to Timmy on Friday the 13th to stop him from destroying the rest of the Spires. He's beaten into a coma before he can explain; Anti-Wanda delivers a cryptic note in his place that foreshadows destroying the Dark Spires will 'reveal a secret' that shouldn't be made public.
  • Call-Back: There are a few that refer to scenes from previous Acts in the series. The most notable focus on Anti-Cosmo.
    • In Act 2, a note is found on Timmy's locker, held by a black star-shaped magnet. The black star reappears as a pendant Anti-Cosmo gives to Timmy in Act 3 as a means of contact.
    • The note contains many cryptic lines, including this one: Every magical creature in existence is watching you, but only a precious few know the truth. Act 3, Anti-Cosmo is giving Timmy a stern warning and his words echo that phrase, "Precious few know the truth. I am one of them."
  • Call on Me: All fairies have this ability in regards to their assigned godchild. No matter the distance, a godchild calling out their fairy's name can be heard anywhere and they are obligated to attend to the child immediately. Cosmo and Wanda have a deeper connection with their godchild called the Timmy Sense, which summons them to his aid the moment he finds himself in serious danger or under attack without his needing to call out.
    • It's difficult, but Timmy can talk them into ignoring it for only a brief time. This is because the last time Cosmo and Wanda were ordered to ignore their Timmy Sense, Timmy Turner was murdered.
  • Came Back Strong: When Timmy died, he was just an average boy no one understood, albeit with a pair of fairy godparents that adored him to bits. Timothy Neogene not only has a Papa Wolf Cosmo and Mama Bear Wanda, but is made immune to other fairies' magic as Fairy World's way of disavowing his continued existence, is mostly immune to bad luck, can take command of anti-fairies when needed, can manipulate mana and matter, and can't be killed without the use of powerful anti-magic devices which need to stay online long enough to do the deed.
  • Casual Danger Dialogue: Plenty of it, consider the number of Deadpan Snarkers on the team and the kinds of dangers they get into.
    • From Act 4:
    Tootie: Timmy! Oh, wow, that's bright. What the hell did you do?
    Timmy [back pressed against a weakening shield to contain a massive inferno]: I, uh, um... What are you doing here?!
    Tootie: Rescuing myself. What are you doing?
    Timmy, visibly embarrassed: ...Rescuing you? Sort of?
    Tootie: Well, Prince Charming, you should have asked Caleb for a For Dummies book on rescuing damsels trapped at the tops of towers, 'cause you're doing a piss-poor job of it.
  • Chest Insignia: The Heart of Dimmsdale Insignia, a red heart with Timmy's initials overlapped in the center. It's worn on the chest of each Team Turner member's armor to prevent them from being wished away.
    • After learning about the insignia's effects, Remy wishes for his own version out of spite, a black ace with his initials back to back in white in the center, known as the Aces High.
  • Child Mage: Timmy and Tootie. The rest of the Team doesn't jump on the magic bandwagon in order to keep them safe from the anti-magic devices.
  • Children Are Special: Dimmsdale is often said to be 'dying' thanks to the children losing their hopes and even being driven to suicide in their depression. The point of Timmy's quest to tear down the Dark Spires is to save the children and their fairies so they don't die and thus the city doesn't die.
    • While children are the only one who can get fairy godparents, only godkids can see the bridge to Fairy World or any magic connected to it.
    • One of the author's companion one-shots has Sanjay comment that, while the adults are the most stupid of citizens and thus can't see what's happening to the city, the children still have the intelligence to realize what's happening and can hold onto their fading hopes with more success.
  • City of Adventure: Dimmsdale. There are occasional jumps to New York City and Amity Park, but nothing action-oriented occurs there. The author is adamant that focus remains on Dimmsdale proper.
  • Close-Call Haircut: Trixie gets several strands of her hair cut short by Veronica when they meet at Dark Spire 3. What surprises her is that Veronica cut them with steel pom-poms.
  • Color-Coded Characters:
    • The Fairies
      • Cosmo, Green
      • Wanda, Pink
      • Andromeda, Blue
      • Apollo, Red
      • Juandissimo, Purple
      • Rosette, Pale Pink
  • Comm Links: Team Turner uses the Fenton Phones that Team Phantom loaned to Timmy. Chip Skylark even continues the gag from Danny Phantom by remarking that the 'earrings' aren't his thing.
  • Compelling Voice: Chester developed this sometime after Timmy's death and before Timothy's arrival in Dimmsdale. He doesn't like to use it and it works on everyone in hearing range of his voice. It shocks Trixie when she realizes that she can be affected by it and that adults aren't immune to it.
    • To salvage a failing distraction of a Halloween party, Chester used his Compelling Voice to order every Dimmsdale citizen who can hear him to walk to the main stage, share stories about Timmy Turner and not leave until otherwise commanded. Not only did the party-goers obey, but people outside of the park came in to do the same because Chester's voice was broadcast far enough to be heard by passerbys. The only reason Team Turner didn't also do the same may be because Chester immediately turned and gave them differing orders while the Compelling Voice effect was still lingering.
  • Convenient Color Change: Timmy's magic changes to variations of black, dark blue and purple when he's adapting to the frequency of magic that anti-fairies use. It scares the crap out of Wanda and Cosmo.
    • When Remy steals Timmy's mana to cast his own magic, the color of all the spells cast are in variations of gold and white.
  • Conveniently an Orphan: Timmy, in that dying and being resurrected means he can't ever have contact with his parents ever again. Chester points out that he should be able to meet them, as him being older would be enough to make the Turners not connect him to their deceased son. As Trixie points out, 'A mother will always recognize her child'.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: Mark Chang repeatedly dunks Timmy in dark chocolate each time he doesn't believe Timmy's answers to his interrogation questions.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Cosmo. He pops in and out of it so fast, it's frightening at times. Sometimes he'll even fight the change, since the Hidden Badass part doesn't always differentiate between friend and foe.
  • Curtain Clothing: When Timmy used his shirt as a blanket for Cosmo and Wanda to keep them warm and protected from a garbage pile that fell on them, he searches out a soiled baby blanket and transforms it into another shirt for himself. Wanda was not pleased upon witnessing the change.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Somewhat subverted. Anti-Cosmo explains to Timmy that anti-fairies are needed to balance the fairies and give them an excuse to be godparents to children, and causing bad luck is their way of preventing magical backup. When asked if creating eternal bad luck had any extra benefits, Anti-Cosmo replies that it doesn't but causing endless misery for humans is just a fun thing he wants to do.
    • Timothy wears a lot of dark clothing and gives off Goth vibes despite maintaining his cheerful, hopeful demeanor.
  • Dead Person Conversation: Played for Laughs, in that the immortal-after-death Timothy Neogene/Timmy Turner has a conversation with Danny Phantom while sitting at Timmy's grave in Dimmsdale Cemetery, death jokes included.
  • Death Amnesia: Averted. Timmy can clearly remember where he went after death, a place called The Veil; he's just freaked by the knowledge that he sometimes wants to go back and that after a brief time in The Veil, he stopped caring about what else was going to happen to him until his soul was forced back into his body and resurrected.
  • Domino Revelation: It starts with Timmy being brought back from the dead after a playground accident and returning to Dimmsdale four years later to destroy fairy traps and nullifying devices that were built by Crocker, to discovering the Awful Truth about that accident, a conspiracy that led up to it, a secret war that could start up at any day, a global threat to all mana and magic, and on top of it all, it's alluded that the trigger to all of this was some scandal that happened in Fairy World fourteen years prior that everyone in the Masquerade is either determined to keep secret or take advantage of themselves.
  • Dog Pile of Doom: A slew of aerial anti-magic devices piles in on Timmy, pressing down and leaving him with barely enough room to curl up under a shield for protection. It ends in a Type A solution when he hears Vicky and Tootie and gets enough of a second wind to launch his shield and force off the machines.
  • Doppleganger Attack: Remy attempted this to try and battle Timmy, Tootie and Trixie all at the same time. They were successful up until Vicky, Chester and Anti-Cosmo got involved.
  • Dragon with an Agenda: Crocker. He's only working for Remy to keep his mother safe and after realizing that fairies are returning to Dimmsdale and there's a new Timmy in town, decides to use part of Remy's resources to create a device that will resurrect Timmy Turner and make things the way they should be.
  • Dying Town: Dimmsdale, ever since Timmy Turner died. Rather than people leaving in droves, they simply restrict themselves to staying indoors when they're not going to work, leaving the streets bare at times. The children, on the other hand, are in real danger of dying if they happen to be fairy godchildren.
