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Famous Last Words / The Sopranos

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The Famous Last Words of numerous The Sopranos characters. This should be obvious, but beware of heavy spoilers.

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    Season 1 
  • "Where's the...?" Emil Kolar
  • "Hahaha!" Hector Anthony
  • "Please Ton I'm beggin you." Febby Petrulio
  • "I'll tell them." Gallegos
  • "Come on goddammit. Come on, let's go let's go! Let's go!" Vin Makazian
  • "Tomorrow! Alright..." Donnie Paduana
  • "Mother of God... God..." Jimmy Altieri
  • "No shit." Chucky Signore
  • "Oh come on, please, please." Mikey Palmice

    Season 2 
  • "Here you go, kid." Philly "Spoons" Parisi
  • "C'mon, it's on the boil." Jimmy Bones
  • "Goddamn seatbelt. Fuckin' seatbelt!" Sean Gismonte
  • "Mommy!" Matthew Bevilaqua
  • "Fuck outta here, I'm in no mood for your..." Richie Aprile
  • "Is that all right, Tony? Can I sit down?" Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bompensero

    Season 3 
  • "Yeah. Maybe I should send him something. Some flowers or some shit. You fuckin-" Mustang Sally
  • "No, Mr. Bacala. Please, please, no more!" Carlos
  • "Oh, ya fuckin' greaseball ya. Come on, come on. Any more smart remarks?" Robert "Bobby" Baccalieri, Sr.
  • "That make you feel good. Ya feel like a maan?" Tracee
  • "Tell him I'll call him back." Gigi Cestone
  • "If you can keep your head while those around you can't, then you oughta-" Sunshine
  • "Let's get the fuck out of here!" Carlo Renzi
  • "Chris, please, we didn't know you were in there. We're with Ralphie...please?" Dino Zerilli
  • "What are you laughin' at?" Jackie Aprile Jr.

    Season 4 
  • "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Barry Haydu
  • "Help! Help! He- Help! Help! Oh no!" Minn Matrone
  • "Ya fat fuck!" Ralph Cifaretto
  • "Don't say jack shit to Kaisha about this. Or she be haunting my ass for that child suppo-" Credenzo Curtis

    Season 5 
  • "Yeah, right. Go piss it away at blackjack, fucking assholes." Raoul
  • "Oh, noooo!" Lorraine Calluzzo
  • "Hey! Tony, right? What, you come here too?" Joey Peeps
  • "Philly, for God's sakes you know me!" Angelo Garepe
  • "Calm down, I was finishing my drink. Fuck!" Billy Leotardo
  • "You motherfuckers, I'll kill you!" Gilbert Nieves
  • "No, no, please, please, no, no, no, no, no, no..." Adriana la Cerva

    Season 6 
  • "This is Anthony Soprano talking about the Angelo Giacolone murder. The sound quality is not good, but I can back it up in court. He said-" Raymond Curto
  • "Yeah. Hey!" Teddy Spirodakis
  • "Eastern Parkway. Eastern Parkway. Not the Belt Parkway." Rusty Millio
  • "Look, I don't want an argument here. My place is just up the drive there. We'll call the police. They'll come right out. Turn on your hazards." Unnamed Male Car Accident Civilian
  • "No, Carlo!" Fat Dom Gamiello
  • "Allo Natalie. Te pa-" Rene Le Cours
  • "Mother. It is you." Johnny Sack
  • "Chris! You're in the Mafia." J.T. Dolan
  • "Never pass a drug test... call me a taxi." Chris Molitsanti
  • "He don't care." Bobby Baccalieri
  • "Yeah?" Burt Gervasi
  • "Let's go. Ahh!" Silvio Dante, before falling into a coma
  • "Tell the god damn pharmacist to call Dr. Iaconis. I should get a sixty day supply of the-" Phil Leotardo
  • "Hmm. Well, that's nice." Junior Soprano
  • "I went ahead and ordered some for the table." Tony Soprano, if he actually does die

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