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Our five main heroes

"Levy Mcgarden has always dreamed of joining the famous guild Fairy Tail. She never expected to join because of a rude Iron Dragon Slayer and his mysterious cat partner. She soon finds herself on a unique team of wizards on a never ending tail."

The "Alternate Tail Series" is a Fairy Tail Series Fic by DigiXBot. Here instead of Lucy meeting Natsu and Happy in Hargeon, the story begins with Levy Mcgarden meeting Gajeel Redfox and Pantherlily. The three later form a team with fellow Fairy Tail wizards Lyon Vastia and Mirajane Strauss.

Though initially a basic rehash at the start, Alternate Tail slowly but surely diverges from canon in its own Alternate Universe.

Two Stories have been written, each for the year they take place:

Alternate Tail also has a Christmas Episode written in 2019, aptly named An Alternate Christmas Tail.

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The Alternate Tail Series contains examples of:

     Tropes applying to entire series 
  • Action Dad: Macao, Makarov, Gildarts, Alzack, and Pantherlily.
  • Action Girl: Mirajane, Levy, and Kagura. Pretty much all the Fairy Tail girls are this trope.
  • A-Cup Angst:
    • Levy is hesitant to join the Miss Fairy Tail contest because she's not as ... developed as her female guildmates.
    • Kagura also goes through this after Reedus shows her a drawing of an older, samurai-like version of her... with small breast.
  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade: An interesting case with both Mirajane and Kagura, as not only do they keep their respective tragedies from canon (Mira absorbing a demon and becoming a pariah of her town and Kagura losing her brother) but also take some of the tragedies of Erza (The Tower of Heaven) and Wendy (The disappearance of Cait Shelter) respectively.
  • Adaptational Backstory Change: Numerous Cases, such as...
    • Gajeel joining Fairy Tail when he is young while Natsu joins Phantom Lord.
    • Levy does not join Fairy Tail as a kid, while Lucy does. More of Levy's past get's expanded as well...
    • Pantherlily follows Mystogan to Earthland, while Happy was not sent with the other Exceed eggs to Earthland.
    • Lyon heads to the west and joins Fairy Tail, while Gray becomes obsessed with defeating Deliora
    • Mira and her siblings were separated during an attack by Cultists of Zeref. As such, Elfman and Lisanna join Fairy Tail years earlier than canon, and Mira spends years in the Tower of Heaven, where she meets Laxus.
    • Merudy is taken in by Jose, while Juvia was in the town Grimoire Heart destroyed, only to be saved by Ultear.
    • Kagura is found by a young Mystogan while trying to find her brother Simon and is later given to Roubal.
      • Archenemy, Kagura's sword, also has its past change, beginning as a weapon created by Roubal to deter enemies of the Nirvits.
    • Laxus spent much of his childhood at the Tower of Heaven, while Jellal grew up as Makarov's grandson.
  • Adaptational Badass:
    • Numerous cases, with Mira being a primary example, going from friendly barmaid to action girl.
    • Also applies to Levy Mcgarden. Starting slightly weaker than canon when she requires a special pen in order to use properly Solid Script Magic, but she soon overcame that hurdle, and later gained a new Letter Magic known as Holy Scriopture, which so far proved instrumental against Freed, Angel, Byro, and even Hades's Demon Eye.
  • Adaptational Heroism:
    • Gajeel never joins Phantom Lord, instead grows in Fairy Tail and his first meeting with Levy is much more pleasant.
    • Witnessing Ur sacrifice pushed Lyon off his dream of surpassing her while other events bring him to Fairy Tail
    • In canon, while having saved Mystogan's life years ago, Pantherlily was introduced as a commander of the Edolas Army, and was first willing to see the other Exceeds face extinction after they refused to help Mystogan years ago, only changing sides when he sees both the Earthland Wizards and the Exceeds work together to save Extalia. In 'Alternate Tail', he is introduced as a member of Fairy Tail from the start, and worked alongside Mystogan to stop the Anima's from taking Earthland's magic.
    • Erza Knightwalker is a wizard of the Dark Guild Fairy Tail instead of a commander in the Edolas Military
  • Adaptation Name Change:
    • Here, Rogue's birth name is Ryos Conbolt.
    • The Thunder Legion, in this world lead by Jellal, is rechristened to Nebula Knights.
  • Adaptational Superpower Change:
    • Zigzagged since Jellal is now a Cosmic Dragon Slayer, while Laxus and Rogue loss their slayer status. However, the core element of their magic (Celestial, Lightning, and Shadow respectively) remains the same.
    • Alongside her Solid Script Magic, Levy now uses Holy Scriopture, which is angelic magic similar to Freed's Dark Ectriture.
    • Pantherlily eventually utilizes Stave Magic, the same magic that Mystogan uses.
    • Instead of Celestial Magic, Angel's main magic is Angel Summoning. This can be seen as a subversion since she uses this after the time skip in canon.
  • Adaptational Personality Change:
    • Mira, see Adaptational Badass above.
    • Mira's Edolas counterpart, Mirajane Rheas, has taken a step into this as well as Adaptational Villainy.
    • The Edolas counterparts of Lisanna and Lyon. Though never seen, Edolas!Lisanna was described as a gentle, kind-hearted girl like her Earthland self, while Edolas!Lyon was said to have an unrequited love to Juvia, just like Gray Surge. In Alternate Tail, Edolas!Lisanna is a loud punk while Edolas!Lyon is cold to the affections of his Merudy.
  • Adaptational Villainy:
    • Jellal, Gray, and Natsu, before their respective Heel Face Turns.
    • Can also apply to Edolas!Mira, who instead of a barmaid is now the First Division Captain of the Edolas Royal Army.
  • Adaptational Wimp: While she never had an actual personality in the show, you wouldn't expect Halaphas, one of Mira's strongest Satan Souls, to have a moe personality, being very submissive to her master.
  • Age Lift: Kagura and Rogue are de-aged from 16 to 13 and from 12 to 6 respectively at X784.
  • Almighty Janitor:
    • Just like their counterparts Natsu and Grey, Gajeel and Lyon have been seen taking down powerful opponents despite not being S-Class. Gajeel has defeated Kageyama, Natsu, Laxus, Jellal, Zero, and Damascus; while Lyon defeated Gray, Merudy, Racer, and Azuma.
    • Pantherlily also validates, as while he isn't an S-Class wizard, he is responsible for stopping numerous Anima's alongside Mystogan, an S-Class wizard of Fairy Tail. Lily explains that a non-human wizard of such high rank would grab too much attention, especially from Edolas spies.
    • A minor case for Levy. While not as strong as the previous three, she has proven herself against Freed, Angel, and even Hades.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • The main cast of the story composed of minor and supporting characters in place of Fairy Tail's main crew.
    • Mira's Satan Souls, which are simply forms in the manga, are now their own characters with unique personalities and relationships. Even her generic Satan Soul was given a name, Beelzea.
  • Badass Adorable: Kagura in the series is now a 13-year-old girl that greatly admires Mira. However, that doesn't stop her from being a deadly gravity loli who wields a sword that can cause calamities, even managing to hold up against Azuma before he beats her.
  • Bash Brothers: Gajeel and Lily.
  • Beta Couple: The Edolas Arc reveals that Lily has a relationship with Queen Shagotte, with both being parents to Carla.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Mirajane, especially for Lisanna and Elfman
    • She also develops a similar relationship to Kagura, though part of it was because she's the younger sister of her dead comrade Simon.
    • The rest of her teammates as well. For example, she is infuriated when she learned that Jose was going to give Levy to Ore as a "trophy"
  • Bilingual Bonus: The spells of Holy Scriopture are written in Irish Gaelic. Even the second part of the magic's name is Irish for "Scripture."
    • The spells for Mercator Garten's Posiedon Scroll magic are in Greek.
  • Broken Ace: At first glance, Mira seems to be a confident S-Class wizard and Cool Big Sis. However, she is heavily damaged from her past in the Tower of Heaven, often making impulsive decisions to events that are tangent to her trauma.

