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The Famous Last Words of those who died throughout the Hardcore series. Obvious death spoilers ahead.

Minecraft #1

  • I'm behind you. Let's go for it. -Last words Jirard was heard saying before he went AFK
  • I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die... Burned! -Soah burned to death
  • I'M GONNA DIE! -PBG was slain by Enderman
  • I'm falliiiiiing... WHAT IS GOING- -McJones fell out of the world
  • He ran into me! The dragon! -Dean was slain by Enderman
  • Bonus death:
    • Bye, everybody! I don't even care... -Jon was slain by RazzBarry


  • Oh, I'm being shot at! -McJones was killed
  • There's two zombies! There's two z- AHHH I FELL! -PBG was killed
  • No no no no no no, don't hit me, don't hit me, don't hit me! No! No touch! I'm going down! -JonTron was killed
  • Get in this building as soon as you can. Is there one in between me and you? -Dean was killed
  • No. -Barry was killed
  • Oh my god, I have no more... -Ross was killed
  • I'm not dead... I'm gonna stand up... and I'm gonna shoot at that guy... wait, did you just throw- -Jared was killed


Terraria #1


Diablo II

  • They're using my spells... -RubberRoss
  • Whoooa! Oh my— -Barry
  • Noooo! -Dean
  • I'm still in here! -McJones

Minecraft #2

  • Bad! -Dean was shot by Skeleton
  • Hehehe, you can't keep me down that easily... -Kyrak was slain by PBG
  • PBG, LOOK OUT! -Jared blew up
  • It- it's not letting me do anything, like, I can't- Oh! That's it... -NCS blew up
  • OH! OH! HELP ME! HELP ME! -PBG was slain by Zombie Pigman
  • Aw, he jumped down... No he didn't! -McJones was slain by Zombie Pigman
  • Whoah, whoah, whooooah! -Barry was slain by Zombie Pigman

Minecraft #3

  • Hey, can you come, uh, outside with me so I have someone to watch my back for Creepers? ...oh fuck. -Dean was blown up by Creeper
  • I'm gonna die! *inaudible*-JonTron was shot by Skeleton
  • OHH! WHOOOAH! -Jared hit the ground too hard
  • You trapped me in! I'm dead, I... I'm dead... -McJones burned to death
  • Are you gonna die? I might die, I have two hearts... heart and a half... heart, ohhh, (gibberish)! -PBG burned to death
  • Oh! I died. -Shane was slain by Skeleton
  • How did all these Blazes happen? Dude... go away... -SmoothMcGroove was slain by Skeleton


  • I still have apples and watermelons, so we've got a decent am- Oh! PIG ZOMBIE! -Jared rocked out to some Rob Zombie.
  • Yeah, that's what you told the other two! Okay... -Last words Dean was heard saying before being left behind; he was Killed Offscreen
  • I hear a zombie, he's walking near- AHH! -McJones died in a fire. Just kidding, zombies ate their brains.
  • He hears me, he hears me, okay, okay he hear-AUGH, I'M DEAD! -PBG hit the ground too hard
  • No no no no no! No no no no... -SpaceHamster was rocked by a Giant Stomp
  • Also block! -Brutalmoose was rocked by a Giant Stomp
  • Not like this! Not like this! Not like this! (dissolves into crying) No! -Barry was rocked by a Giant Stomp

Terraria #2

  • Oh..! -Satch didn't bounce
  • I already used the potion... -Barry was destroyed by Eater of Souls
  • Oh shit, oh shit! Seriously, seriously, dude, seriously... FUCK! -Dean got snapped in half by Demon Eye
  • Well that's why you cut it out, Jeff! - WHAUGH DEAD! -PBG’s skull was crushed by Boulder
  • Oh shit! -ProtonJon fell to their death
  • What if stickykeys killed you? ...OH NO! -SpaceHamster fell to their death
  • HE'S SO CLOSE! *beat* NOOOOO! -McJones’s flailing about was finally stopped by Eye Laser (Wall of Flesh)

