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Famous Last Words / Legend of Galactic Heroes

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  • "Yang... don't end up like this... Jessica, I won't see you again, either... I'll vanish here. Forgive... Jean-Robert Lap
  • "Come back to me... I just wanted things to be like they were before! Your Majesty! Your Majesty!" Susanna Benemunde
  • "You're not fit to give orders! Get the hell out of our stadium!" Jessica Edwards
  • "I thought you wanted to restore your honor!" Dwight Greenhill
  • "Honor? How worthless...." Arthur Lynch
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  • "Tell Annerose, that Sieg kept his promise of long ago" Siegfried Kircheis
  • "Sorry, man, seeing how it always ends up your treat." (Last witnessed words) Ivan Konev
  • "Very well then. Shoot me. And buy your security." João Rebelo
  • "Your kindness is appreciated, but I doubt you have any need for an old man like myself." Alexander Bucock
  • "A toast to democracy." Chung Wu-Cheng
  • "All right then. I will give you a keepsake - your life. Live and go meet the Kaiser. Don't die." Adalbert von Fahrenheit
  • "Gretchen." Karl Robert Steinmetz.
  • "I'm sorry, Frederica. I'm sorry, Julian. I'm sorry, everyone." Yang Wen-li
  • "Whether you live or not, don't you want to see how a High Admiral of the Lohengramm Dynasty meets his end?" Cornelius Lutz
  • "I'd imagine you too were irritated by the so-called 'genius' of that blond brat!" Job Trunicht
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  • "Mein Kaiser. Mittermeyer. Sieg..." Oskar von Reuentahl
  • "Now that you've lost loyal and brilliant admirals one after another, you must be really lonely now. Is Fleet Admiral Mittermeyer next? If you think that your dynasty will prosper when distinguished service is rewarded with punishment, go ahead and keep doing it." Hans Eduard Bergengrun.
  • "I've made so much trouble for you... from now on, go and do as you please." Willibald Joachim von Merkatz
  • "Man cannot escape his fate." Louis Mashengo
  • Maybe it would be better if I got that little greenhorn Attenborough to write it..." Walter von Schenkopp
  • "Larbenard is my butler." Paul von Oberstein
  • "Once we seize space, we'll all..." Reinhard von Lohengramm

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