     Fairy Tail: An Alternate Tail 
  • Adaptational Early Appearance:
    • As she did not "die" like in canon, Lisanna appears in the second chapter as Fairy Tail's barmaid.
    • Ooba Baabasaama appears during the Guild Master conference, sitting next to Makarov, Bob, and Goldmine.
    • Angel uses her Angel Summoning Magic during the Nirvana Arc
    • While battling Merudy, Juvia uses Second Origin to increase her power. However, it seems to be quite volatile, as the use damages her body.
    • Frosch appears between the Edolas and Tenrou Island Arc running away from poachers. He later befriends Ryos and joins the Conbolt family.
  • All Your Powers Combined: Downplayed example during Tenrou Island, where in the fight against Azuma, Lyon uses an Ice Sentry that contains traits of his teammates(Gajeel's scale, Levy's Bogha, Lily and Carla's wings, Mira's demon tail, and Kagura's sword) as well as using Ice-Make versions of Elfman's beast arm, Cana's cards, and Merudy's Maguilty blades.
  • Awesomebut Impractical: While rare and powerful, Jellal notes that his Cosmic element means he needs to recharge his magic the same way as other wizards because anything cosmic is far rarer compared to Gajeel (iron) and Natsu (fire).
  • Badass Boast: Alternate Tail contains plenty of original boasts.
    • Levy gives one and shows how much Fairy Tail has helped her grow.
      Thomas: What did you hope to gain by being with those Fairies?! How can a bunch of drunk wizards who love destruction benefit you? By teaching you it's okay to be pathetic?!
      Levy: No. They taught me to be fierce. They taught me to remain calm. They taught me to be noble. They taught me to be brave. And they taught me, to protect my family!
    • After Gajeel ate the Increpferrum from Laxus, Zero comments that Gajeel is now a sinner like him. Gajeel's response?
      Gajeel: Every member Fairy Tail has their own batch of sins. But you know what makes me and Laxus different from you lot?
      Zero: No, I don't. Do enlighten me then.
      Gajeel: Is that when it comes to our sins, we actually do something about them!
    • Lyon gave one right before he defeats Azuma.
      Lyon: You can take our magic. But you can't take, OUR SPIRIT!
  • Batman Gambit: Gajeel (transformed into mini-copies of himself by Gildarts) seemingly launched a full-on assault on Gildarts to allow time for Lily to prepare an attack spell. This was actually meant for, one, Gajeel to be turned back into his full self and, two, let Lily distract Gildarts while Gajeel prepares a Secret Art Spell.
  • Blood from the Mouth: Gajeel goes through this whenever he tries to eat incompatible iron.
  • Blood-Splattered Innocents: Kagura gets sprayed with Gajeel's blood after his devouring and use of God Slayer Iron, which was poisonous for him.
  • Brick Joke:
    • In the first chapter, Levy combines two "STORM" spells to push Tora's ship onto the shore, but the combined spells caused it to grow out of her control and create a wave that sends the ship and her and Lily crashing onto the beach. During the Galuna arc, Levy intentionally uses "STORM" against Sherry, who merely takes control of the spell and turns it into her Storm Doll. However, Levy counters by tossing a "CHAOS" spell into the Storm Doll, making it grow out of control and take down all of them.
    • Kain Hakaru's doll Mister Cursey is taken by Gajeel and the others and given to Happy, who uses it to fight Rustyrose until it is ripped apart by monster flies created by the dark mage. Later, when Kain arrives to attack the camp, he sees Mister Cursey's remains and blames Fairy Tail for it, refusing to believe that his comrade Rustyrose was responsible.

     Alternate Tail: Brave New World 
  • Adaptational Early Appearance: During the Rewrite the World arc, Warren hands out square-shaped and handheld Communication Lacrimas, prototype versions of the one he built in canon between the Tartarous and Avatar arc.
  • Bait-and-Switch: While searching through Joseph Mcgarden's private study, Gajeel is seemingly petrified by the content in a book, which greatly worries Levy until Gajeel starts laughing at the sight of Gildarts's terrible handwriting.

