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Famous Last Words / Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

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  • "But... It can't!" Thymilph the Crasher
  • "Later, buddy." Kamina
  • "Thymilph... I'm sorry." Adiane the Elegant
  • "Holy!" Cytomander the Swift
  • "Are you watching this transpire, your majesty? Your humble servant Guame is still spinning!" Guame the Immoveable
  • "Huh. I have come a long way." Zorthy Kanai
  • "One last fight, partner." Iraak Coega
  • "Let's show them Team Gurren never gives in!" Kidd Coega
  • "Gimmy, you protect Darry." Balinbow
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  • "Live good enough for us too." Jorgun
  • "So this is the power of the Spiral. Not bad, not bad at all." Kittan
  • "Do not grieve for me, daughter. My soul once drowned in a sea of despair and weariness, but has reawakened! If this body can create a tomorrow for all Spiral life, I will gladly give it!... Just what I was WAITING FOR! SIMON! TAAAAAKE IIIIIITTTTT!!!!" Lordgenome
  • "If this is how it must be, protect the Universe... at all cost." The Anti-Spiral
  • "I love you so, Simon...." Nia Teppelin.

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