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Famous Last Words / Toward the Terra

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  • "I am free. Free. Always. Anywhere. I will fly freely in this sky!" Seki Ray Shiroe
  • "Jomy... Take care of everyone!" Soldier Blue
  • "We're all friends." Sam Houston. Probably not his actual last words, but the last ones he says in the series before his death.
  • "You feel sorrow for me... Keith..." Jonah Matsuka, going out with a smile
  • "Jomy... I can't reach you... Please forgive me." Leo
  • "If you meet that fool, make sure to tell him, 'You've done well'." Glaive Murdock's official last words, although he gets in a few more:
    • "What a foolish woman..." Glaive Murdock's actual last words
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    • "I must have learned it from you." Michelle Piper, in reply to the above
  • "At the bottom of [Pandora's] Box... was Hope." Jomy Marcus Shin
  • "So even at the end, I'm alone..." Keith Anyan

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