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Famous Last Words / Red Dead Redemption

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    Red Dead Revolver 
  • "No!" Nate Harlow
  • "Don't!" Fallen Star
  • "Where you running off to sheriff? You might have beaten my gang, but your ain't going to get by me." "Ugly" Chris
  • "You're gonna blow up reeeeeeeeeal good, cowboy! Hehehehehe." "Pig" Josh
  • "Damnit, I've almost run dry. Okay Swift, I've had enough of you, now." Professor Perry
  • "I could hear you coming, little man. You think you can handle taking on a woman like me. Your either drunk or crazy." Bad Bessie
  • "Your judgment day... has come!" Mr. Lynch
  • "If there's anything I can't stand, it's a varmint what don't know its own business." Dan
  • "Now the real show begins." Sam
  • "Revenge shall be mine." Col. Daren
  • "Go cousin, finish what you have started." Shadow Wolf
  • "I have gold, lots of it. You can have it, If you spare my life. Wiskey, women, fine weapons, anything you want. What do you say, partner?" General Diego
  • "I always regretted what happend back on your daddy's farm, Red. I should've been there, to make sure that you joined them. But lucky for me, I get a second chance." Senator Griffon

    Red Dead Redemption 
  • "Get these ropes offa me, boys." Norman Deek
  • "And you're gettin' on my nerves!" Alwyn "Welsh" Lloyd
  • "Yeah!" Leander "French" Holland
  • "Oh dear!" Charles Kinnear
  • "Take off the boots, Americano." Unnamed Bandit
  • "Eh, un forastero."note  Mateo Clisante
  • "You should have stayed home, Yankee!" Andreas Müller
  • "Tú y yo, Marston. Eh, peleamos ahora, eh?note  We fight now!" Sanchez
  • "I knew you were a traitor!" Captain Espinoza
  • "Hurry up and kill me or just let me go. Okay?" Vincente de Santa
  • "You got it all wrong, brother. I've always loved you, even now." Javier Escuella, if the player decides to kill him.
  • "Déjen mi hombre-"note  Luisa Fortuna
  • "Okay, but we fight like men, not like dogs!" Raul Zubieta
  • "Buying my freedom pendejo. Now shut up you dumb ape, and get out of the wagon. Apuerte! I'm coming out! Don't shoot! Here. Take Williamson. Just let me live. I will leave the country, I promise." Augustin Allende
  • "Alright John. I-I-I'll-I'll come quietly. " Bill Williamson
  • "Are you out of your mind, laddie, or just a common criminal. The nerve of 'ya. You think you can blackmail and insult me over this petal. You outside, right now!" Harold Thornton
  • "This is not what we agreed." Nastas
  • "You shut your mouth, you treacherous snake!" Enepay
  • "Our time has passed, John." Dutch Van Der Liende
  • "Ain't time, John. I ain't gonna make it off this porch anyhow. You take Jack and Abiga*coughs*. Take them and *coughs*. Don't worry about me, just get them out of here. " Uncle
  • "He and his brother Philip went hunting on the south side of the San Luis River. Be careful crossing over, they were saying it was dangerous." Mrs. Ross, if the player decides to kill her.
  • "You best be off, then. Just don't get on his bad side! He's got a filthy temper." Philip Ross, if the player decides to kill him.
  • "And I'll shoot you like one too, you little piece of trash! Now get out of here before I kill you as well!" Edgar Ross
  • "Now go! Git!" John Marston

    Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare 
  • "Affirmative, a couple of minutes." Professor MacDougal
  • "Help, Marston!" D.S. MacKenna

    Red Dead Redemption 2 
  • "Now it don't feel right? I could'a told you that-" Sean McGuire
  • "I'll blow his brains out!" Sheriff Leigh Gray
  • "Get the hell off our land!" Bartholomew Braithwaite
  • "What the hell!?" Gareth Braithwaite
  • "My sons gave him to Angelo Bronte. So my guess is Saint Denis. Either there... or on the boat to Italy!" Catherine Braithwaite
  • "The law will find you.. already the dogs are on the way." Angelo Bronte
  • "We can get across here!" Lenny Summers
  • "His life may have been troubled, but his passing is peaceful!" Professor Andrew Bell
  • "Somebody shoot me, please... please..." Wilson J. McDaniels
  • "When I am done, just burn me. I wanna soar in the air with the eagles, not rot in the ground with worms." Evelyn Miller
  • "I got thrown, and the bastard hog got me. Take Buell for me, would you? He's a good horse. He may be stubborn... but he's strong." Hamish Sinclair
  • "Yes, yes, goodbye." Marko Dragic
  • "Draw. It's gonna be the last thing you do." Emmet Granger
  • "You come for me, so come on!" Billy Midnight
  • "Here's your message." Flaco Hernandez
  • "It's a bit late, isn't it?" Slim Grant
  • "Come on! Draw! (Arthur: Why?) I said draw, goddamn it! (Arthur: No.) Yes!" Jim "Boy" Calloway
  • "Oh, I'll behave, sir. I'll behave as expected." Edmund Lowry Jr.
  • "Oh, not so big now, are we your majesty?" Molly O'Shea
  • "I'll do no such thing!" Leviticus Cornwall
  • "As well you may. I've been a bad man. These charges..." Colm O'Driscoll
  • "Get in there! Shoot him, find him, now! Come on!" Colonel Henry Favours
  • "Paytah..." Eagle Flies
  • "You're losing your strength, Mr. Morgan." Andrew Milton
  • "No - you be quiet, Mr. Bell, and put down your gun!" Susan Grimshaw
  • "John made it. He's the only one. Rest of us...? No. But... I tried. In the end... I did." Arthur Morgan, with high honor, if you choose to help John. Considered the canon ending.
    • "Damn us both!" Arthur Morgan, with low honor, if you choose to help John
    • "You let him damn us all, Dutch." Arthur Morgan, with low honor, if you choose to go for the money
    • "And you're dead. Inside, you're dead..." Arthur Morgan, with high honor, if you choose to go for the money
  • "You shot me! You shot me pretty good..." Micah Bell


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