  • Break the Cutie:
    • Juvia goes through this when she learns from Damascus about the fate of her village.
    • At the same time, Zeref ends up learning just how many lives suffered because of Grimoire Heart's search for him, and basically lashes out at Damascus with his curse.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Numerous examples.
    • Part of the reward for the Galuna Island job were tablets that contained a type of holy letter magic. Levy then used this magic to beat Freed during the Battle of Fairy Tail.
    • Gajeel defeats Laxus by striking him with Iron God Sword, forcing Laxus to transform into lightning and be disapparated into the Tower of Heaven. This proved vital, as Brain was able to bring back Laxus by gathering the crystal remains of the Tower and collect Laxus's energy to bring him back together.
    • Like in the anime, Erigor made a return during the Oracion Seis arc. However, not only does his coat get taken by Laxus, but his scythe is taken so it can be fed to Gajeel.
    • In Edolas and without their magic (or in Kagura's case limited), the Fairy Tail wizards buy a grenade and Air Cannon, which are used one chapter later to bring down an attacking Legion.
    • Similarly, the airship they hijack has stacks of remote-detonated explosives. They use them as a distraction to get away from the Edolas Army.
  • The Clan: Clan Garten, an organization of researchers that appears in Part Two, with the main family all being related. Most seem to use at least one form of letter magic, the grunts especially being fond of Solid Script and Rune Magic. They also use Automatons, animal-based machines sent out to fight. They have a strong distrust to those outside their clan. Joseph Mcgarden, Levy's grandfather, was once a member of this clan.
  • Clockwork Creature: Clan Garten uses Automatons that mostly take on the form of extinct animals. They are powered by the souls of living animals several centuries old.
  • Combo Platter Powers:
    • Stave Magic involves generating a spell based on the number of magic circles. The primary examples are healing, electricity generation, a reflective shield, battle aura, and a massive beam from above. Other powers include illusions and mist transformation. Along with Aera and Sizeshifter, Lily's use of this magic makes him a straight example
    • Many of Mira's demons have multiple abilities. Beelzea has hydrokinesis, flight, and dark magic, while Kitsune can use both fire magic and enchantments.
    • Levy can theoretically create any element with her Solid Script Magic. And adding the abilities of Holy Scriopture, including flight, purification magic, and a bow generated from her arm, she practically has a large arsenal.
    • Played with Lyon. While all of his spells involve ice, many of them can recreate the power of their animal counterparts. He can create dolphins capable of echolocation or scorpions with their own form of ice-based poison.
  • Comically Missingthe Point:
    • After Wally claimed that Lily was a cat because he can talk, Lily argues that one, he is an Exceed, and two, that logic would mean that Wally and Millianna are cats as well. Millianna, still referring to Lily as a cat, is ecstatic that he thinks she's a cat.
    • In the following arc, Makarov and Lily are the first to find out they can't leave the guild hall because the Jutsu Shiki set by Freed keeps anyone over the age of 80 inside. Makarov is at first furious, until he becomes curious at the fact that Lily is over 80 as well.
    • Just like Natsu in canon, Gajeel thinks Ultear is a man thanks to her disguise in Galuna Island. When she states she's a woman,
    • After Gajeel calls Ultear "Ice Prick's Cross-dressing Brother." Kain ends up thinking that's true, despite the fact that he was her guildmate for years.
  • Composite Character:
    • Word of God describes this story's version of Mira as such, being a combination of canon Mira's mature self and her younger, hellion self.
    • The demon that makes up Mira's generic Satan Soul is the same demon that attacked her village and was first absorbed by her takeover magic.
  • Cool Big Sis: Mira, not just to Elfman and Lisanna, but also to her teammates, especially Kagura
  • Crossover: Many times characters from other media will appear in the story.
    • The Freelancers from Red vs. Blue appear in the Edolas arc as antagonists. Here they are seen as heretic soldiers that combine science and technology. The current line-up included Agents Florida, Wahington, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Near the end, Washington and South join Fairy Tail in stopping the giant Lacrima when they learned they were about to be sacrificed for the destruction of Extalia, and after Wyoming saying he's willing to kill anyone, including their friend Coco, if they interfere with the Kingdom's goal.
    • Demon Card appears twice, first in a flashback chapter invovling Gajeel and Lily, and second during the Tenrou Island Arc.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Ryos, AKA Rogue, gets his own chapter where he meets the Exceed Frosch and tries to protect him from poachers.
  • Decomposite Character: While Mira herself is described as a composite like above, many of her canon characteristics are split between herself and others. Mira's Satan Soul Magic and more rebellious attitude in youth are kept with her. Some of her canon battles are handed to Erza, such as her fight against Azuma. Last, her role as a model/barmaid/nice girl is granted to her sister Lisanna.
  • Demonic Possession: Lisanna, after unintentionally absorbing a boar soul and a lizard soul at the same time, becomes a monstrous cross of boar/lizard/human that tries to kill a Clan Garten Mook after he tries to snipe her.
  • Demoted to Extra: The main team from the series (Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Erza, Gray, and Wendy) are subject to this due to the premise of the story. Gray himself isn't a member of Fairy Tail in this story, and Wendy has yet to appear.
  • Delayed Reaction: While interrogating Doranbolt, Gajeel and Lily only take in Kagura's statement about him being a Magic Council Agent a few seconds late, before breaking out into panic.
  • Distant Prologue: The first chapter of the "Rewrite the World" arc starts in the year X761 with Joseph and his students facing off against a powerful water-controlling horse.
  • The Dog Bites Back: The prisoners under watch of the Chained Ego guild are often abused by the guards, much to frustration of the guild's master. When Moreau disables the magic that keeps the prisoners in line, the first thing that Erigor does is send a callous guard flying into the wall.
  • A Dog Named "Dog":
    • One of Mira's new Satan Souls is a fox-demon named... Kitsune.
    • Rogue's original name for a green Exceed was going to be "Frog" (Due to the pink frog-onesie he was wearing) before settling for Frosch (Which is German for frog).
  • Elemental Armor: The technique 'Maker Sentry' allows Maker Mages to create an armor based on their elements.
    • Lyon's initial armor is a wolf-like armor called Ice-Make: Lycantrope. On Tenrou Island, he developed a yet unnamed armor with elements based on his teammates (Gajeel's iron scales, Levy's bow, Mira's demon tail, Kagura's sword, and Lily and Carla's wings).
  • Embarrassing Old Photo: To help a green-frog Exceed with fur-loss, Macao ran home and brought back a pink frog onesie. He tells everyone that it belonged to Ryos as a baby, and he shows everyone a photo of his son wearing it, much to the latter's embarrassment.
  • Empathic Weapon: Archenemy is described as this, besides noted by Kagura to having emotions of terror on occasion, such as when she was on Nirvana. It also showed physical signs of fear through shaking at Hades's presence.
  • Energy Bow: With the spell Bogha, Levy can coat her arm with runes to become a makeshift bow, which she can fire her Solid Script spells at greater speed.
  • Enemy Mine: When Moreau frees the prisoners in Chained Ego, the wizards from both Fairy Tail and the Magic Council are forced to work together to corral them, despite their pre-existing hostilities.
  • Enemy Within: After being defeated by Ultear, Mira had to face off against Beelzea, who is frustrated by Mira being controlled by her path of vengeance. But this is subverted when it was revealed the fight was meant to force Mira's mind off of revenge.
  • Entertainingly Wrong:
    • Because Fairy Tail met Lily in Earthland first, they thought his smaller form was his normal state, while his battle form was a transformation like Take-Over. It wasn't until the Edolas Arc that he clarifies the matter.
    • When Lyon learned that Azuma was heading to the Tenrou Tree, he believed the other will use his Arc of Green to create a massive explosion that can wipe out the wizards of Fairy Tail so they can easily retrieve Zeref. He was unaware that the Tenrou Tree connects to the magic of Fairy Tail wizards.