    • It takes on Ghost Town qualities in areas closest to a Dark Spire. Chester explored a street near one and notes how the shops are basically abandoned, lights dark and no one to be seen. Not even looters are around to raid the unprotected stores.
    • Becoming Averted with each Spire that falls. Freed portions of the city start becoming active again, to the point that business and entertainment venues are recovering and petty crimes are starting back up.
  • Eccentric Multi-Billionaire: Hounder AKA Caleb, and he hates being reminded of it. He keeps his 'rich' identity a reclusive hermit so he's free to move about, but has to make appearances as Hounder now and then to keep the public aware that he's alive so his two main money sinks, the Hounder Organization and the Archives of the Twin Blades, aren't looked at too suspiciously.
  • Emotion Eater: Anti-fairies evoke fear, anger and panic through their bad luck magic. It's used primarily to stir up and siphon off negative feelings in their victims, which they use as energy to sustain themselves, much like how fairies live off of hope and joy and happiness, as Anti-Cosmo explains it to Timothy. In The Darkest of Secrets, the anti-fairies are ordered by Timothy to continue doing this past Friday the 13th in order to gather the energy needed to speed-heal Anti-Cosmo.
  • Empathic Environment: It starts to rain at the end of Act 2 and continues through the beginning of Act 3 as Timmy and the Team realize that Cosmo is lost in Dimmsdale and not responding to their calls. The rain actually hinders the search and rescue, so a wish is made to stop the weather and it gets caught up in some red tape.
  • Energy Absorption: When Timmy runs low on personal mana, he can recharge by draining mana out of his surroundings note  or by draining it from Cosmo and Wanda's wands which is much easier and allows him instant access but also raises suspicions as to how and why he's able to do it.
    • Absorbing too much mana from a single Element in one go is bad for his health, as shown in The Darkest of Secrets. Timmy drained the backdraft of fire from an explosion into himself and ended up feverish, unsteady and unfocused. All of his spells afterwards took on a Fire Element, even the barrier spell Boltzman's Shield which is created with curative mana. He had to forcibly expel the rest of the mana in order to bring himself back to normal.
  • Energy Ball: Of the non-weaponized sort. Timmy has a sort of Light orb that he created sometime between the ages of 10 and 14 which he uses as an all purpose flashlight and to startle Danny Phantom with. Once generated, he can command it to float near him, bob ahead, hover in place, etc. No duration of effect is known, but it is useful in testing for the presence of anti-magic zones, as it will keep floating onward until it is snuffed out by the nullifier field.
  • Enemy Mine: Anti-Cosmo, and by proxy every anti-fairy he commands. He even outlawed the use of bad luck on Timothy directly; indirect bad luck is still fair game. The relationship is creeping into Friendly Enemy territory, which makes Cosmo and Wanda very nervous as Timmy's exposure to anti-fairies affects his personality and allows him to use black magic while giving him immunity to anti-magic waves.
  • Enemy Rising Behind: After an explosion in Remy's study blinds everyone inside the room, Timantha is busy being self-berating over realizing that she's forgotten to get the answer to her question and so doesn't realize that Remy's gotten behind her until he makes a dry quip and then clubs her over the head with his fireplace poker.
  • Evil Counterpart: Remy uses this trope in an attempt to defeat Team Turner's three main threats to his plans; Timothy, Chester and Trixie. To counter Trixie, he called on Veronica Star, her former best friend, telling her that killing Trixie would make Timmy happy. To counter Chester, he used a wish to force Francis into attacking against his will until either one dies. Out of pride, Remy selects himself to be Timothy's counterpart. He actually succeeds in taking out Timothy, but only for a short time.
  • Face Palm: Caleb does this often, mostly in regards to Timmy coming up to him with some problem that could be easily solved had he been a bit smarter, or with a solution to a problem that has nothing to do with the current crisis. He tends to pinch the bridge of his nose or rub at his forehead while sighing in exasperation.
    • Sometimes he does it in response to something that he indirectly caused, such as Michael's cover being blown in front of a large crowd of witnesses and the Team because of an anti-theft system being triggered.
    Caleb: "It's probably a good thing I can't consume anything, otherwise I would have been a raging drunk looong ago."
    • Shortly after, Timantha gives a rather weak apology and consolation gesture when Caleb sees she's destroyed a highly expensive dress within hours of putting it on. He finally just gives in and admits that it at least served its purpose.
    • Timmy gets one right after The Reveal, thinking he'd have to do a memory reset just to get things back on track.
    • Apollo does it when Trixie cries out her typical 'Se-cur-i-ty!' catchphrase to have Remy taken away from her, having forgotten in her panic that she had fired the bouncer two years prior.
  • Fireballs: Timothy's Bulla Scintillare fall into this category, and seem to have the effects of being flash grenades. They appear to be his quickest spell to cast and are used frequently since being introduced near the end of Dimmsdale by Blacklight. Translated back up to English, they literally mean 'ball fire'... fireballs.
  • Flanderization: Subverted from canon. The author initially didn't like how Cosmo's personality was derailed in the series and so shifted him back to season 1 traits while creating a rationalization as to what caused the derailing in order to justify making the later season traits appear randomly.
    • As other characters were added to the roster, they were also given similar treatment to make them less Flanderized and more sympathetic.
    • Chester still does his dumpster diving, but points out that it is a hard habit to break, considering his sudden social upgrade.
  • Forgot He Was a Robot: Intentional with Caleb as he needs to act as human as possible to keep his cover. Possessing a soul and being called 'living' are used to differentiate him from regular robots and androids.
    • He gives the appearance of exhaustion after a particularly bad Spire Attack ended in failure and damage to himself.
    • In Act 4 The Darkest of Secrets, he reacts with pain when Crocker hacks into his systems. The Act's final chapter describes him retreating to New York to try and undo the damages as well as soothe his pride.
  • Former Child Star: Chip Skylark III. He fell out of the teen pop star spotlight (almost literally) after he disappeared during an attack in his hotel suite and was presumed dead. Many claim he committed suicide by jumping into the sewers and now haunts them. Chip is optimistic that he'll regain his pop star fame after Timmy rescues him from the sewers.
    • His return to stage during the Halloween chapters of Act 4 proved him right; Dimmsdale was overjoyed to have the 'Voice of Dimmsdale' come back.
  • Friend on the Force: Chester apparently is owed a favor from the Chief of Police for helping to save his daughter from some street thugs. He calls it in during Act 4, but is stalled due to the high stress situation Remy created during Halloween.
  • Functional Magic: Rule Magic is primarily used by Tootie and Caleb, since they cast the elven spells that existed during the Symphonian Era. Device Magic used by the fairies, anti-fairies, pixies and temporarily by Remy. Timothy's Adventurer's Map 3000 armband computer is a type of Device Magic. Inherent Gift can be seen in Conan and [Kaito; Conan has inverted mana, which causes murder situations to occur near him so he can get close to the victim(s) and drain their remaining mana into himself, while Kaito can see and manipulate the Threads of Fate to alter situations to better suit him.
    • Sam Manson's choker is a kind of Device Magic, one of the only types that can affect ghosts that use ectoplasm.
    • Danny Phantom's Topaz Mode relies on Device Magic, although using it has the drawback of negating his immunity to anti-magic.
    • Cosmo's Reverse Doll is Device Magic, though it hasn't actually done anything since he got it.
  • Guardian Angel: Caleb, literally. His full title is Guardian Angel of the Heroes of Lore, though he tends to bend how he does his guarding. While he prefers to support Heroes from the background with information and resources, when crises arise that involve harming the world's mana supply, he'll take on a more active role.
  • Girl in the Tower: Tootie and Andromeda, in The Darkest of Secrets. Tootie waits several days for rescue, then gets annoyed and bails herself out in time to run across Timmy, Caleb, Cosmo, Wanda, and their anti-selves botching the rescue attempt.
  • Goal in Life: Timmy's goal is to be Dimmsdale's Hero and save the city. Remy's is to make everyone in the world miserable so only he can be happy. Much of the plot revolves around the clashing of Timmy's and Remy's goals.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Timothy Neogene/Timmy Turner. In the early Acts, he is openly hostile to The Others trying to help him. When he finally allows them to help on their first team attack on a Spire, he threatens Remy with death after Remy fatally stabs Chester. In The Darkest of Secrets, Timothy explains in graphic detail to Remy what he could do to put him in prison if he wasn't trying to be the Hero.
