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Famous Last Words / The Twilight Zone (1985)

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As an anthology series where nothing happens as you'd expect, The Twilight Zone will naturally have several last words.

  • "Yeah. Well, take care of me, will you?" Peter Jay Novins
  • "Ready." Richard "Dickie" Jordan
  • "I was just trying out a—" Billy Diamond, last words alive
  • "Toby? Toby, what are you—" Mary Ross
  • "I love you, my good boy." Ernest Ross
  • "Bring!" Toby Ross
  • "Bri—oh my. Brian?" Linda Wolfe
  • "They're together, running free, in a place where one...can hurt them again." Hokey
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  • "Who's there? Who's there?" Dr. Klein
  • "I'm ready." Marilyn Cross
  • "I'm so cold..." Trent
  • "I'm leavin'." Elvis Presley


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