    • In Alternate Tail, it is established that weaker Letter Mages (such as Levy at the start of the series) require a medium to use their magic. Because Alexis was scene using his Thesaurian Magic through his dual lances, Gajeel believes that he is vulnerable without them. At least until Alexis states the lances were only used to give him a better reach, right before he petrifies Gajeel with a single touch.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!:
    • After Lyon defeats Merudy, Lisanna notices that the Abyss Breaker spell is slowing down. Abyss Breaker is powered by masters of the four elements Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. She and the others realize that since Merudy's element was Aether, she was actually substituting as a power source, and one of the two remaining Elementals of Phantom Lord is outside the mobile headquarters.
    • During the Battle of Fairy Tail, Natsu asks Lily about the strength of the petrified Fairy Tail girls. It's when Natsu starts asking about which girl is Erza (after remembering that Erza took on a Jupiter cannon) that Lily finds out Natsu is trying to melt the stone off Erza.
    • After Freed and Lahar had to activate their Justu Shiki early when the re-captured prisoners started to wake up, Evergreen asks if they even had all of them. Freed easily checks that they have 99 of the 103 prisoners, leading to Lahar realizing that none of the Grimoire Heart prisoners are present.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Slayers like Gajeel as in canon
    • Clan Garten's Moreau can eat scrolls to obtain new magic.
  • Everyone Went to School Together: Fairy Tail's ace Gildarts, Makarov's estranged son and Jellal's father Ivan, Lyon's mentor and Ultear's mother Ur, Lucy's mother Layla, and Erza's mother Irene were part of a team under the teaching of Levy's grandfather Joseph. In canon, Gildarts has interacted with Ur, as he mentioned to Gray in the Ice Trail spin-off, and no relation was mention with Ivan when they were both guildmates. Meanwhile, Layla has never met any of them in her life, while Irene was an over 400-year-old Dragon Slayer.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Gajeel isn't hesitant to devour any iron he finds. However, he will refrain from eating weapons that belong to his comrades, even if he is running low on magic in a fight.
  • Fastball Special:
    • Kagura can increase Gajeel's speed in an orbit around her using her gravity magic before firing him at an enemy. Used against Faust and Hades.
    • A critical moment in the battle against Hades was Levy being launched by her teammates towards him, then weaken him with her holy magic.
  • Feed It a Bomb:
    • Levy defeats the angel Shamsiel by flying into its mouth and blasting its inside with dark-based Solid Script spells. It destroys him, but generating those spells hurt her as well.
    • Lily and Kagura take down a Legion by throwing a grenade and an Air Cannon into its mouth.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • The tablets that Levy obtained from Galuna Island were said to be a type of Holy Magic. The magic, Holy Scriopture, gives her an advantage against Freed during the Battle of Fairy Tail.
    • Kagura is mentioned by Simon during the Tower of Heaven arc. Two arcs later, we are introduced to her as a member of Cait Shelter.
    • When Doranbolt overhears Zeref talking about Acnologia, he chooses to warn Fairy Tail first instead of his fellow Rune Knights.
  • For Want of a Nail:
    • Because she isn't a dragon slayer, Mystogan gives Kagura one of the X-Balls to protect her from the Anima, allowing her to use magic in Edolas.
    • Mira learns about how Ultear was responsible for Laxus's brainwashing. Because of this, she goes after Ultear during the Tenrou Island Attack, leaving Lyon to fight Azuma instead.
    • It is implied by Beelzea that Mira's past in the Tower of Heaven played a part in making a leap between the possessed Elfman and Lisanna, taking the brunt of the attack and allowing her sister to live.
  • Freudian Trio: The initial main trio:
    • Id: Gajeel- brash, violent, and rude
    • Ego: Levy- Kind-hearted and gentle.
    • Superego: Lily- noble-hearted, though willing to do what it takes for what's right.
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!!:
    • When Lily enters Heroic BSoD after Magnolia is taken by Edolas, Gajeel punches him in the face and sends him rolling across the ground, reminding him that they can still fight to save their guildmates.
    • Played for laughs when Levy slaps Gajeel after he goes into a The End Is Nigh rant when he sees the two Mira's fighting.
  • Groin Attack:
    • Levy to Jose during the Tower of Heaven arc to escape from him.
    • Agent South Dakota to Wyoming.
    • Bickslow does this to Yomazu, after commenting on the dark wizards's lack of honor.
    • Rogue takes down a Clan Garten agent this way by a shadow-coated punch.
  • Gender Flip: The Edolas Versions of Gajeel and Levy are female and male respectively. Edolas!Levy's name is now Levi Macrosen, while Edolas!Gajeel is Gajeel Rosavulpe.
  • Guilt by Association: The other reason Edolas targeted Fairy Tail: it was the guild of Mystogan and Pantherlily.
  • Knight Templar Big Sister: Mira on occasion, especially her younger self. In Meeting Pantherlily, she is furious when learning that Lisanna ran off on a job without her... though calms down when Elfman tells her that she went with Cana and Lucy... and returns to rage when she learns Gajeel's gone with them.
    • After Erza punches Elfman out of the guildhall for stepping on her spilled cake by accident, Mira goes full fury on her.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Initially, Washington and South Dakota of the Edolas military are determined to protect the Giant Lacrima alongside Wyoming from the Fairy Tail wizards. However, after Wyoming tries to shoot Natsu to Fairy Tail from pushing the lacrima away from Extalia, Wash stops him, and when he sees the Exceeds join in, he leaps off to help Fairy Tail and get back at his former lord, with South following after she knees Wyoming in the crotch.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: This was how Cana beat Merudy during the S-Class Exams. While connected to her by Sensory Link, Cana drank some of her liquor, transferring the alcoholic effects to Merudy through the link and stunning her by her light-weight status. When Merudy stops the link, the removal of alcohol (or rather the removal of the feeling of alcohol in her) causes her to get a hangover, making her vulnerable for a takedown.
  • Holy Burns Evil: Mira is shown to be cautious around Levy after the later gets her new magic, due to Holy magic like Holy Scriopture being able to harm demons. This is shown during the fight against Hades, where Hades binds Mira (In her Halaphas form) and Levy (Using wings made of holy runes) back to back, causing the latter to burn the former unintentionally until she deactivates her wings.
  • How We Got Here: Chapter 5 of Brave New World starts with Makarov, Erza, Macao, and Wakaba arriving at their guildhall with their guildmates recovering from their fight with Clan Garten and Gajeel, Freed, and Mira running from the forest. The rest of the chapter is about how the battle went.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed:
    • Like in canon, Lyon starts out in the series using one hand to perform ice magic. But instead of this habit from an arrogant and incorrect belief that one-hand style is superior, this was a means to disconnect from his tragic memories of Ur and Gray. Once he starts using two hands, he gets the upper-hand against Gray.
    • Pantherlily initially kept his use of Stave Magic hidden from the others. However, after the Musica Sword is taken from him while in Edolas, he chooses to use his Stave so he can fight alongside his guildmates.
  • I'm a Humanitarian:
    • During the Edolas Arc, Gajeel is upset that Byro's Metal Cthulhu form is covered in rust, preventing him from eating it. Merudy lampshades this when she asked if he knows that Byro was once a human.
    • Later on, Gajeel meets the God Slayer Damascus, who is quite eager to eat him when he's covered in iron scales.
      • Though the tables are turned, when Gajeel bites off her iron-covered hand to break free of a choke-hold.
  • In-Character Commentaries: The author notes at the head and tail of each chapter include comments from the canon-versions of the characters, often with disagreement on how he writes.
  • In Spite of a Nail: Despite the change in match-ups during the S-Class Trials (Cana and Levy vs Merudy and Lisanna, Mest and Kagura vs Mira, Lucy and Natsu vs Erza, Elfman and Evergreen vs Freed and Bickslow, and Lyon and Loki taking the free pass), the passing teams are parallel to the ones in Cana (With Gajeel, Lyon, Cana, Lucy, and Elfman being the passed candidates).
  • Intergenerational Friendship: The main team mostly has young adults ranging from 17 to 19 with Gajeel, Levy, Lyon, and Mira. However, it also has from the much younger Kagura and Carla at 13 and 6 respectively as well as the 198 years old Pantherlily, who is described as being around middle-age spiritually. The fact he is also Carla's father helps add to this trope.