    • Vicky is still just as mean and nasty and sarcastic as she was before Timmy's death, but that doesn't stop her from getting beaten up by a hired gang while defending a van full of charity babysitters under her employ until Timothy and The Others can arrive to deal with the mess. In fact, her actions led to the team discovering how to exploit Da Rules' loophole on Timmy.
    • Caleb isn't above manipulating people and situations if he sees that it will help him out later on, even if those people are the Heroes he's supposed to be guarding. He'll help Timothy out with Hero work, but he'll find a way to use him for personal reasons as well.
  • Group Hug: The Team has one just after they realize that Timothy Neogene was Timmy Turner the whole time. It's even done right in front of Timmy's grave in the Dimmsdale Cemetery.
  • Hero Insurance: Anytime Team Turner damages or destroys anything in the course of taking down the Dark Spires, Caleb picks up the tab to repair it all by sending money through the Timmy Turner Foundation. Since he's got more money than he knows what to do with, it makes a convenient money sink for him. The Spires are not included in the coverage.
    Genisnote : "Calculating all the damages, we're looking at 2.3 million dollars' worth of needed repairs and replacement. ... If this continues, he may end up draining our accounts dry."
  • Heroic BSoD: Timmy has had three major ones over the course of story so far.
    • The first is when he discovers that his death as Timmy Turner was actually a murder. He screams in horror first, then goes silent and leaves school to walk to the cemetery and stare at his tombstone for the rest of the day. This leads to The Reveal and Tootie brings The Others to him in order to snap him out of his rambling that he should have stayed dead if it would make people happier.
    • The second happens on a Friday the 13th, after Timothy discovers Anti-Cosmo was beaten into a comatose state while searching for the reason why he was murdered. He stayed coherent just long enough to take command of the anti-fairies, then stood outside his room in absolute silence and refused to be moved or acknowledge anyone's presence out of guilt. Again, Tootie had to snap him out of it.
    • The third takes place when Timantha, Anti-Cosmo and Juandissimo reads the contract hidden in Remy's desk and the ramifications of what it means hits them. Timantha is sent reeling and mumbles on about how stupid and worthless Timmy's life must have been. Anti-Cosmo tries to snap them out of it but they don't fully recover until Remy attacks, and then they reboot into a righteous fury.
  • Heroic RRoD: Caleb has one during the Spire Battle in A Raven's Mourning Tears. The Dark Spire refreshes its anti-magic field and it crashes his systems, causing him to stutter his words and stagger around before he completely shuts down. A.J. manages to jerry-rig his power source just long enough for him to reboot and escape to New York for repairs.
  • Honey Trap: Trixie tried to be this as a distraction for Remy so the Team can rescue Chester. She rebuffed most advances, however; all she really did was flaunt her good looks in the prototype magitech suit and act coy.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Timmy lapses into these at times, usually when he's at a low point or feeling guilty about his friends getting involved in the Dark Spire battles. Danny is often the one to slap him out of them, either verbally or literally, by reminding him that he was given the second chance to make a difference and technically he can never be 'normal' again. Timmy's only other real option is to have Danny reopen The Veil and send Timmy back to accept Death.
  • Imagination Based Super Power: Timmy's magical alchemy. As long as he can imagine it, he can create it. His limit is primarily psychological note , but it's also been stated that the conjuring of solid objects ripples the magic used by other conjure-capable creatures and draws unwanted attention. The bigger the objects, the greater the ripples. Transmutation and mana manipulation doesn't cause this ripple, but they're not as versatile as straight out conjuring.
    • It also seems to exhaust him if he overtaxes himself in going for big and flashy magic. Since he pours in some of his own personal mana to keep control of whatever he's casting, the more he uses it or the bigger the spell, the more quickly he tires out.
    • If he doesn't understand what he's trying to make, it fails. His first casting of Flame Lance didn't go through since he couldn't understand the instructions. Once he saw an example of it, Timmy was able to recreate it on his own and modify it into Flagrare Lancea.
  • Instant Runes: Played Straight with Caleb and Tootie in that they cast spells from the Tales Series and the magic light cast off draws the runes for them. Subverted with Timmy, who instinctively realizes that drawing runes in any manner is useless for his specific kind of magic and stops doing it while he's mimicking elven spells. This is what triggers the realization that Timmy uses magical alchemy and his shift into creating his own spells that don't rely on runes or incantations.
  • Intangible Man: Danny Phantom. Subverted in that anything coated in magic, like the Dark Spire's outer walls, prevent him from being able to affect it with ghost powers and blocks his intangibility. In one instance, this fact was used against him to create a trap specifically to hold him in place.
  • Invisible to Normals: The Passive Mode scan done by Fairy World is invisible to all adults and children who don't have connections to fairies like fairy godkids or fairy allies.
    • Once re-established, the rainbow bridge that connects Dimmsdale to Fairy World.
  • I Will Only Slow You Down: In Dimmsdale By Blacklight, Remy sends ninja robots after Timothy and Tootie. Timothy has already been wounded and is bleeding out over several blocks when he invokes this trope and convinces Tootie to take her fairy, Cosmo and Wanda, and run to safety. She only leaves after getting him to promise to grant her any favor she wants later and kisses him on the cheek.
  • Language of Magic: The elven spells are written in runes, but Caleb translated the actual spell incantations from Symphonian language to modern English so they can used and understood by Tootie and other modern magic-users. Although, Timmy is only mimicking his healing and status buff spells, he still speaks their incantations as he casts them. However, his created spells are named using a language that he was never taught. Cosmo and Wanda sometimes speak in that same language when they are alone but do not use them for magic or spells.
    • The 'magic language' Timmy is using is just mish-mashed word origins. The author gives a translated example for a spell on her deviantArt journal, but doesn't list translations for every instance of the 'language' in use.
  • Life Energy: Mana for Caleb, his android servants, and Timmy. Magic, or ultra-mana, for the fairies. Black magic, or infra-mana, for anti-fairies. Ectomana, a blend of ectoplasm and mana, for Danny Phantom. Maintaining steady levels of these is very important to those who use them as Life Energy. Ectoplasm is considered a kind of antimana by Caleb, as it negates mana-based magic, like his spells and fairy magic. The reverse is also true, ghost attacks have no effect on mana barriers and fairies. Danny's ectomana allows mana-based spells to hit him but is 'dirty' enough to be unaffected by fairy magic.
    • Timmy needs to keep a decent amount of mana in his body at all times. It's the only thing holding his body together now. According to Wanda, if he is ever truly completely drained of all mana, Timmy won't just die, his body will turn into dust.
    • Danny Phantom needs to maintain a delicate balance of ectoplasm and mana in his ectomana. While in Phantom form, bleeding out ectoplasm makes his mana the dominant energy, forcing a revert to Fenton. The reverse doesn't turn him into Danny Phantom. Topaz Mode increases his mana slightly higher than ectoplasm and infuses it with Light Element, which allows him to stay as Phantom but gives him semi-magical qualities and removes his immunity to anti-magic and fairy magic.
  • Living Battery: Timmy used Caleb for this on two occasions, either to recharge his personal mana or to power a spell for longer than he can on his own. It seems to only cause Caleb a mild amount of pain since he shrugs off the effects of being drained fairly quickly.
    • Caleb himself recharges off of mana that's ambient in his surroundings. Earth is one big battery for him. So is Derris-Kharlan, Earth's second hidden moon made entirely out of mana.
  • Living MacGuffin: Timmy is this to the Pixies, to the point that they orchestrated all the events that took place in Dimmsdale over the past four years after learning something about Timmy that those in the Masquerade have been trying to keep secret, all in order to equal Fairy World's greatest weapon. They even came out in public view of a crowd in order to kidnap an android posing as Timothy Neogene, though they failed to hold on to him and didn't realize the ruse.
    • It's alluded to that if other magical creatures also become part of the Masquerade, they'll come after him too. Fairy World would even start up an old war and drag in Earth to get at him if the Army realizes it as well.
  • Lodged-Blade Recycling: Averted with Chester when Remy stabbed him with Apollo's scimitar. Danny points out that removing the blade would cause him to bleed to death.
    • Subverted immediately after when Caleb points out that he had Revive cast on him, which kicks in after he yanks the blade out and nullifies the fatal wound.
  • Logic Bomb: Timmy describes his resurrection as a violation of Nature's Law that blinded the Grim Reaper when it comes to collecting his soul. It's how his immortality works; Death can't see that Timmy has suffered a fatal injury and so doesn't come. It also triggered his ability to use magical alchemy, giving him Reality Warper potential.
