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Yakuza 0

  • "That's it there, gimme two seconds." Lee Wen Hai, before being blown up along with his car.
  • "Run... Nishitani..." Biliken, after being shot by his partner cop
  • "Hurry it up, Majima! Makoto's life is your own responsibility... So make fuckin' good on it! GO! MAJIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Homare Nishitani, after being shot multiple times by a cop, whilst walking up to him
  • "It's not obvious? You guys let Sera... get the drop on you. And after I told you she was in Sotenbori. Served her up on a plate. If you'd just grabbed her sooner... I wouldn't have had to come to Osaka at all." Jun Oda, before he's shot by Shibusawa
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  • "Sonuvabitch... you laughing? Eh? The FUCK you looking at!?" Yoneda, before killing Tachibana
  • "Kuze... said... Dojima is the one... pulling all the strings... He hopes to... drive out Kazama-san... That's why... He framed you for..." Tetsu Tachibana, before dying in Kiryu's arms
  • "The hell you doing...? Two guys in here talkin' 'bout serious shit... Outsider like you can stay the fuck outta it!" Hiroki Awano, before being impaled by Lao Gui's needles
  • "Huh. You work fast. Well, time to go... Isn't it?" Tsukasa Sagawa, before being killed by Omi Alliance men.


Yakuza Kiwami

  • "We're... J-Jin—" MIB Hitman
  • "Man, are you really that inept? Shit, your buddy Kiryu had more potential. Well, what he did... It was bad and all, but even then Kiryu..." Matsushige
  • "S-Sir... this is..." Shinji Tanaka
  • "Kiryu... I have something... I need to apologize to you for. Please forgive me, Kiryu. Your... real parents were killed... by me. Sunflower is... an orphanage... for the children... of the parents I killed." Shintaro Kazama
  • "I finally found it... My money! What's wrong? You're helpless. You're all going to die here." Kyohei Jingu, before being stabbed by Nishiki
  • "The responsibility is mine... So let me do this." Akira Nishikiyama, before shooting up the bomb and blowing himself and the Millenium Tower up
  • "Haruka, listen... Haruka... No matter what happens... Don't run away... Because if you do... Your happiness will slip away, like mine... Got it? Running... isn't... the answer..." Yumi Sawamura

Yakuza Kiwami 2

Yakuza 3

  • "But how...?! He's supposed to be dead!" Lau Ka Long
  • "Hey!...Hey! Mine! Hey, Mine! MINE!" Tsuyoshi Kanda
  • "And now... I'm finally gonna end you!" Tetsuo Tamashiro
  • "I'm... sorry... Ani... ki..." Rikiya Shimabukuro
  • "Maybe in my next life... I'll have what it takes to earn your respect." Yoshitaka Mine
  • "Let me go!" Andre Richardson

Yakuza 4

  • "You fucking crazy?!" Ueno Seiwa clansman, supposedly killed by Taiga Saejima in 1985, but actually killed by Isao Katsuragi.
  • "You're gonna pay for this!" Another Ueno Seiwa clansman, same location.
  • "Katsuragi? What are you—"Another Ueno Seiwa clansman, same location.
  • "Katsuragi! What the fuck are you—" Another Ueno Seiwa clansman, same location.
  • "What? When did you flip to Katsuragi?!" Kazuo Shibata
  • "I'm as good as dead if you don't do something! Toss me in jail if you have to. Please, just save me!" Mishima
  • "After all these years... finally... some peace. Thank... you." Junji Suguichi
  • "Tanimura's associates are the only ones left. But not for long." Satoshi Hisai
  • "Guess I... went a little too soft..." Goh Hamazaki
  • "N-no! You can't!" Isao Katsuragi
  • "I'm... sorry... Taiga." Yasuko Saejima
  • "Arai..." Seishiro Munakata

Yakuza 5

Yakuza 6


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