  • Innocent Cohabitation: Levy moves in with Gajeel and Lily after being kicked out of her apartment following the return from Tenrou Island.

  • Imagine Spot:
    • Similar to the anime, Gajeel, Lily, and Kagura try to imagine what Edolas Mirajane would be: Gajeel thinks she would be a submissive weakling, Lily imagines her as a loyal soldier, and Kagura has a fantasy of Mira as an older sister that makes her sweets.
    • In the Tenrou Island Arc, Lyon imagines himself rushing in to save Merudy while on an Ice Tiger and looking like a Bishoenen hero.

  • Joke and Receive: During the Edolas arc, Lily reveals to Gajeel, Kagura, and Carla that Exceeds are seen as god-like beings, something he himself is against. Gajeel asks him if that makes him the equivalent of a fallen angel.
    Gajeel: So if you don't buy that, does that make you Lucifer or something?
    Lily: In their eyes, yes.
    Gajeel: I was only joking.

  • The Legend of Chekhov: The "Rewrite the World" arc starts with Bisca reading the story The Priestess of Celtia, where the priestess Relbeo and six kings came together to summon the war goddess Brigid to fight the Yakuma clan and their war gods. Two chapters later, we learn the story was real, and that the artifact Clan Garten is after can be used to summon Brigid.

  • Logical Weakness:
    • Levy puts a stop to Everlue by filling his body with helium, keeping his density light and preventing him from using his diving magic.
    • Laxus's lightning body, while magic-based, is subjugated to grounding. Hence why Gajeel beats by grounding him into the Tower of Heaven using Iron God Sword.
    • Merudy's sensory link shares feelings between herself and the target. Hence Cana beats her during the S-Class Trial by transferring her drunkness, which would better felt by Merudy than the more alcohol tolerant Cana.
    • Gajeel's iron scales are still capable of rusting, so when Alexis Garten applies a "rust" enchantment on Gajeel while he's covered in them, he is unable to move because the rusty scales can't slide against each other easily.

  • Love at First Sight:
    • Lyon to Merudy, which isn't too far from canon.
    • Also Happy to Carla, again, not too far from canon.

  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Lahar can summon a shield that can be enhanced by his rune magic.

  • Magic Versus Science: Technology, or basically any source of power that doesn't run on magic, is treated as a Taboo in Edolas. However, the Edolas Army has a division that not only uses technology, but combines it with magic.

  • Malaproper: While Levy rambles of how Gajeel's inability to regain magic from his own iron is in accords to the Laws of Thermodynamics, Gajeel states he stopped listening after she said "Thermos-Dynamite."

  • Man in a Kilt: Mercator wears a blue kilt, which is apparent when he transform into his merman form.

  • The Man in the Mirror Talks Back: Or rather, the demon soul within Mira talks back through a reflection.

  • Mundane Utility: Gajeel's iron shapeshifting let's him turn his arms in weapons, as well as a pool cue and cooking utensils.