  • Loophole Abuse: Jorgen Von Strangle added a new rule to Da Rules after Timmy Turner was brought back to life which stated that no fairy's magic could directly affect 'Timmy Turner, Timothy Neogene or the Heart of Dimmsdale, or anything that bore their names or likenesses' and could not be used to wish away, damage, destroy or otherwise alter any of the stated save for the magic of the Banished Fairies, Cosmo and Wanda. Team Turner exploited that addition to create wish-immune armor for themselves by giving the Heart of Dimmsdale title an emblem as its 'likeness' and then applying the emblem to the armor.
    • Remy exploited the 'directly affect' portion to make wishes with one degree of separation from Timothy in order to attack him, such as wishing for robot ninjas that he then commanded to hunt down and attack Timmy and Tootie.
    • The immunity carries over to Timantha as the shortened name is still technically 'Timmy' Turner.
  • Losing the Team Spirit: In The Darkest of Secrets, after the battle of Spire Five, Tootie and Romi are kidnapped, the entirety of Team Turner shut down long enough for Remy to make a play at stealing the Heart of Dimmsdale title and put its wish immunity on himself and the Dark Spires.
    • Earlier, in the first part of Shadows of Doubt, after Cosmo and Wanda are given to a little girl, Timmy becomes morose and breaks down sobbing in an alley. He doesn't get over it until Anti-Cosmo agrees to stay with him.
  • Made of Magic: Fairies. They poof into dust in the wind once their bodies have been completely drained of the stuff.
  • Made of Phlebotinum: Mana and magic. Without mana blanketing the Earth, Caleb can't function for long durations and any Heroes who use it to cast spells will be powerless. Without raw magic, other Heroes who use them, and creatures like fairies and the like, will also be depowered. In the case of fairies, they would start to die out. The Dark Spires were built to nullify both of these things.
  • Magi Babble: Caleb, and his androids, use this a lot to explain how spells work and why different forms of Life Energy can't affect each other, why mixing magic can be hazardous and why certain Life Energy forms are immune to anti-magic. Naturally, Timmy quickly loses interest in the babble or it goes over his head.
  • Magical Gesture: The fairies often wave their wands to grant wishes. Timmy moves his arms to 'direct' his spells and spreads his hands open for creating barriers.
    • At the end of The Darkest of Secrets, Timmy snaps his fingers to set off a transmutation/conjuring effect.
  • Magically Binding Contract: Remy has one with his 'benefactors'. It's practically a signed confession of Timmy Turner's murder, and reading it triggered Timmy's third Heroic BSoD.
  • Magic Is a Monster Magnet: Or in this case, a magnet for any magical creature that uses magic to conjure things. Timmy's ability to use his magical alchemy to create things out of mana and memories causes 'ripples' in the fabric of magic The Fair Folk use for their own magic. If enough ripples get picked up that don't have a known source, they can be used to trace back to it, leading anyone who's looking straight to Timmy.
  • Magic Is Mental: All of Timmy's magical alchemy abilities require him being able to picture every aspect of the spell in his mind first before it can be unleashed. Continuously imagining and casting the spell increases the speed he can pull it off and reduces the amount of mana used in making it. Everything from what effects he wants the spell to have, to the Element, to how it will look must be imagined and thought out beforehand. Timmy relies on Imagination, not Study.
    • Tootie is of the classical 'study the spell structure' type. She grasps it faster and easier than Timmy ever did, which is why she can cast high-level spells like Thunder Arrow within a few months while it took Timmy four years to graduate from using First Aid to Heal.
  • Magic Knight: Tootie, with Red Mage aspects and dual-wielding a plain dagger and the Laser Blade. She sees herself as Timmy's protector and is always annoyed when he sends her away to fill some other part of the attack plan.
  • Magic Staff: Timmy's weapons of choice are staves. He started the series with a training bo, a simple wooden bo, but when it got destroyed he began using replicas — and in some cases originals — of staves used by Tales Series mages.
    • Caleb's main weapon is a staff called the Wonder Fork. It is a giant fork with a wooden handle that can redirect ambient mana into his body for recharging, allow him to teleport to any location he's seen or been to previously, and can unleash a Sphere of Destruction nuclear blast of a spell if the situation is dire enough to unlock its power. It's the same fork the Wonder Chef carried and then gave to Caleb on the promise he would one day return for it.
    • Remy becomes more of a threat when he gets his hands on a special staff of his own crafted out of aionis and a glass orb filled with Timmy's stolen mana.
  • Magic Wand: The fairies and anti-fairies use these for all their magical needs, including insta-heals for fairies. Why anti-fairies don't also have this is never explained or addressed. They've also become a kind of GPS tracker connected to the Fairy World Wide Web. Timmy can locate fairy wands (hopefully with the fairy attached to it) just by entering the name of the fairy into his Adventurer's Map 3000. Dimmsdale Fairies also carry a non-Magic Wand to combat anti-magic devices and defend their godkids physically.
  • Magitek: Magitechnology, which is what Caleb is built from and is used in all his android copies and the armors Team Turner uses. Runs on mana or mana crystals, built using mythril and aionis alloys and engraved with runes to carry the mana through in a power cycle. The programming language used by all androids and magitech computers is written in angelic language, which Caleb is confident makes his tech unhackable by anyone without his permission or translation key. It eventually gets reverse-engineered and hacked by Crocker.
  • Make a Wish: Typical of a Fairly Oddparents fic, with godkids using the words 'I wish' along with whatever they're wishing for to have it granted by their godparents. Subverted in that any wish that will directly affect Timmy or reveal him as living beyond death to anyone is responded to with a fail sound and an 'I'm sorry, but I can't grant that wish'.
    • Timmy tends to react to the words 'I wish' as well, regardless of who says it, and either does his best to bring about the result, rejects it, or gives the same apology as the fairies. His friends notice that it is beginning to become a habit for him.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: Timmy Turner's death from falling off a dome climber jungle gym and breaking his neck on one of the bars. The Others were the only people who thought the whole event seemed a little off.
  • Make Sure He's Dead: Remy plants a bomb in Oberon High to try and kill Timothy. When it goes off, he goes to check on Timothy's body to make sure the bomb worked. Cue Timothy getting back up and picking shrapnel out of his body, showing Remy that he is truly immortal.
  • Mana: The original Life Energy of Earth. It's splintered and evolved into various sub-forms over the numerous times Caleb's 'reformatted' the world. In attempts to explain them to Timmy (and thus to the reader), the different types are described like wavelengths of light. Ultra-mana, at the positive extreme, is fairy magic and any magic from creatures or people with similar properties fall into that range. Mana is the baseline and average, like visible light. Anyone can use mana for magic with the right tools and training. Infra-mana is on the negative extreme and is a reversed/mirrored wavelength to ultra-mana. It's used by anti-fairies and other similar creatures. Ectoplasm is called the antimana, similar to matter and antimatter, only when the two touch, they don't react. Anthing mana-based of any range can't affect ectoplasm-based creatures or powers, and vice versa.
    • Ectomana (what Danny and Danni Phantom possess) is a rare, stable blend of the two opposing Life Energy and referred to as 'dirty mana' in that mana-based magic from the middle range can affect it, but not the reverse unless augmented, and magic from the two extremes still have no effect, again unless the ectomana is augmented.
    • Anything that uses mana can recharge it through rest or eating food prepared with special recipes, with few exceptions who basically absorb it from other sources. Ectoplasm regenerates over time, though Caleb has managed to create ectomana crystals for the half-ghosts to help in regenerating.
  • Mana Potion: Outside of resting in safe zones to recover mana and magic, Timmy created small spheres of liquid mana that can be eaten like candy to restore a small amount of mana, enough to enable someone to use it to retreat from a bad situation. Andromeda mentions fairy medics do something similar and call them 'fairy orbs'.
  • Man, I Feel Like a Woman: Somewhat averted with Timantha. She panics, screaming at the loss of certain parts and making every effort to hold her hands away from new parts before finally breaking down into whimpers and tears when presented with new undergarments to wear. To be fair, they didn't realize the transformation would be more drastic in teenage years compared to grade-school age.
  • Masquerade: Timmy has to keep his existence beyond death a secret from the general populace, since Humans Are Morons and will screw up Caleb's mission to keep the world safe and whole by trying to make themselves immortal or come after him for magitechnology that they'll inevitably use to kill the world and themselves.
    • If Timmy and his fairies are exposed, a worldwide recall of all fairy godparents will take place since Fairy World's existence will also be uncovered since Cosmo and Wanda are permanently bound to Timmy.
