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The Battle of the Luminaries is a Spin-Off of a popular fanfic called the Ultimate Video Rumble. It is a Mega Crossover tournament fanfic with several franchises entering. Most of them are from fighting games but some are not. The goal works similar to a Royal Rumble in wrestling. A series of fighters enter the ring and fight each other until only one remains. It is also a votefic where the readers can choose who they want to see move on and who they want to be eliminated. In every "Section", they can be only be thirty fighters at a time and when a certain of people had been eliminated, the next Section starts with new fighters coming out until thirty come out. This continues until there is one sole winner.


Along with the main tournament, they are also "Side Battles" where people could vote on outside of the arena. The Side Battles usually revolve around a plot where there is a conspiracy between villains and a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits have to stop it before things get out of hand.

The winner of the first Battle of the Luminaries is Pikachu from Pokémon.

The Battle of the Luminaries had been inspired by the Megamix Tournament, one of the most popular UVR spin-off. Because of that, there will a lot of references to that fanfic in this story.

The first tournament is complete while a second is in progress and can be found here:


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