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Cast: Bart Simpson as the hero with no name, Z-Man as Z-Man, Chick Magnet Dragonmaster PhD...
Introduction to Chow Mein

BHF 5 (abbreviation of Bounty Hunter Force 5) is a mashup fanfiction that combines characters from The Simpsons, Star Wars, and the authors' own twisted minds. Written in transcript/stage direction format, it is full of absurd meta humor and so much fourth wall breaking that its repair costs are higher than the GDP of some countries.


Most stories are available here:

The fanfiction series contains examples of:

  • Bizarro Fiction: Characters levitate, use crazy thought processes, authors frequently hop in to give long speeches about rock and roll, and most of the absurder episodes are erased from canon with the wave of a hand, among many, many other things.
  • Canon Defilement: Even to its own canon: Dead characters brought back to life with the wave of a hand, characters frequently act different than the original content (usually played for laughs), things are retconned in madly, with backstories intersecting, leapfrogging, and doubling back on themselves. Note: Please do not move this to YMMV, as this is fully acknowledged and intentional.
  • Characterization Marches On/Flanderization: Jango Fett started as a bland, sane commander, Z-Man as a cool guy, and TR as a somewhat random and foolish comic relief. Over time, Jango became more crazy and bipolar, Z-Man became the most sane guy there, and TR became the protege of Ralph Wiggum.
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  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: TR.
  • Crossover: The Simpsons, Star Wars, and whatever characters from whatever games/movies/music the authors have been enjoying that week.
  • The Ditz, Too Dumb to Live, Chaotic Stupid, and basically all the other stupid tropes are TR, to the max.
  • Gag Series: This all the way. Most plot segments originate as a setup for a funny "bit" the authors want to do, and are weakly chained together in order to be at least somewhat comprehensible.
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?: Occasionally played with, for Dengar, either unconvincingly or giving a view of his thought process.
    Z-Man: No psycho killer?
    Dengar: Well, there’s Dennis and TR, but no Bart. TR said something about him and someone breaking up for lying, a flying Krayt Dragon abduction, and Bart jacking Dennis’s motorcycle. But no psycho killer.
    Jango Fett: I thought you were supposed to have a good memory.
    Dengar: Well, yeah, but it’s… occupied by something at the moment.
    Jango Fett: What kind of “something”?
    Dengar: You know… bounty hunting… gun… manly… stuff… [In his head.] They call me Hell! They call me Stacy! They call me Her! They call me Jane! That’s Not My Name! That’s Not My Name!...
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  • Hypocritical Humor: Used sometimes
  • Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls: Averted, both the creator and secondary author are male.
  • Meta Fic/No Fourth Wall: The fourth wall being BROKEN is frequently averted to.
  • Noodle Incident/Noodle Implements: Used frequently for comic relief, such as in this example:
    TR: Going up!
    Bart: This better be fast. I've had a phobia of elevators ever since-
    Dengar: Yeah, yeah, we know. When Maggie got hold of non-safety scissors while you were transporting a crate of live mongooses up the Empire State Building.
  • Oh Crap, There Are Fanfics of Us!: Sometimes alluded to, including one scene where Jango asks the guy who writes down all their adventures if he's getting all this.
  • Original Character: Z-Man, TR, Terk, Harvey and Rose, Gena, Sarah, most minor bit parts.
  • Script Fic One of the most defining characteristics
  • Self-Insert Fic: Both the authors (somewhat caricatured) frequently appear as themselves and talk directly to the characters, sometimes even bearing on the plot.
  • Surreal Humor: From TR, mostly.
  • Take That!:
    Jango Fett: Ah, you're full of it. Ghosts are as real as creationism is logical!
  • That's What She Said: Many times.
  • Who Writes This Crap?!: Add in the self-insertion and you have characters insulting the authors to their face.

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