    • His friends manage to subvert this simply by agreeing to help Timmy, rather than blow the whistle on him. They're not inducted into the Danny Phantom Masquerade, though.
    • There also appears to be a masquerade amongst certain members of the fairies and anti-fairies involving some scandal fourteen years ago.
  • Meaningful Funeral: For being a boy 'that no one understands', Timmy's death shocked the entire city enough that his funeral was attended by nearly every person who lived there. Remy, Bender and Wendell were ecstatic, and Crocker fell into a deep depression and eventually left school without warning.
  • Mega Cross Over: Downplayed. While many universes are referenced and elements are incorporated from them, the focus primarily remains in The Fairly OddParents! universe.
    • Danni Phantom has Buttercup as one of her contact numbers on her cell phone.
    • Timothy mentions that Cousin Rudy's skill set probably won't help against real fairy magic.
    • Timothy sometimes got presents or visits from members of the Justice League and X-Men before moving to Dimmsdale.
    • Caleb's history as a living angelic android built during the Age of Symphonia means copies of its Heroes populate the Archives. He also states that Earth is just another reincarnation of Symphonia; Caleb is responsible for remaking the world every once in a while, implying that all the Tales Series events took place on the same planet under different names and forms.
    • To get a nonmagical explanation for Timmy's murder, Caleb brought over some Heroes from across the Pacific to study the evidence; Edogawa Conan and Hattori Heiji with Kuroba Kaito along to negate Conan's ability to create murder situations in close proximity to himself.
    • One of the staves that Timmy destroys was an original weapon -not a replica- that belonged to one Keele Zeibel. Caleb was not happy with the loss.
    • While demanding to know why the presence of a pair of low-Level Heroes warrant extreme measures of security for New York, Timantha yanks Nightwing out of the mobilization and points out his greater threat level. Luke is unimpressed by the comparison. The 'low-Levels' who arrived are Conan and Kaito.
    • Danni Phantom's interrogation and cross-examination of Team Turner sounds very familiar.
    • Timmy remembers watching a crime unfold in New York City where some guy in a spider suit told him to stay put and went off to deal with it.
  • Messianic Archetype: Crocker wants to turn Timmy into this, believing that this will bring a Golden Age for Dimmsdale and defeat Remy once and for all.
    • Averted by Timmy himself, who admits he's screwed up plenty when he was alive, knows that he's still screwing up when he goes into battle half-cocked, but is genuinely trying hard to attain a true Hero status for Dimmsdale and just do things right for once.
  • Military Brat: Sanjay, since his military dad married his mom. He gets put through rigorous army training that he then uses in Dark Spire battles, making him highly combat capable and a good tactical strategist to complement Timmy's outside-the-box thinking.
  • Muggles: The citizens of Dimmsdale. If it doesn't have anything to do with mindless adoration of Timmy's memory, terrorists, or alien attacks, they pretty much ignore everything that's going on. Heck, they didn't even notice that the Dark Spires were coming down until one got televised, even though the previous Spires fell during loud and violent explosions as well.
    • The parents of The Others have to constantly be tricked into thinking everything's fine because of their overprotective natures after Timmy's death.
  • Mundane Wish: Subverted in that Cosmo and Wanda, being Banished Fairies, can't regularly recharge their wands, so wishes need to be made carefully and sparsely while still preventing magical backup. Cosmo and Wanda sometimes have to convince Timmy to make these during periods of inaction.
    • During a battle with a Spire that's introduced a new anti-magic unit type, Timmy grows frustrated by the lack of results with their battle plan. He yells "I wish I knew what was going on!' without thinking. Cue one of the new units suddenly being shot out of the air and landing at his feet.
  • Mutually Exclusive Magic: Is in place because of how the Life Energy of the various magic-users falls on the mana spectrum. The claim that mixing magic is harmful comes up often around Timmy, while it's shown that certain magic types are ineffective on ghosts using ectoplasm, with very few exceptions.
  • My Significance Sense Is Tingling: Timmy used to have this as a cold chill whenever certain phrases were spoken, all of which were foreshadowing the Awful Truth reveal. When it finally gets revealed, the sense goes away and is never brought up again, presumably because Timmy just stopped caring about the circumstances that surrounded his death.
  • Mysterious Informant: Apollo secretly reports to one in Fairy World.
    • Jorgen could be considered one, though not so mysterious. He just tends to encourage the Dimmsdale Fairies helping Timmy to say or do things that gives them plausible deniability and freedom to continue their actions. Each time he appears and leaves, a box is left behind for Cosmo and Wanda, their initials written in feminine handwriting, but no obvious connection is made to show that he's the one leaving them.
    • He also added the rule to Da Rules that gave Timmy his immunity to fairy magic. Whether it was done for his protection or to go with Fairy World's disapproval of Timmy's continued existence is up for debate.
  • Mysterious Note: The note Timmy finds attached to his locker door after he closes it, when before he opened it there was none. It adds another layer to the mystery surrounding his death in Dimmsdale four years earlier.
  • Mysterious Past: Virtually nothing is known about Apollo and Andromeda, the godparents of Trixie and Tootie, respectively.
    • Apollo has been having hints of his past show up in recent Acts. No mentions on Andromeda's past, though with how stressed out she can get over being in any kind of confrontation, one has to wonder WHY she decided to become a Dimmsdale Fairy to begin with as it's been noted that 'to be a Dimmsdale Fairy, it helps to be a little bit crazy'....
  • Mysterious Watcher: The shadowy figure shown observing Timmy from a distance at the end of Act 4. Whoever or whatever it is, it implies that it's been aiding Timmy in secret for a while now, and seems to have his own vendetta against Remy and the Pixies.
  • Named Weapons: Any weapon that Caleb provides the team is named; Cosmo's Windcutter and later the Stormreaver, Wanda's Heartache Hammer, Tootie's Laser Blade, and any staff or rod that Timmy gets since they all come from the Tales games.
  • Never Found the Body: According to Cosmo, Cosmo and Wanda's newborn baby fell from Fairy World and was assumed dead, but a body was never found.
    • It's been stated that many other fairies have died in Dimmsdale, but no bodies are ever recovered. Justified in that when a fairy dies, their body disintegrates into dust.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: After spending much of the first Act using elven spells, Timmy gets a bit of an Ass Pull power in the creation of Bulla Scintillare and his reflector shield during the final chapters. Although the author justifies the former in having Timmy compare it to his Light orb party trick with a different Element applied and different effects, the shield came out of nowhere.
    • From then on, powerful new spells are usually preceded by scenes where Timmy is trying to build it, tells others that he created it during training hours, or describes his thought process when creating a spell on the fly.
    • Trixie Tang's martial arts is this. The show never makes mention of her ever learning it and there was no previous indication that she could use martial arts prior to her sudden attacking a digital shark. It's not even the stereotypical Asian martial arts: her claim is a relative of hers was part of the military stationed overseas and he taught her Israeli martial arts. She just toned it down to be less lethal.
    • Chip Skylark's beam of sparkling light from his signature shiny teeth get weaponized into a Dental Laser. His character-exposition scenes have him reflect on the origins of the light and then learning how to make it fire at will. Timmy later helps refine the origin story.
    • More of a case of New Party Members as the Plot Demands. Beyond Timmy and The Others, new challenges usually require the addition of a new party member, and if someone joins before a challenge rises, the next one will usually entail needing the skills of the new member to get through or -in some cases- just break even. New members tend to coincide at about the same time sections of Dimmsdale get freed of the Dark Spires' influence.
  • No One Could Survive That!: Remy invokes this trope at the beginning of A Raven's Mourning Tears after Crocker informs him that Timothy, Caleb and Danny Phantom were all buried in the rubble of the destroyed Spire at the end of the first Act. Remy is shocked and outraged to find Timothy walking up the steps to Oberon High without a scratch on him, demanding to know how he survived.
  • Noodle Incident: Timmy apparently made some kind of promise to Danni in the years he was gone that ended up with her calling him 'Lover' every time they meet. She also seems determined to have Timmy finish saving Dimmsdale quickly so she can take him to Amity Park as 'promised'.
    • The reason why Danny and Sam don't tell Tucker that the mission they're doing in Dimmsdale involves fairies.
    • One apparently happened in the past between Danny Phantom and Caleb that resulted in a great deal of resentment on Caleb's part towards Danny, which he manages to keep hidden behind a friendly facade whenever Danny's around.
  • Ominous Multiple Screens: Crocker has loads of these in his command center, but he only focuses on one at a time if he can help it.