  • Mythology Gag:
    • Jose makes reference to his predecessor Geoffery, the founder of Phantom Lord and the first enemy of the Fairy Tail Guild.
    • While the heroes fight Lullaby, Ooba Baabasaama, master of Lamia Scale, says it would be great if Lyon was a member of her guild. In canon, Lyon was a member of the Lamia Scale Guild.
    • Rogue's name here is Ryos, which was an alias he used when he meets Gajeel in Phantom Lord.
    • During the Edolas Arc, Gajeel purchases the Bustermarm, the BFS Lily uses when the two first fight in canon. Unfortunately, it is quickly destroyed when Gajeel overuses its magic.
    • Erza swaps her armor with Lisanna's clothes, an ability she demonstrated in the Fairy Tail omake "Whose Clothes Are These?"

  • The Nicknamer: Gajeel will often refer to others by either nickname (Shrimp for Levy, Ice-Prick for Lyon, Lily for Pantherlily) or their epithets (She-Demon for Mira and Salamander for Natsu).
    • This is subverted for Rogue and Jet, who he refers to by their birth names Ryos and Sarusuke respectively.

  • Named by the Adaptation: Mira's Generic Satan Soul is granted the name Beelzea

  • Narrative Profanity Filter: After the rust finally came off Gajeel, he unleashes a Cluster F-Bomb that is never heard, but left Bickslow impressed and Cana unfazed.

  • Noodle Incident:
    • The last job Gajeel and Lily did with Jet and Droy had the former two having to rescue the latter two from cannibals.
    • Erza teaching Gajeel to use his brain, which Gajeel referred to as "torture sessions."
    • A bet Lucy made with Cana ended up with her in a bunny-suit, earning her less-flattering nickname from Gajeel and Bickslow.
    • The Strauss Siblings, Kagura, and Carla ran into the Jiggle-But Gang during a job. And just like Wendy in canon, they choose to make Kagura their queen

  • No-Sell: Toby tries to use Paralysis Nails on Gajeel... and they break upon contact on Gajeel's iron scales.

  • Original Character:
    • Most are placeholders for fire-based villains defeated by Natsu.
      • The purple-flame wizard Byro was replaced with the metal-mold wizard Tora.
      • In place of the Pyromancer samurai Totomaru was the Water Ninja Pinyin, defeated by Lily.
      • The psychotic Zancrow has switched out for the Southern Belle, still-psychotic Iron God Slayer Damascus. And just like Zancrow, she's killed by Zeref, but this time because of him learning of the people Grimoire Heart killed in his name.
    • A major case would be Joseph Mcgarden, Levy's grandfather and one of the Ten Wizard Saints before his death.
    • Thomas Ore, the Smug Snake who bullied Levy in her childhood, and later hired a wizard to brainwash Joseph to arrange a marriage between the two, before arranging the old man's death so it cannot be revoked. He was later approached to join Phantom Lord, who he hired to capture Levy. Thankfully, he is defeated in combat by Levy, who then informed the council of all of his crimes when his boasting was captured on a recording lacrima in Levy's pen.
    • Mira has two new Satan Souls. The first is Kitsune, a wise fox-demon matron that remains level-headed and uses fire and enchantment magic. The second is Lilith, a telepathic succubus with a psychotic outlook on life.
    • See The Clan above for Clan Garten, which include.
      • The unnamed female Chieftain, mother to Mercator.
      • Mercator Garten, a skilled wizard with the rune magic Poseidon's Scroll, capable of turning him into a merman able to fight off Gajeel and Freed together at once.
      • Murray Garten, a woman who uses combination of glyphs on her bracelet to perform spells.
      • Moreau Garten, an odd individual with a metal muzzle who gains new magic by eating written paper. He and Murray are siblings.
      • Alexis Garten, Mercator and Murray's son that uses a pair of lances to write enchantment adjectives on his targets. He also possess a strange rage mode named 'Histeria.'
      • Mairi Garten, a mute girl that fights with musical notes created from her violin.
      • Braille Garten, a blind Main/Chuunibyou girl that claims herself the leader of the clan's automatons.

  • Origins Episode: "Meeting Pantherlily" where we learn how Gajeel and Lily meet.

  • People Puppets: Sherry's Doll Magic allowed her to control Lily's body during the Galuna Island arc.

  • Posthumous Character: Joseph Mcgarden, Levy's grandfather and the one who taught her Letter Magic. He was also a mentor for numerous other wizards such as Freed, Ur, Ivan, Gildarts, Layla, and Irene.

  • Precursor Heroes: Team Unbound, a group founded by Joseph Mcgarden and consisting of Gildarts, Ivan, Ur, Layla, and Irene that existed decades prior to the story. Years after their disbandment, Gildarts still holds fond memories of this team.

  • Private Profit Prison: A variant. The guild Chained Ego has been converted into a private prison to hold criminals for the Magic Council due to the increase of arrest over the 7-year time skip.

  • Put on a Bus: Seems to be the case for Lyon, Merudy, Natsu, Lucy, and Happy during the Rewrite the World arc.

  • Reality Ensues:
    • Despite being using free-hand Solid Script to aid Gajeel in his fight against Natsu at the last second, Levy isn't an Instant Expert. Her fight against Ore has her using her pen to use her magic, and in "A Play Of The Ages," she mentions to Lisanna that she's been practicing free-hand style to make it more consistent.
    • Without any money to pay the 7-year rent for her apartment, Levy is forced to find a current one. However, she runs into several problems including not having enough having to pay for the deposit, her credentials being questionable due to being a member of Fairy Tail, and any apartment she can afford to buy is not adequate for living in.

  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: In her fight against Mira, Beelzea states that the Takeover has constantly letting her past trauma impact her actions, such as relenting her attack on Laxus when she had the chance to kill him, allowing him to wait for the Etherion to be absorbed by the Tower of Heaven, or going after Ultear without a thought or plan.

  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Gajeel is the brash red oni to both calculating Ice Person Lyon and noble Exceed Pantherlily.
    • Can also apply to the badass she-demon Mira (Red) and the friendly bookwork Levy (Blue).

  • Refuge in Audacity: Kagura distracts a group of Edolas soldiers by pretending she's a lost girl looking for her big brother, while her teammates commander the aircraft. Along the way, she describes her big brother as "really tall, has black hair and red eyes, and lots of piercing on his face." By the time they entered the ship, the other soldiers have been taken down by Gajeel, Levy, Lily, and Carla. And to top it all off, Kagura knocks out two of her escorts while calling Gajeel her missing big brother.