Minecraft #4

  • Okay, I think one of you guys should take- -Barry was slain by Zombie Pigman
  • Oh my god! Oh, I'm so sorry, I panicked, I panicked! -Caddicarus was slain by Zombie Pigman
  • Bonus deaths:
    • WOOOOOO! Ow... -Jeff was slain by McJones using Barry
    • Oh wow, that did a LOT of damage... NOOOO! -McJones was shot by Dean using Killua
    • NOOOOO! -PBG was shot by Dean using Killua

Minecraft #5

  • I got the spawner, but there's a spider in here! Help me out! I can't get out! I can't get out! -Barry was slain by Cave Spider
  • Take the sword! -Jared tried to swim in lava to escape Spider
  • Oh god, RIP. -Dean tried to swim in lava
  • Oh my gosh, I might die. I'm dead! -McJones was burnt to a crisp whilst fighting Blaze
  • NUH! I'm fine... NUH! -Ray withered away
  • I'm telling you, these- these fake pigs are bad omens! Let's get outta here...AAAAAAH!! -PBG was blown up by Creeper
  • Oh crap. Oh crap! OH CRAP! OH NO! NOOOOOOO!!! -Jeff was killed by Ender Dragon using magic

Terraria #3

  • OH NO! -ProtonJon's skull was crushed by Boulder.
  • Weeeeeeeeeee! <Airplane noise> Aw, I- -Jeff fell to their death.
  • Guys, we've got to share the money. Forgot to mention that. Ac-actually I- WHAT?! -PBG's flailing about was finally stopped. (Burning debuff)
  • We're not gonna... OH, WHAT?! -Dean watched their innards become outtards. (Spike damage)
  • Bonus deaths:
    • I can't heal anymore either. I can't, there's a load of shit in the way. UNG! -Lucahjin was removed from Terraria #3 by Shadowflame Apparation.
    • Not like this! Not like this! Not like this! I can't heal anymore, I can't heal! I'm goin, I'm goin. I'm goin'! NOO! -Yungtown's plead for death was answered by Shadowflame Apparation.
    • Well, that's a sucky way to end. -McJones was impaled by Shadowflame Apparation.

MineZ #2

  • GOD No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no! -Dean was taken to lunch by a zombie. The zombie didn't call for a second date.
  • Oh, I'm almost dead. I'm gonna die! -ACrispyWaluigi MURDERED McJones with an iron sword!
  • We're gonna do it... Nooooo! -Barry died
  • I made it. I made it across, guys! It--it can be done... WAAUUGHH! WAAUUGHH! -PBG fell out of the world
  • There are so many! ... Little piggies! AAAWWH! -Jeff tried petting a zombie.
  • It's gonna—It's gonna get me! It's gonna get me! -Ian crashed the zombie train.
  • NOOO! SO CLOSE! AAAAAAAGGHHH... -Jared fell out of the world

Minecraft #6

  • "We, uh, need four more beds..." -McJones tried to swim in lava
  • "Come on, Jared! Jared, come on!" -Dodger was blown up by a Creeper (#1)
  • "Wait!? What happened!? WAIT! I- I- I- I went through the portal and I landed in lava!" - Dodger tried to swim in lava (#2)
  • "Get in the portal! I GOT KNOCKED OFF! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" - PBG tried to swim in lava
  • "More damage! One heart! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Do it, my friends! I believe in you!" -Jared was slain by Zombie


  • "WOOOAAAHH! Ooooh!" -Barry
  • "I can’t move. K, use my salve, use my salve. Can I Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. NOOO!" -PBG
  • "What IS this way? *gasp*" -Lucah
  • "Oh my god... Oh my god.. OH NO!" -Luke

Minecraft #7

  • "Oh no, oh no! I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die! No no no!" -Barry
  • "FUCK!" -Dean
  • "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Could I die? Could I die? Three hearts, I'm at three—" -Luke
  • "Although—OH!" -PBG
  • "*gasp* NOOOOOOOOOO! HE KNOCKED ME-" -Jeff


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