  • One Hero, Hold the Weaksauce: One would think that being immortal would make fighting that much easier for Timmy, since he won't have to worry about silly things like bleeding to death or deadly physical trauma. Leave it to Caleb to set him straight fairly fast and having to remind him often of it.
    "Why do I have to wear one?" Timothy griped, pulling his own [magitech armor] from the box, "I can't die, so what's the deal if something comes at me with a buzz-saw?"
    "How confident are you in healing yourself if something came along and sawed you in half?" Caleb asked him, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. The brunet sighed.
    "Fine, I'll wear it...."
    • Considering his immortality doesn't make him unable to feel pain and he needs to keep his head clear to cast spells, getting dismembered would put a real kink in trying to heal and get back in the game.
    • He seems to not feel much pain from other injuries, such as getting shot or getting his face shredded. Or it might be that he doesn't bother with reacting the way normal people do when it comes to getting injured, suggesting he's gotten used to it.
  • Ojou: Trixie Tang, though she would probably prefer to be a Tomboy Princess, if not for her need to be considered pretty and adored by the masses, which she fears will end if her true self is ever revealed.
    • It's fairly ingrained in her mind to keep up the high school princess act even in situations that are ridiculous for it. In Shadows of Doubt, Trixie screams out 'Security!' in the middle of a Spire battle as a reaction to seeing her situation go from bad to worse. Apollo has to remind her that the bouncer was fired.
  • Parental Substitute: Cosmo and Wanda become these for Timmy. When Wanda gets especially over-the-top, Timmy will teasingly call her 'Mom'. He's also done it during bouts of fatigue-induced delirium. It's frowned upon heavily by Apollo, who reminds Wanda that godparents were never meant to act as replacement parents for their godkids.
    • When Cosmo and Wanda are otherwise occupied, with either Sophia or Michael, Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda step in as Substitute Parental Substitutes, which the fairies frown upon but Timmy is surprisingly grateful for it, even defending them when Cosmo and Wanda suggest he stop associating with antis. To their credit, Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda are quite caring in their own odd ways. At the end of Act 4, Wanda sets aside her distrust and openly accepts Anti-Cosmo's help and genuine fondness for Timmy.
  • Perky Goth: Tootie, which covers her Little Miss Badass tendencies. She tries emulating Sam but doesn't follow Sam's strict diet when she's not around and doesn't really have anything against pink besides the fact that it used to make her depressed. Angst and emo tendencies annoy her, which makes her good at snapping Timmy out of it when he falls into a funk.
    • On that note, Timmy is often labeled a Goth by Tootie and Sam because of his clothing (and accessories, before they were passed to Tootie) but he is still generally cheerful and optimistic. He goes straight Gloomy Goth during his low points; angry, bitter, depressed and sulking. They don't last very long around his friends and cousin, as he gets especially destructive and even malevolent if he's not brought back to normal quickly.
  • Place of Power: The Dark Spires. Each one has a range of a few city blocks for their anti-magic zone, but their wireless control extends out further to control smaller anti-magic devices to increase their sphere of influence. The edges of their sphere of influence overlaps the edges of the other Dark Spires to blanket all of Dimmsdale.
  • Plot Armor: Subverted in that even Caleb, the Author's favored angelic OC, is just as susceptible to the magic-nullifying effects and mechanical traps employed by the Dark Spires as Team Turner and the fairies.
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: Tootie uses her fairy-versity muffin to age herself from 12 to 14 in order to eliminate the squicky elements that she feels are keeping her and Timmy apart. This takes the form of reality altering so that they've always been the same age; not even Tootie herself remembers making the wish.
  • Plot Tailored to the Party: Subverted in that the Team has to tailor their strengths to combat the Dark Spires' defenses, and as each successive attack means the next Spire will learn from it and create new defenses, the Heroes must find new members and change tactics to progress. Justified in that when Timothy comes to Dimmsdale to free the city, Remy had already mostly won without anyone ever knowing different and the Team is just trying to regain lost ground.
    • Doesn't help that as soon as they finish destroying a Spire, Remy commissions it to be rebuilt, driving the Team to have to go back and destroy those foundations before they can become a problem later.
  • Post-Victory Collapse: Timmy. His immortal status makes him think he can take any damage and still keep going and he's consistently proven wrong, though usually he collapses after expending large amounts of mana or he gets hit by a single solid blow.
    • Played Straight when, as Timantha, he sneaks into Remy's mansion as part of a rescue mission and suffers a Heroic BSoD from his discovery in Remy's study, is immediately attacked by Remy who recently Took a Level in Badass, sets off an explosion to break the stalemate and knock them both out, wakes up in time to get attacked again by Remy beating him in the head with a fireplace poker, escapes the manor to get to a Dark Spire while probably concussed, runs straight through an army of anti-magic units with little to no aid in reducing their numbers and is drained more of his personal mana, gets to the top floor of the Spire and winds up in the anti-magic generator room which makes the effects of what was outside even worse, uses up more mana to destroy it, absorbs all the fire from the explosion into himself to save Tootie and winds up feverish to go with the possible concussion, gets back outside in time for Remy to show up and attack him again, giving him an excuse to vent the Fire mana but also get beaten up and then stabbed in the chest, adding to the blood loss from earlier, uses the last of his mana reserves to destroy the Dark Spire solo and then stays on his feet long enough to intimidate Remy into retreating. After all that, Timmy doesn't even realize his body had shut down and caused him to collapse into unconsciousness until Wanda wakes him up and he figures out he's lying on his back on the pavement in a pool of his own blood. He is unable to move at all after that and has to be carried off the lot before the cops arrive.
    • Cosmo has his own Heroic RRoD near the end of A Raven's Mourning Tears; after battling anti-magic units at a Dark Spire, he discovers that every single fairy-trap has targeted him. He leads them on a city-wide chase in attempts to lose them, tiring himself out further. When he thinks he's shaken them, they smash into him from out of nowhere, ramming him through the windows of a skyscraper. He tries destroying them with conjured exploding daisies and winds up caught in the explosion with shrapnel tearing into one of his wings and becoming lodged in his back. Once he's captured, Cosmo rips the shard free and cuts his hand open while trying to open the net he's in. The unit deactivates when the Spire shuts down and drops several stories straight down, creating an impact crater in the pavement. Cosmo doesn't wake up from this for several hours and is not only still injured when he awakens, but is also separated from his wand so he's unable to insta-heal himself.
  • Power Copying: What Timothy was doing with Caleb's spells before learning that he would be more powerful and better off creating his own using magical alchemy and his imagination.
    • When Remy steals Timothy's mana, he's able to also perform limited magical alchemy. He copies some of Timothy's weaker spells, but wastes large amounts of mana and is unable to conjure solid objects or transform them.
  • Power Levels: Danni mentions these in The Darkest of Secrets. Caleb measures a Hero's power by the amount of potential damage they can do. The level starts with a high number then goes to low numbers. The lower the number, the greater the amount of damage potential a Hero has.
    • Timmy was formerly classified as a Level Four (barely) threat: Physically able to decently damage small-scale properties and appliances like bikes and toasters, magically can deal damage to a target within a range of 100 feet. After learning Timmy uses magical alchemy and not elven magic, his Level has been deemed unknown.
    • Danni Phantom herself is ranked a Level Three threat: Physically able to greatly damage large-scale properties like houses, cars, small businesses, powers-wise can harm targets within a range of 500 feet. Danny Phantom is one rank higher, a Level Two, which Danni credits to his Ghostly Wail power.
  • Power Limiter: Every fairy has a limit to the amount of magic they can put out through their wands for both wish-granting and combat magic. The wands have a refillable gauge for wish-granting magic The limits for combat magic are varied from fairy to fairy. Cosmo currently has the highest limit known, but it is chaotic and not easily focused save for certain situations.
    • It's been mentioned that Timmy's limit to his magic is psychological. As long as he believes he has a limit, he will continue to have one. Wanda is afraid to find out what may happen if Timmy ever stops believing that.
  • Power Nullifier: Butterfly nets are this to fairies. Any fairy caught in a butterfly net is unable to use magic to get themselves out. This is the reason fairy capture devices are equipped with them and why Dimmsdale Fairies are mandated to carry non-magical weapons to cut themselves out if captured..
  • Power-Strain Blackout: Happens to Timmy briefly at the end of Dimmsdale by Blacklight.
    • Also to Apollo when he tries to copy Cosmo's Doom Ribbon attack.
