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Accident: Month One is a Danny Phantom fanfic by princessbinas and is one of her most reviewed stories (still behind Bombs Away). The story begins at the portal accident and uses that premise to create various situations that would result from a few changes.

Summary: This has been done by others, but I wanted to try my hand at the portal accident and the month between it and Mystery Meat with some unique twists. I am trying to go for a light-hearted side of it along with some drama and other matters. Rated for various innuendos and dark themes that may pop up. Knowing me, those WILL happen.


In general, this fanfic can summed up as the beginning of a series of misadventures for Danny's life.

Accident: Month One provides examples of:

  • Absurdly Ineffective Barricade: Danny uses a rolling computer chair to keep his parents out of his room after a very embarrassing encounter with them at breakfast. It fails epically.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: In almost every chapter there is some sort of innuendo thrown in. And it's Played for Laughs.
    • This infamous moment reeks of it:
      "You do, then tell us so I don't have to use my next idea!" Tucker said then leaned closer to Sam to whisper, "And trust me, you would want to leave the room since it is a guy's only thing."
      "Okay, first off, ew. Knowing you two, I can see how disturbing it will get quickly," Sam said with a scowl.
  • Alternate Universe: Obviously.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: In chapter six, Maddie tries feeding Danny like a baby after his arm goes intangible. And it was one of the most "disturbing, weird, wrong, and embarrassing" things that has ever happened to Danny.
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  • And the Adventure Continues: The last chapter of Accident: Month One ends on this very blatantly.
  • Eat the Camera: Done literally. An Ectopus eats Danny's spy helicopter and Jazz gets to watch the footage in its messy glory.
  • Fan Disservice: Jazz finding pictures of Jack and Maddie posing. The worse part is that Jack is wearing a speedo and Maddie wearing a bikini.
  • Noodle Incident: We will never know what happened with the Fenton Anti-Ghost Diapers and what made it so scarring and embarrassing.
  • Reference Overdosed/Shout-Out/Take That!: These are all over the place. Ranging from nasty jabs at Night M Shyamalan, Twilight and SpongeBob SquarePants to friendly pokes at Avatar: The Last Airbender and Fairly OddParents.
    • There's even references to the actual show.
    • And don't forget the Sailor Moon reference in chapter 5. It is funnier considering Danny was trying to devise his catchphrase, "Going Ghost" when the reference was made.
    • Shout-outs are made towards Silver Age Comics periodically.
    • There's a reference to The Whizzer Yes, that Whizzer:
      "Tuck. When I said crackpot, I didn't mean make up something that is worse than The Whizzer's origin story," Danny deadpanned.
      "You read that comic?" Tucker asked, a bit surprised.
      "Yeah, and like I said: Worst. Origin. Story. Ever," Danny said.
  • Saved for the Sequel: From the looks of things the sequel might take care of Sam becoming Chaos in DOOMED.
    • Same goes for the perfume bottle full of drool.
  • Sequel Hook: Other than the fact the authoress stated it, there is a good chance there will indeed be a sequel due to some of the loose ends like the perfume bottle and the semi-cliffhanger in the last chapter.
    • The sequel is up and is called Heroes Rising.
  • Squick: This is Binas, of course she's going to gross the characters out with something like the pictures of Jack and Maddie posing in a speedo and bathing suit respectively.
    • The mention of Jack being eaten by the blob ghost in chapter five is brought up a lot, much to any listener's horror.
    • Jazz watches a recording of Danny's camcorder (which was attached to his remote controlled helicopter drone) being swallowed by an Ectopus and going down its digestive track. It's as gross as you think it is.
  • Stuffed into a Locker: Princessbinas took a leaf from the intro of the show and had Danny shove Dash into a locker after being shoved into one.
    "Heck yes! Score one for the geeks!" Danny cheered as he became visible and tangible, "I just shoved Dash into a locker!"
  • Toilet Humor: Mix this with a dash of bullying you get the part where Dash shoves Danny in his locker in chapter six:
    "You had an accident?" Dash said between laughs, "That's rich! Let's see if I can make you have another one!"
    Dash picked up Danny again and held Danny's locker open. With one forceful shove, Dash trapped Danny in his own locker.
    "I hope that bladder of yours is full! I want to see yellow when I come back next period!" Dash said between laughs and began to lean against the lockers for support.
  • Tracking Chip: Jack and Maddie have had ideas of doing this to Danny and Jazz's phones, much to Danny's evident embarrassment and annoyance.
    • Unlike Jack, Maddie wants to make a separate device to do it instead of having it as another feature in the Fenton Ghost Tracker (which already has another feature in development that will track Human-Ghost Hybrids).
  • Utility Weapon: The Fenton Broom is suppose to clean up messes and fight ghosts with a hidden taser that pops out with the click of a button. And as an added bonus, ghosts can't phase through it, so guess who gets to use it because of his out of control powers.
    • The same invention is also used to beat up a ghost blob in the same chapter its introduced, twice.
    • One of the uses for the Fenton Thermos other than catching ghosts was to actually hold soup. No one is risking that mundane usage anytime soon due to the fact the soup would cause the thermos to malfunction and allow the captured ghosts to escape. An embarrassing defeat is right, alright...
  • You Need a Breath Mint: Danny couples this with another quip in chapter five:
    "Aw, gross! Dude, have you ever heard of toothpaste?" Danny gagged, "Much less 'say it not spray it'?"

Heroes Rising Is the sequel to Accident: Month One. It continues at least two weeks after the first fic's last chapter.

Summary: (Sequel to "Accident: Month One") With the first month long gone, Danny and his friends and family now have to deal with getting used to their new lives and prepare for the adventures that are being thrown at them from every angle, both possible and impossible. Boy will this be one heck of a thriller ride for everyone. Rated for innuendos and certain subject that may come.

Heroes Rising provides examples of:

  • Abandoned Warehouse: Chapter one has this as the fighting grounds for Danny's first fight against the Box Ghost. Danny lampshades how most bad guys use this as their hideouts.
    It took five minutes of following a bunch of boxes just to find out where they were going. They were heading to an abandoned, unkempt warehouse that was covered in cobwebs, mold, moss, dirt, dust, and trash. There was even a barbed wire fence surrounding the place completed with numerous "KEEP OUT" and "NO TRESPASSING" signs.
    "How Cliché can you get?" Danny asked as he stared at the run down warehouse. "What is with bad guys and abandoned warehouses?"
  • Time Skip: The story takes place two weeks after the end of Accident: Month One.
  • Toilet Humor: Skulker gets flushed down the toilet after being called a booger by Danny and Tucker.