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  • "Take the card and give it to Jamey. She'll match it to a computer. Find the computer... you've got the dirty agent." Richard Walsh
  • "Who are you? Where's my father?" Janet York
  • "There´s only one thing you need to know, Bauer. You will pay. You will pay." Ted Cofell
  • "Good luck." Ira Gaines
  • "Get away from me. Go to hell." Kevin Carroll
  • "Father..." Alexis Drazen
  • "Go! Go! Get to the docks!" Andre Drazen
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  • "That is exactly why he will come. Believe me. I know." Victor Drazennote 
  • "It's all right, I know you're busy, I'm gonna let you get back to work." Teri Bauer
  • "The, the past two years, have just been, just been an act, is that it? I mean, I mean nothing to you? Huh!? I don’t understand! Say something, Marie!" Reza Nayieer
  • "It's time." George Mason
  • "What I told the woman was true." Syed Ali
  • "I think he wants to talk to you." Jack Bauer. He Gets Better.
  • "Kim, you little bitch." Gary Matheson
  • "Jack Bauer. You've caused me a lot of trouble today, Jack. You're not going to give me Hewitt, are you?" Peter Kingsley
  • "Ramon." Hector Salazar
  • "Stop, Jack. There's nothing to talk about!" Ramon Salazar
  • "I do." Nina Myers
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  • "A few seconds more, that's all I needed. You know, when I was trying to stop the cylinder from exploding, I hesitated... just a moment... because I was afraid. Then I forced myself to move forward. If only I hadn't hesitated, this might not be happening to me— to all those poor people upstairs." Gael Ortega
  • "I can't. I can't." Ryan Chapelle
  • "That's g-good. Good. That's good." Sherry Palmer
  • "I'm so sorry." Julia Milliken
  • "He's not there." Stephen Saunders
  • "I'm scared, Dad." Kevin Keeler
  • "Marwan, please. I didn’t betray you." Dina Araz
  • "I'm going to get through this." Paul Raines
  • "Go!" Habib Marwan
  • "It’s all right, really." David Palmer
  • "You can handle the meeting on your own." Michelle Dessler
  • "That's all I know, just take me to a hospital." Conrad Haas
  • "We were betrayed, Bierko. Someone must pay." Ivan Erwich
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  • "Chloe?!" Edgar Stiles
  • "...Yeah." Lynn McGill
  • "She's gone, Jack." Tony Almeida. He gets better, as revealed two seasons later.
  • "Come with me. Both of you." Vladimir Bierko
  • "That's the way it works." Christopher Henderson
  • "I can't let this animal live." Curtis Manning
  • "Dad..." Graem Bauer
  • "Okay, good. It's not too far away." Darren McCarthy
  • "Bomb!" Hamri Al-Assad
  • "To finish this. We're going to take out downtown Los Angeles. Let's move! You wait here. You guys, come with me." Abu Fayed
  • "I am. Milo Pressman. I'm acting director of CTU." Milo Pressman
  • "I don't think so. You don't have time to carry me. Not if what you said about the airstrike is true, and you don't want to die. Not here. Not with me." Phillip Bauer.
  • "He's taking them to... go... go to hell." Carl Benton
  • "If you're looking for forgiveness, go to hell. You live with it." David Emmerson
  • "I have a list... a list..." Ike Dubaku
  • "You're the only one who I know can do this, Jack. Find out who Juma's working with." Bill Buchanan
  • "The President is mine." Benjamin Juma
  • "I know I can." Blaine Mayer
  • "You're too late. They're already here." John Quinn
  • "Oh, God..." Larry Moss
  • "I don't plan on being Mr. Tippet for the rest of my life." Jonas Hodges
  • "Tony! Thank god you're okay. The extraction team will be here soon but we've gotta move!" Cara Bowden
  • "I had someone on the inside... close to Hassan. " Victor Aruz
  • "Yes." Farhad Hassan
  • "Tell my mother I'm sorry." Marcos Al-Zacar
  • "That will never happen." Omar Hassan
  • "Jack..." Renee Walker
  • "You won't take the shot, it's too risky. I'll kill her before..." Mark Bledsoe
  • "Jack. Just tell me what I can do. " Dana Walsh. Bauer responded with "Nothing. Nothing."
  • "My name is Pavel Tokarev!" Pavel Tokarev
  • "Hello?" Jason Pillar
  • "This was my last chance and Bauer took it away. It's come to this because of him." Charles Logan. He gets better, as revealed in the 24 novel, Deadline.
  • "Jeez, you love doing it in public places, don't you? You are gonna have to actually wait till I finish, baby." Derrick Yates
  • "Simone? Simone? Simone?!" Naveed Shabazz
  • "You don't want to find out. Trust me." Jordan Reed
  • "You're right. We succeed or die together. For Mahmoud." Ian Al-Harazi
  • "Hundreds of people died today because of you and Heller! You think you've won, but this is all on your head!" Margot Al-Harazi
  • "Please, don't ask me to regret all I've stood for. I don't." Adrian Cross
  • "My country has not forgotten. They will not give up until you pay for what you have done." Anatol Stolnavich
  • "Is Jack all right?" Audrey Raines/Boudreau
  • "My name is Cheng Zhi." Cheng Zhi


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