    • Timmy again at the end of The Darkest of Secrets. He wakes up unable to move from exhaustion.
  • Powers in the First Episode: Timmy starts off using elven spells and incantations for his magic, making it appear that he'll be a character who 'levels up' to learn new spells, much like the Tales games. Then he summons his magical flashlight, the Light orb....
  • Princely Young Man: Timmy, of the Prince Charming type, with the identity of Timothy Neogene. Caleb set this up as his new life and back story to give him a new identity and an excuse to stay close to him for magic training. Rather than rely on it all the time, Timmy keeps trying to make up other cover stories, which promptly fall apart since he keeps contradicting himself.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Crocker seems to be aiming for this, and using Remy's equipment to do it.
  • Redundant Rescue: Tootie and Romi, from Dark Spire 2.
  • Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated: Wanda told Juandissimo Cosmo was executed as part of her cover story. Anti-Cosmo's appearance proves otherwise, sniping that if Cosmo were ever killed, he'd realize it first, as the lives of fairies and their antis are tied together.
  • Rescued from the Underworld: How Danny revived Timmy but at a price; the curse of immortality.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: Remy tries invoking this trope; it works for shedding any hint of blame for Timmy's murder, but Averted when he tries to buy Dimmsdale's adoration and it only makes them resent him and favor Timmy more.
  • Sensor Suspense: The anti-magic unit detectors use the devices signals to create shaped blips on their screens. Each type of unit has their own symbol; if the screen starts filling up with arrowhead symbols, run. Those are the markers for destroyer-class units, which are the most heavily weaponized of the bunch.
  • She Is All Grown Up: Tootie for Timmy. Though it doesn't really hit him until after she ages herself up using her Fairy-versary Muffin, and he later thinks seeing her in her armor while being Badass would be 'kind of awesome'.
    • Gender-swapped with Timmy for Trixie Tang, after The Reveal. It starts a feud between her and Tootie until Tootie ages up and then gets worse. Then she thinks this of Chester after witnessing him defend her honor.
  • Shock and Awe: Tootie loves using Thunder Arrow every chance she gets.
  • Shrine to the Fallen: In Dimmsdale, the Turner house has become a memorial museum dedicated to Timmy Turner, complete with a gift shop selling 'Timmy Bears' as offerings for his grave. The house is left exactly as it was the day Timmy died.
  • Shrinking Violet: Andromeda, Tootie's fairy godmother. She gets a little better as the story progresses, but would still rather have Tootie and herself keep their heads down, do safe things like homework and let Timmy finish taking down the Spires. But since godparents have to do what godkids wish for, she goes along with Tootie's plans with plenty of warnings to at least be careful.
  • Signature Move: Timmy's Bulla Scintillare and Boltzman's Shield. They were the very first 'combat' spells he created using magical alchemy and have made numerous appearances since then. He uses them so often that Bulla Scintillare actually went from being a trio of flash grenades to a literal hailstorm of fireballs in a fic-version of leveling up spells through repeated use.
  • Silent Scapegoat: Francis. He makes no effort to clear his name, he only got off with house arrest because his shock and guilt was mistaken for insanity, and possibly did go insane, with his obsession focusing only on trying to figure out how the jungle gym moved under him. Francis accepts that he will forever be known as 'the one who pushed Timmy' and doesn't ask forgiveness or protest it, even using his court-appointed therapist as merely a soundboard for his voiced thoughts and observations of the jungle gym in his father's basement.
  • Speak Ill of the Dead: Remy does this all the time behind closed doors, especially since the 'dead' is Timmy Turner. Speaking ill of him in public tends to make the townsfolk bust out the mob equipment. Juandissimo does the same but far lighter, fully aware that Timmy is alive though not expecting him to return to Dimmsdale so brazenly.
    • Subverted by the rest of Dimmsdale. In their eyes and minds, Timmy was their perfect child and center of their world. Hence his title of Heart of Dimmsdale.
  • Spell Book: Though not used to cast spells with, they do contain the translated incantations and instructions for accessing the blanket of mana over the Earth. The writings need to be studied and the incantations provide a guideline for how the spell is cast.
    • Timmy used to carry a few spell books to class to study during breaks. He gave them up when he switched to magical alchemy.
    • Tootie learns her spells from studying a CD containing digitized versions of those same spell books.
  • Spoiled Brat: Remy Buxaplenty. Although he states he's emancipated from his parents, he still leeches money from them to fund the building of the Dark Spires and his attempts at redirecting Dimmsdale's hero-worship of Timmy to himself.
    • Most of the Populars are this to varying degrees. Trixie is somewhat Subverted in that she broke away from the Populars to join Timmy's group, first for protection, then to actually pull her weight in being a team member.
  • Squishy Wizard: Team Turner agrees that Timmy's magical power makes him very valuable in a battle, but his thin frame and light weight makes it easy to knock him around. Chester discovers this halfway through a fight with Timmy and is able to knock him unconscious with a single blow to the gut.
    • Cosmo is much the same way. Though his limits are a little more flexible than Timmy's due to being a magical creature, he is also able to be put down by a single well-placed hit.
    • Tootie started off as a Squishy Wizard, then Vicky chipped in on training her and she gained better defenses.
    • Subverted with Caleb. Being made entirely of metal makes it difficult to hurt him physically. Currently, only exposure to anti-magic waves does serious internal systems damage to him.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Veronica. Timmy's death didn't stop her from being creepily in love with him. It's gotten to the point where she even creeps out Anti-Cosmo.
    • As of The Darkest of Secrets, Remy is becoming this in regards to Timantha and is completely unaware or in denial to the fact that it was Timothy the whole time.
  • Stranger in a Familiar Land: Timmy Turner in Post-His Death Dimmsdale. Understandable since he is still technically dead. Dimmsdale being depressed slaves to their memory of him and turning him into some kind of saint doesn't help much either.
  • Supernatural Sensitivity: Timmy can sense the level of mana in a given area as a sort of scent. Fairy magic seems to have a different scent. He didn't have this sense or was unaware of it until after the fall of the first Dark Spire and claims it may be an ability magic-users possess, implying that Tootie may gain Supernatural Sensitivity as well.
    • It doesn't seem to register when magic is actively being used, however. It might just only work on passive, environmental stuff or magic that's been in use for a long time, enough to saturate the air.
    • Anti-magic waves are detected when fairies get sick and tired suddenly and develop symptoms like pain, nausea or fatigue. Caleb and Timmy also get affected, the former with power shortages and the latter with similar symptoms to fairies. Tootie, despite also being a magic-user, is completely unaffected save for weakened or complete loss of magic.
  • Super-Powered Robot Meter Maids: Caleb. A self-aware angel-based android possessing a soul, able to replicate the attacks and spells of nearly every Tales Series hero he's come across, use a giant fork to create a nuclear explosion and has the capability to remake the entire world with a single wish on a magical coat-pin; he was originally built to be a servant, was upgraded to be a mage and archivist, and still prefers to cook, clean house and study over getting involved in wars between Good and Evil.
    • In one scene, Team Turner has gathered to plan out their next attack on a Dark Spire after The Reveal, complete with maps spread on the war-room table and the Team playing and joking around happily. Caleb's only 'real' concern is the condition of the maps.
    • Another scene has the Team try to knock over several salt shakers to summon Anti-Cosmo for his help. Caleb fumes quietly over the waste of salt and notes that he's going to have to clean that up once everyone is done.
  • Survivor's Guilt: Crocker. His guilt and depression led him to a sort of madness where he genuinely believes all of Dimmsdale deserves to die alongside Timmy Turner.
  • Sword Beam: Cosmo's scythes generate Razor Wind to attack from a distance, which has him making a lot of speedy twirls and slashes to fire them off. The wind is powerful enough to cut through machinery and nickles.
  • Tempting Fate: Remy, so much. To be fair, he's confident that he's safe since -from his view- the only person capable of screwing up his plans is dead. Cue Timothy Neogene -the resurrected-and-made-immortal- Timmy Turner- showing up to screw up his plans left and right.
    • In Act 2, Caleb boasts to A.J. that no one in the world can hack angelic programming without him to translate the language. Crocker does exactly that in Act 4.
  • That Satisfying Crunch: Cosmo, twice, to entire roomfuls of stuff including the walls. A safe house had to be bought because of the damage Cosmo did to it in order to vent after Remy set a nullifier device on Timmy, Wanda, and Andromeda.
  • The Big Board: A holographic one is installed into the table of the war-room in the Ivory Tower. It's used to plot out Spire attacks.
