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Fan Fic / Been There, Blown That Up

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Been There, Blown That Up is Marvel Cinematic Universe fanfiction, specifically a Post-Avengers: Infinity War Fix Fic written and posted on Archive of Our Own by GwendolynStacy. It is currently completed and has 22 chapters and 68659 words in total.

After the events of Avengers: Infinity War, Tony Stark and Nebula Time Travel back to 2012 in the bodies of their past selves.

Immediately upon waking up after his past self threw the nuke into the portal, Tony decides to do whatever it takes to defeat Thanos and prevent the events of the future from happening. Including walking up to a freshly defeated Loki, destroying the Tesseract, and telling everybody about Thanos without really telling everybody about Thanos. Hilarity Ensues.


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