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Yes! Pretty Cure 5

  • "I'll no longer be myself... But I don't care! As long as it gives me the power to defeat you!" Girinma
  • "That is goodbye, Precure..." Arachnea
  • "The heck?! What is it, I don't even-" Gamao
  • "I don't need it! I can still beat them!" Hadenya
  • "That wasn't supposed to end like this!" Bunbee. He got better; in fact he was still alive as of Hugtto 37
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  • "Damn you! Kawarino!" Bloody, who was last seen dragging Kawarino down into the abyss where the latter had thrown the former for serving his purpose.
  • "You are...? Bloody? DESPARAIA-SAMA!" Kawarino, who suffered a very fitting Karmic Death at the figurative and literal giant hands of Bloody
  • "Quit saying such feeble words!" Dark Rouge
  • "I will deliver a deathblow to you with my song." Dark Lemonade
  • "The power to defend? It doesn't count at all!" Dark Mint
  • "This is the final attack"! Dark Aqua
  • "Although, I don't know how to smile..." Dark Dream, who took a hit Shadow intended for Cure Dream.
  • "Why? My new form should be overwhelmingly powerful! Why? Why?" Shadow

Fresh Pretty Cure!

  • "The happiness... I... found..." Eas. She got better.
  • "Our supreme ruler Lord Moebius..." Northa
  • "...all glory to him!" Klein
  • "Precure! You will now disappear with me! Give up!" Moebius

Heartcatch Pretty Cure!

  • "Fairies, go search for my replacement!" Cure Moonlight. She gets better.
  • "Otosan." Dark Precure

Smile Pretty Cure!

  • "Yes, yes! That's right, Master, take my power! Absorb my energy! Do with me what you will! It's an honor and a privelege to be reduced to a puddle of goo in your service, Master!" Rascal (dub)
  • "I've been defeated by a smile! The horror!" Nogo (dub)

DokiDoki! PreCure

  • "This girl... Raise her like to be like the sun that shines and brings people hopes and dreams." Marie Ange's mother
  • "Forgive my half-heartedness." Marie Ange
  • "Curse you!" Gula
  • "This was your plan from the beginning? BEL!" Leva

Go! Princess Pretty Cure

  • "Dreaming!" Zetsuborgs if purified by the main Princess cures
  • "Burning!" Zetsuborgs if purified by Cure Scarlet
  • "I am one of the great Dys Dark's Three Musketeers! Dyspear-sama!" Close. He comes back in episode 31.
  • "O-Oka-sama!" Twilight as the Dark Perfume consumes and brainwashes her
  • "I want to become a Grand Princess! I want to make my dream come true!" Towa. Shortly after, Dyspear turned her into Twilight and she invaded Hope Kingdom.
  • "Onii-sama..." Twilight. She gets better.
  • "As long as my heart yearns to meet them [Haruka and Towa] again, I'm sure... Haruka... let us meet again!" Kanata. He gets better.
  • "I am not Dyspear's servant! I am—I am—I am the king!" Lock. He gets better.
  • "Don't forget... despair is..." Dyspear.

Maho Girls PreCure

  • "The day of chaos is arriving. Keep struggling, it will devour you." Orba
  • "Kumata!" Cure Mofurun in the movie. She gets better.

Kirakira★PreCure a la Mode

  • "No way. Stop it!" Julio before being turned back to Pikario
  • "I've actually understood it. This wasn't Kirarin's fault. My heart was weak. I'm sorry." Pikario. He gets better.
  • "He... lp... me..." Bibury before being consumed by Iru. She gets better.
  • In episode 46note 
    • "Maybe it would be too much to be alone." Cure Macaron's last individual line.
    • "But we're not alone..." Cure Chocolat's last individual line.
    • "These feelings..." Cure Custard's last individual line.
    • "...all together..." Cure Gelato's last individual line.
    • "...will crash into you!" Cure Parfait's last individual line.
    • "NISEMONO NO BUNZAI DE!!!!" Noir
    • "No! Noir!" Lumiere
    • "No way! (Elisio: Now let's go to a place without love nor hatred. The empty world will be created now.) Dame... DAME!!!" Cure Whip. She is the only one to get solo dialogue after the cures yell 'Precure Fantastic Animale'.

Hugtto! Pretty Cure

  • "It's dark! I'm scared! Save me, please!" Charaleet before Papple orders him turned Oshimaida
  • "Uh..." Ruru before Papple disables her. Probably a non-fatal exaggeration of Killed Mid-Sentence since her mouth moves less than a second before she is hit.
  • "He'll come to stop me... telling me not to act stupid... if he loves me. He didn't love me!" Papple before she turns Oshimaida
  • "I'm out of time. Stop the time. Cheers!" Jeros before she turns Oshimaida
  • All Stars Memoriesnote 
    • "That teru teru bozu doesn't seem to be a Zakenna!" Shiny Luminous
    • "Yell!" Cures Ange, Etoile, Macherie, and Amour
    • "I'll leave her (baby Cure Ange)with you, Nagisa." Cure White
    • "Now, White!" Cure Black

Star★Twinkle Pretty Cure

  • "Prunce, we'll leave the rest to you. You're our last hope," Taurus Star Princess. She gets better.
  • "Oh, Hikaru?" Sorami, the first Victim of the Week made into a Notrigger
  • "Huh? Did we make a youkai costume like that?" Victim of the Week Abraham
  • "I said I didn't mean it in a bad way. I just speak faster than I think." Fleetfoot, #13's Victim of the Week
  • "Weird." Touma, #14's Victim of the Week
  • "The Space Thief?!" Drams-sama, #15's Victim of the Week. The summoning was offscreen and those are the last words we hear until then.
  • "Who are you? How did you get there?" Drams-sama, #17's Victim of the Week
  • "Hmph... friends? (Aiwarn: Oh, ya know you're lonely, eh?) Who?" Yumika Nasu, #16's Victim of the Week
  • "W-What?" Terumi Hoshina, #18's Victim of the Week
  • "Take everyone to the temple. Pass the word to everyone in the mines, too. (Blue Cat/Yuni: But Olifio!) Daijobu." Oilfio who, along with all of Planet Rainbow who was not Blue Cat/Yuni, was turned into stone. She should get better later at some point since she is technically alive.
  • "Bearers of improduent imagination!" Darknest. He/she/it'll be back.
  • "No!!!" Harukichi Hoshina, #23's Victim of the Week
  • "I must've hurt Yukio! He must be hating me! Because I laughed..." Irma, #24's Victim of the Week
  • "I can't do that!" Kuku, #29's Victim of the Week
  • "It was my honour to accompany you. Lala-san, those days I spent with you and friends were, as Hikaru-san would say, "kirayaba". Arigato." Lala's Personal AI, before Aiwarn forcibly takes her over. She gets better, so it doesn't take long.
  • "Why...? I am...! I am...!" Sakurako, #35's Victim of the Week
  • "Damn you! It took money and power for me to snatch this ring! Anyone who tries to take it is gonna get punished!" Don Octo, #36's Victim of the Week

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