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A Fanfiction based on Reality by aspiring author Jonathon Myers. The story is based on the reality of Jonathon Myers and his more or less fictional experiences in high school if he were magic and had wings. Posted originally on his Facebook page, it's slowly creating momentum online, after A Clockwork Mango picked it up for a Book-on-Tape.

The story follows protagonist Delilah (presumably the analog for Johnathons' dream-girl) and her growing relationship between her and Alastair (Johnathon's analog for himself, based off the description of Alastair in the first chapter). The fic starts with Alastair leaving and Delilah openly admitting that she misses him. He then reappears two chapters later and becomes a key character in the fic, with the story shifting to him more than Delilah.


What makes this story more interesting than most other fanfictions is that instead of opting to change names of real people in his story he leaves them the same which creates some rather awkward situations during some relationship building scenes. (Chapter 16 is infamous with many of the critiques reading basically "Aaa.... hrm... yeah, this is getting really awkward.)

The author takes inspiration from several sources, including Aeon (an online game), Japanese mythology (He uses Tengu, which to be fair, just might be taken from the first Power Rangers Movie), and Latin.

Because of the author's personal beliefs, the entire work is Safe for Work, though it does get awkward on severe levels. Especially if you know Jonathon Myers personally.


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