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Famous Last Words / Lost

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  • "And Charlie? I'll kill you last" Ethan Rom
  • "Tell... Shannon... tell her..." Boone
  • "Now, we're not going to take any more of this stuff than we need, because nitroglycerin is extremely temperamental. So we-" Dr. Arzt, immediately before exploding
  • "Walt...?" Shannon
  • "Michael..." Libby, while trying to tell who shot her
  • "Just do it Mikhail!" Bea Klugh
  • "Not Penny's Boat" Although not spoken, writing this on his hand is Charlie's last statement to Desmond
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  • "Your boat, 80 miles off shore. Er, Naomi, the parachutist." Charlie's actual last spoken words
  • "Okay. I give up." Tom
  • " One...Two...Three." Danielle Rousseau.
  • " Daddy, please-" Alex Rousseau
  • "I'm sorry George, just tell my sister that I love her..." Naomi
  • "I can't get back!" George Minkowski
  • " Wherever you go... Widmore... he'll find you" Keamy.
  • "Who are you?" Michael
  • "We can't even make fire!" Neil "Frogurt," immediately before being hit with a fire arrow.
  • "I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner." Charlotte
  • "I'm your son." Faraday
  • "I have to tell you something, it's really really important" Juliet, dying in Sawyer's arms in the Season 6 premiere
    • According to Miles, her actual last words were "It worked", which turns out to be from a conversation she has with Sawyer in the flash-sideways afterlife
  • "You're next" Mr. Eko-though it sounds more like "I saw the devil", implying that Locke was just making crap up.
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  • "It is sundown. Will you choose to stay, or go?" Dogen.
  • "Do you realize what you just did? He was the only thing keeping it out! Idiot! You let him in!" Lennon.
  • "Why, do you know her?" John Locke. "I don't understand." John Locke's last thought, according to the Man in Black, as Ben strangles him to death.
  • "That thing is evil! And God help us if it ever leaves this island! Because if it— " Ilana Vedansky
  • "I'm not saying any more in front of him" Charles Widmore
  • " They're coming" Jacob
    • " Now you are like me." the last thing Jacob's spirit says before disappearing forever.
  • "Because it's going to be you, Jack." Sayid
  • "I love you, Sun." Jin
  • "I love you." Sun
  • "You're too late." The Man in Black.
  • "Then I'll see you in another life, brother." Jack. He says this to Desmond, who said it to Jack when they first met.


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