  • Related in the Adaptation:
    • Due to the switch premise, Rogue is Macao's son while Jellal is Ivan's son and Makarov's grandson. This is inverted for Laxus, no longer a member of the Dreyar family.
    • Edolas!Laxus is the son of Faust and the Prince of Edolas.
    • Carla's father, whose identity was unknown in canon, is revealed to be Lily here

  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: After learning Levy intends to return to Ore, her teammates rush to save her, and taking time to destroy the outside of his mansion.

  • Role Swap Plot: The main premise of the story, featuring Gajeel with Natsu, Levy with Lucy, Pantherlily with Happy, Lyon with Gray, Mira with Erza, Laxus with Jellal, Rogue with Romeo, Merudy with Juvia, and Wendy and Kagura.

  • Running Gag:
    • At the start and end of the Edolas arc, Gajeel would realize they survived a near-death experience before starting to shout out "we're alive" only to be interrupted by a very painful experience (First time when stopped a few feet from impacting a shed thanks to Kagura's still-working-in-Edolas gravity magic, only to crash through regardless. Second, after surviving a crash-landing back to Earthland before being dogpiled by his guildmates.
    • Another frequent running-gag is Lyon's crush on Merudy. While not as open as he was with Juvia in canon, his affections have been dialed to eleven, to the point many characters like Warren and Gajeel had referred to him as a yandere.
    • Lily is not very fond of being called old. Given that he is 189 years old, effectively making him older than even Makarov, it's not surprising for him to feel that.

  • Secret Legacy:
    • Levy learns that her grandfather [[spoiler: was once a member of the secretive Clan Garten.
    • Metalicana, Gajeel's dragon foster father, was said to be the leader of an ancient kingdom called Spartoi. Gajeel states that he never learned of this because Metalicana was more focused on Gajeel's training.

  • Seven Deadly Sins: Mira's Edolas counterpart, Mirajane Rheas, uses a gauntlet named after this trope, which can take on forms based on the Seven Sins. Greed enables superspeed. Gluttony can absorb energy attacks before firing them back. Wrath has super-strength. Sloth releases a wave that slows down enemies. Pride emits shadows. And Lust transforms it into two gauntlets with fire and ice respectively.

  • Ship Tease: Primarily between Gajeel and Levy, as well as with Lyon/Merudy, Natsu/Lucy, and Mira/Laxus

  • Shout Out:
    • The First Chapter has two references to Dizzasta's Fairy Tail Abridged. The first is when Gajeel meets Tora, asking him "Who the fuck are you?". The second was when Tora mocks Gajeel on having big balls for a man with a pierced face, while Gajeel replied with saying that Tora is the same despite having a pierced vagina.
      • Another reference to the abridged series was during Makarov's "talk" with Twilight Ogre. One of Twilight Ogre's guildmates shouts "Not the breadsticks! Not the breadsticks!" In the abridged series, Natsu and Gray are afraid of Erza's using breadsticks to punish them
    • Thomas Ore was described as similar to Caledon Hockley in the author notes.
    • During their betrayal, an Edolas soldier shouts out "Traitor" at Washington while wielding an electric baton, a clear reference to The Force Awakens. This is before the baton and other magic equipment are shut down by Washington's magic nullifier.
    • Gajeel's nickname for Kagura is Half-Pint, a common nickname used by Wolverine for Kitty Pryde in X-Men
    • Hiro Mashima's Rave Master is initially seen as a story read by Levy in a flashback.
      • However, the organization Demon Card also appears as a dark guild under Grimoire Heart, first appearing in a flashback with a team led by a named Bis before he is beaten by Gajeel and Lily. This also counts as a Mythology Gag, as in the manga it from a man similar to Bis that Lily obtained the Musica Sword.
      • This, of course, is a prelude to when Deep Snow appears in the Tenrou Arc as the current guild master of Demon Card.
    • Both Lily and Florida fear their old teacher, a being named Mr. Popo...
    • The final moment between Gajeel and Edolas!Laxus is similar to the end of Code Geass, with Gajeel as Lelouch and Laxus as Suzaku. Gajeel plays the role of a demon to gather the world's hatred, while Laxus arrives as the hero to stop him. After Laxus stabs him through the shoulder, Gajeel places a blood-coated hand on the other's cheek, telling him to remember the oath of a Fairy Tail goodbye.
    • When speculating about the type of person his Edolas counterpart is, Gildarts guesses he might be a pirate captain.
    • One of Damascus's attacks is Iron God's Kratos, which turns her hands into black blades connected to her arms by chains.
    • Beelzea compares her relationship with Mira as that of a king and his horse.
    • Lily casually mentions reading the detective stories of Blacksad.

  • Sins of Our Fathers: Subverted between Levy and Clan Garten. While her grandfather is viewed as a traitor, Levy herself does not receive any hostility for it. Murray states there is no reason for Levy to suffer for Joseph's "crimes," and that she is welcome to join the Clan. But because it means forsaking her grandfather and her guild, Levy refuses.

  • Skunk Stripe: Gajeel's Iron Cosmic Dragon Mode gives him a blue stripe in his hair.

  • Stating the Simple Solution: Both Gajeel and Mira both point out that the map Clan Garten is after is useless without all four pieces, and that hiding the piece they currently possess would ultimately stop their plan. However, because the mission of awakening Brigid was passed to her by her Grandfather, Levy feels obligated to gathering the pieces.

  • The Stations of the Canon: Except for the Loke arc, all of the manga arcs up to X791 arcs have been rewritten with the new cast. However, the author has put his own additions, such as the 'Rewrite the World Arc,' and included divergence from the main story by switching the opponents, as with Mira(Erza) and Lyon(Gray) during the Tenrou Island arc.

  • The Stinger: The end of "Fairy Homecoming" has an old woman telling a man that they will go after Levy, Freed, and Gildarts, due to them being legacies of Joseph Mcgarden.

  • Suck Out the Poison: Mira (in her Beelzea form) has to drink the poison out of Levy to save her after she is bitten by Cubelious.

  • Suplex Finisher:
    • Ultear uses a suplex when fighting Mirajane.
    • Later, Mira uses a suplex during the finishing attack on Hades... while in her Sitri form.