    • A more traditional giant monitor type is installed into the wall of A.J.'s lab in the same tower.
  • The Bully: Averted with Francis, who was pulled from school for fear of being lynched because of his involvement in Timmy's death. He also chose to stop bullying and devote his time to trying to figure out why the jungle gym moved beneath him the day Timmy fell.
  • The Fair Folk: Pretty much any creature capable of granting wishes or conjuring things. The fairies use the love and happiness of their godkids as an energy source while the anti-fairies use their fears, hatred, despair and other negative emotions as their own energy source, as Anti-Cosmo explains.
    • Fairy World is also apparently in a ceasefire agreement with Pixies, Inc after Cosmo, their living weapon, left the Army. Timmy is warned that a war that used to wage between them will not only resume but also drag Earth into it if any of The Fair Folk realize that Timmy is capable of magical alchemy.
    • Dimmsdale Fairies were ordered to ditch their godkids and save themselves after Jorgen figures out that the Dark Spires are killing them. Andromeda alludes that most of them stayed to prevent the kids from suiciding.
    • Caleb, though technically not one of The Fair Folk, has some sociopathic tendencies. He tries manipulating Timmy for his own ends, will take any information he deems useful for his own agendas, and isn't above ruthless testing to keep his archive records accurate. The reason why the Tooth Fairy fears Fairy World's war spilling over onto Earth is because it is known that Caleb will turn every resource at his disposal on them in full retaliation without a second thought, and since Earth's superheroes are considered one of Caleb's resources....
  • The Hero: Timothy Neogene, better known as Timmy Turner. Though he often calls himself a Hero-in-training, as he doesn't have much confidence in his skills early in the series.
  • The Magic Touch: Most of Timmy's transmutations require he touch the thing being changed. Ones that he attempts to do at a distance are weaker and take longer.
  • The Only One: Caleb makes it clear to Timothy that the fight in Dimmsdale is mainly his problem, on basis that it's his hometown, citing that a region in strife births its own evil and also its own Hero to combat it. Thus, Timmy is the homegrown Hero for countering the Dark Spires and every other member of his Rogues Gallery.
  • The Power of Creation: Timothy's conjuring is basically this, using mana, his memories and understanding of what he's making, and the appropriate Elements applied if needed. He's constantly being chastised for doing it by his godparents.
  • The Red Mage: Tootie. She learns high-level attack spells of various Elements, and party-healing spells to go with single person healing she learned to back up Timmy. Her main drawback is she burns through her personal mana and has no way of recharging in battle, and if she loses her aionis bracelets or doesn't have a weapon/rod to use as a focus she can't cast magic at all.
  • The Scape Goat: Francis and Crocker. The first for being the one to physically push Timmy off the jungle gym and the other for flipping the switch that made it spin, even though he originally thought his own device was there, making him a victim of a last second switch.
  • The Tower: There are two flavors of them in Dimmsdale and one in New York City.
    • The Dark Spires in Dimmsdale. When the story begins, there are eight of them standing all over the city, one Master Spire and seven Support Spires. The Team has been tearing them down and making their way up to the Master Spire, although it appears that each successful attack helps the Master Spire grow more defensively powerful.
    • The Ivory Tower built to act as Team Turner's headquarters in Dimmsdale is basically a copy of the Dark Spires after Caleb used their stolen blueprints to shrink the size to more appreciative levels and stocked it with resources to help the Team train, plan attacks and comes with a galley, miniature hospital, and high-tech science lab. It's protected against magic with poly-carbonite hidden behind layers of white marble and radiates a powerful mana field to neutralize the effects of any nullifier devices that come near it. It bears the image of Timmy Turner as a memorial tower, so the whole of Dimmsdale will also protect it and regard it as a beautiful homage.
    • The Archives of the Twin Blades in New York City, where Caleb lives and works. Built to look like a simple museum, it is several stories high, with hidden sub-basements, secret doors and chambers, and contains kitchens, sick bays, medical facilities, libraries, victory gardens, a rooftop park called the aerie, living quarters, armories where ancient and magical weapons are stored, and the offices from which Caleb conducts all business and oversees projects. It's more of a Mage Tower than even the Ivory Tower, as Caleb rarely ever leaves its walls unless the situation demands his presence.
  • The Voice: The entity that seems to reside in Cosmo's head. It speaks in a flat and nonemotive tone and is dead-set on protecting Cosmo, even if it means throwing everyone else under the bus to do it, Wanda included. It has no name and no other means of identity.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: A villainous example in Act 2. Remy steals Apollo's scimitar and hurls it at Chester. The sword impales him and punctures his lung. Never mind that the sword wasn't designed for stabbing or impaling, it still managed to work.
  • Token Non-Human: Mark Chang. Brought on by Timmy in Act 4 to be another ally, and so far has provided comic relief and alien technology to disable anti-magic devices.
  • Trapped Behind Enemy Lines: Chester, when he's unable to escape the notice of a Dark Spire. He tries to call for an evacuation or backup, but is captured before any help comes.
  • True Companions: Team Turner is well on its way to becoming this, even with Vicky and the antis on board.
  • Unblockable Attack: Direct mana manipulation is unaffected by anti-magic units or magic-repellents because it technically isn't magic. The main drawbacks for it is that Timothy's attention gets taken up by the manipulation and he ends up oblivious of his surroundings, or it is very weak and is more an irritant than an attack.
    • He seems to be getting better at staying aware of his surroundings.
  • Unwilling Suspension: Mark Chang has Timmy dangling over a vat of dark chocolate while interrogating him over how he got into the ship and his identity. Turns out Mark knew the entire time who he was, he was just messing with Timmy's head.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Remy Buxaplenty, of the gradually progressing type. It's very alarming to his fairy, Juandissimo, and just as alarming to Timmy. It seems to get worse with every new fact he learns about Timothy and every Dark Spire that gets destroyed.
  • Villain Team-Up: Remy has coerced Crocker and Dr. Bender into working for him, and at the same time is in a secret alliance with the Pixies.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Fairies and anti-fairies. They can change into any non-humanoid shape they want but remain their dominant color and, in the case of inanimate objects, bear a crown shape somewhere on them. This usually helps them get overlooked or ignored as it is a form of camouflage and doesn't require a wand to be in their hands.
    • A evil babysitter identified Cosmo as a fairy in disguise; he was a green teddy bear in a room filled with pink, red and white decor.
  • Weather Dissonance: To celebrate the fall of the first Dark Spire at the end of Act 1, Timmy wishes for school to be canceled for a day. Cosmo and Wanda take the liberty to drop several feet of snow on Dimmsdale while the story states it is early Fall.
  • Weirdness Censor: The people of Dimmsdale can explain away everything that happens because of the battles between the Team and Remy as either terrorist or alien attacks. Discrepancies with the weather are blamed on the weatherman. Evidence of destroyed anti-magic devices that get collected are either ignored or just thrown in the trash without a second thought.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Chester calls out Timmy for going too far when Timmy verbally abuses Elmer, just mere moments after Elmer calls him out for not only commanding the anti-fairies to intentionally terrorize the security guards surrounding a Dark Spire but also enjoying the resulting chaos.
  • While Rome Burns: Considering the Dark Spires are destroyed violently at night, Dimmsdale citizens just sleep through the explosions and the noise of flying anti-magic devices crashing into the streets and buildings, and wake up none the wiser, despite all the evidence scattered around the place.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Timothy Neogene/Timmy Turner. Timothy's immortality can let him survive anything, which isn't as cool once one thinks about what that really means.
  • Why Won't You Die?: Remy screams this often at Timothy after the latter continues to survive all the possible ways a person can be killed that Remy can think of. When Remy tries ways to kill magical creatures on him, the effects are soon neutralized with the help of anti-fairies and Caleb's magitechnology.
  • Wrecked Weapon: Timmy's staves, constantly. It's a Running Gag that in major plot-relevant confrontations, the staff he's using is always destroyed in some manner, forcing Caleb to lend him progressively stronger staves and rods. These usually involve the destruction of a Dark Spire, though there were other plot progression points where a staff was destroyed.
    • Subverted in that the confrontation at the end of The Darkest of Secrets did not result in a staff being destroyed. The fact that it is the Blue Crystal Rod might have something to do with it.
    • Cosmo's Windcutter Scythe is destroyed by Juandissimo after Cosmo is defeated in a prematurely ended duel to the death.
  • Wrong Context Magic: The Fairy-versary Muffin. It's ability to override Da Rules means even Timmy is affected by whatever wish is made using one.

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