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Famous Last Words / Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica

  • "TIRO! FINALE!" Mami Tomoe, a moment before the witch she was fighting pops out a new form and bites her head off, then eats her corpse.
    • "What...?!" Mami Tomoe, in the manga rendition of the same event.
    • "If... if the Soul Gems turn us into witches, then our only choice is to die! You too... and me too!" Mami Tomoe, third timeline, having gone insane with grief and fear.
  • "I am such an idiot..." Sayaka Miki, before getting fully corrupted and turning into a witch.
    • "Well, it hurts a little, but I can't hold it against Hitomi. I know they'll be happy together. Let's go". Sayaka Miki, in her second send-off, after deciding that she wanted Kamijou and Hitomi to be happy and getting a much more peaceful death in return. Or maybe she Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence alongside Madoka. It's not fully clear.
  • "Don't worry, Sayaka. It sucks to be alone...It's okay. I'll be beside you... Sayaka." Kyoko Sakura, before she pulls a Taking You with Me / Heroic Sacrifice / Mercy Kill on Oktavia/witch-Sayaka.
    • "Sayaka... DAMN IT! This..." Kyoko Sakura, third timeline, after Homura is the one who mercy kills Oktavia/witch-Sayaka.. and before Mami completely cracks and kills her.
  • "Goodbye, Homura-chan Take care!" Madoka Kaname, first timeline.

Puella Magi Oriko Magica:

  • "Everyone, calm down... W-what is that thing on my shoulder...?!" Kazuko Saotome, before being eaten alive in front of her students.
  • "No, if I can protect you through this, then I can despair in peace!" Kirika Kure, who witches out to prevent Homura and her friends from getting to Oriko.
  • "Akemi Homura will fail. The world will end soon. I couldn't achieve anything... so frustrating! (*sees a shard of Kirika's witch body) A piece of Kirika? My last shot!" Oriko Mikuni, who uses this to impale Madoka in the chest and kill her.

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