  • The Worf Effect:
    • Lily is often used to establish the strength of the opponents. He gets subjugated by Sherry's Doll Magic, only wins against Phantom Lord's Pinyin with a stab wound that keeps him out of the fight for the rest of the arc, swallowed in mere seconds by Fukuro, knocked back to his smaller form by Freed's darkness form, and his Mirror Water Spell immediately shatters against Damascus's Iron God Bellow.
    • When we are first introduced to Mercator Garten, he quickly captures Freed before his guildmates could react. Even when Freed frees himself and Gajeel joins him, Mercator handles both of them with ease, almost defeating them until Mira arrives. Even then, a combined attack from all three wizards only does enough to break his magic formed shield.

  • Worf Had the Flu: Near the end of Fairy Tail's fight with Master Hades, the Devil's Heart is destroyed, weakening the dark wizard greatly. He is also attacked by Levy at the same time, who Holy Magic has an advantage against his Dark Magic.

  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Damascus thought Zeref, the Black Wizard would be happy to learn how many people Grimoire Heart killed for their goal. She was very, very wrong.

  • Wham Episode:
    • "Trial by Fire, Rise to S-Class": Lily has a secret partnership with Mystogan.
    • "Levy Mcgarden": After draining Makarov's magic in the last chapter, Aria attempts to finish him off, only for Mira to jump in the way and get almost drained in the process. Levy's grandfather is revealed to be one of the Ten Wizard Saints, and Jose states Phantom Lord was hired by Mining Entrepreneur and Levy's childhood tormentor Thomas Ore to bring Levy to him as his wife by a marriage contract. Phantom Lord arrives in their Mobile Headquarters, and the guild is protected from a Jupiter Cannon by Erza, at the cost of her strength. While Gajeel, Lily, Lyon, and Elfman break into the Headquarters to stop the Cannon, Lisanna puts Levy unconsious and asks Reedus, Jet, and Droy to get her to safety.
    • "Iron vs Fire, Fairy vs Phantom": After several chapters of trial and error, Levy becomes able to use free-hand Solid Script in time to create iron for Gajeel, giving him the strength to beat Natsu.
    • "Trust, Pain, Mask, and Unity": Mystogan's is revealed to look similar to Laxus, startling Mira. Levy's attempt to tell Jellal about Makarov's failing health is interrupted by Freed, who reveals himself to be a former student of her grandfather
    • "Heavens Sends its Dragon and Angel": Levy uses the magic from the Galuna Island tablets to activate Holy Scriopture, giving her a winning edge against Freed. Jellal attempts to use Fairy Law against Fairy Tail fails because deep in heart he still saw them as his comrades, though like Laxus in canon he is banished by Makarov. Following the Fantasia Parade, Freed offers to teach Levy how to control Holy Scriopture. Meanwhile, recent events have made Mira suspicious about Mystogan/"Laxus" and Lily.
    • "A New Alliance Brings Old Ghost": The representative for Cait Shelter is Kagura, Simon's little sister.
    • "Minutes Till Midnight": Mira learns from Midnight that Laxus was brainwashed by Ultear, really a member of Grimoire Heart who used him as a part of a long-term plot to get a Key to Zeref from the Magic Council.
    • "Fairies New and Old": Kagura and Carla join Fairy Tail, and the snake Cubelious is revealed to be a human girl named Kinana, cursed by the cultist of the R-System. Gildarts returns, and reveals that he, along with Ur, Ivan, Layla, and Irene; were students of Joseph Mcgarden. Gildarts tells Gajeel about the Black Dragon. Outside of Magnolia, a man wearing an aquamarine armor reports about Gildarts arrival, and that he'll go after the terrorists within Fairy Tail.
    • "From Earthland To Edolas": Mystogan is attacked by the mysterious man, identified as a Freelancer and stabbed in the back by an ax. Kagura finds him and realizes he was the boy that brought her to Cait Shelter years ago. He gives her a strange medicine and warns her about the Anima, which grows so large that neither he nor Lily is unable to stop it in time before it takes . Gajeel, Lily, Kagura, and Carla enter the Anima to rescue their guildmates. And in Edolas, they run into a Fairy Tail filled with opposite versions of their comrades, including a punk male Levy.
    • "Red vs Fairy vs Exceed": Unable to stop the Dragon Chain, the wizards of Fairy Tail and Coco try to stop the giant lacrima from crashing into Extalia, and are aided by the Exceeds and Washington and South Dakota, who defect when realizing that the Kingdom of Edolas found them expendable and that their teammate Wyoming was even willing to kill Coco to continue the plan. Mystogan/Edolas Laxus arrives in time to catch Shagotte when her Aera fails and use his Stave Magic to turn the Lacrima back into Magnolia and send it back home. But at the last minute, a blast from Mira Rheas pierces through Lily's chest.
    • "Heading Back Home": Twofold, with Carla's parents revealed to be Lily and Shagotte and Zeref speaking five names, two of which were Gajeel and Natsu.
    • "The Mysterious Black Wizard": Zeref asks Gajeel if Wendy, Sting, Romeo, or Natsu are nearby.
    • "Between Fauna and Flora" ends with Beelzea challenging Mira for control of her body.
    • "The Approaching Enemy": A group called Clan Garten has come for Freed and Levy, due to their connection to Joseph Mcgarden, who the former refer to as a traitor. Meanwhile, similar individuals are after Lyon, Gray, and Lucy.
    • "Fairies Blown to the Wind Part 2": Gajeel's team is cornered by Mercator and Alexis, Lisanna has transformed into an out-of-controlled Chimera Takeover, the prisoners in the Chained Ego guild are unleashed against the Nebula Knights, Lahar, and Doranbolt; and Erza's team, Braille, and Mairi are trapped in a brought-to-life play.

  • You Didn't Ask: When the main team learns that Levy's grandfather was a Wizard Saint, Mira aks her why she didn't meantion it sooner. Levy jokes that they never asked.

  • You Meddling Kids: Hartley, an antagonist during a flashback chapter, says he could have gotten away with ruining the reputation of Foxgloves's mayor Hameline through animal attacks on tourists and travelers "if it weren't for those meddling kids" (Gajeel, Cana, Lucy, Lisanna), "and that dumb cat!" (Lily).


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