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    Heisei Riders Phase 1 

  • Kamen Rider Agito
    • "Yes. I'll win." Tetsuya Sawaki in response to the Dark Power making a bet as to whether humans will accept the Agito.
  • Kamen Rider Ryuki
    • "I never thought I'd hear you speak like that to me.... It's a little..." Shinji Kido in response to Ren begging him not to die.
    • " Ren... You didn't have an answer too, did you? You fought to find an answer. I'll fight too to find that answer you were searching for." Shinji in the 13 Riders Special ending, moments before charging into a group of Riders, all of who have prepared their Final Vents against him.
    • "This is the new life..." Ren Akiyama after winning the Rider War
    • "By the way, the weather's pretty bad today, huh? I can't see Goro-chan's face." Shuichi Kitaoka, on a sunny day, walking past Goro before succumbing to his illness.
    • "Why... Why... Why... ?" Takeshi Asakura after realizing that Kitaoka had died before their final battle.
    • " Sensei... I'll buy something good to bring back home. Goro Yura after failing in attempt to kill Asakura in Kitaoka's place.
    • "The contract!? This Cannot Be! I... I will survive!" Masashi Sudou moments before getting devoured by Volcancer.
    • "Finally, I was wrong." Miyuki Tezuka's last thoughts.
    • "You were wrong." Hajime Nakamura to Shinji Kido.
    • " Professor, I'm the next one. Who...?" Satoru Tojo's last thoughts.
    • "Why did this have to happen? I.... I..... I just wanted to be happy." Mitsuru Sano, left to dissolve in the Mirror World
    • "Shinji... Shinji... at least tie up your shoes." Miho Kirishima.
    • " Brother, you're a fool. But I really do love you... Brother." Yui Kanzaki to Shiro Kanzaki before dying from having comitted suicide.
    • "The Final Rider... is you!" Kamen Rider Odin to Ren after being destroyed by Shiro Kanzaki for the last time.
  • Kamen Rider Faiz
    • "I still don't know what is right. You must tell me the answer. Transform!" Yuji Kiba to Inui Takumi.
  • Kamen Rider Den-O
    • It's over... Damn it... But you guys will disappear too.. All the Imagins... will disappear.. Kai after his plan has been finally stopped by Den-o.

    Heisei Riders Phase 2 

  • Kamen Rider Double:
  • Kamen Rider OOO
    • "This Cannot Be! My Cores! My...!" Ankh (Lost), proceeding to explode.
    • "It was almost in my hands' grasp... Everything was mine..." Kazari, dissolving into a pile of medals.
    • "Am I finished? That wasn't enough! [After being asked why] Because I'm a Greeed." Mezool, dying in Gamel's arms.
    • "Mezool... Here. For you." Gamel, holding a candy flower he gave to a Mezool in an earlier episode out to one of her Core Medals.
    • "Stop it! Please stop! Someone please save me!" Uva, before transforming into the Medal Vessel.
    • "My ending... It completes me." Dr. Maki as he becomes a black hole.
    • "I'm no longer the hand that you should be grasping." Ankh as his consciousness disappears from his broken Core.
  • Kamen Rider Fourze
    • "Ryusei, I think that's the first time you've ever been honest with me. I had the chance to meet you head on and helped you out. I'm glad...even" Gentarou Kisaragi, after Ryusei kills him in an attempt to heal a friend. He gets better.
    • "Gentaro..." Kengo Utahoshi, dissolving into light after the Big Bad destroys the Core Switch.
    • [crushes the walnuts in hand] "You punk..." Kou Tatsugami to Ryusei as he fades away into Cosmic Energy.
    • "At the very least...I had friends..." Kunieru Emoto/Tachibana/Virgo Zodiarts, as he dies by the hands of Leo Zodiarts and Libra Zodiarts.
    • " Lord Gamou, do you see...the worth of my existence?" Kouhei Hayami as he gets disintegrated by a bolt of lightning after taking Fourze's Cosmic States Finishing Move.
  • Kamen Rider Wizard
    • "This Cannot Be! How can I ever... Ahh..." Phoenix, after Wizard/Haruto pushed him onto the sun's surface, where he'll suffer a cycle between life and death for eternity
    • " Wiseman..." Medusa
    • "Koyomi..." Sou Fueki/White Wizard
    • "Haruto... Take care of the Philosopher's Stone..." Koyomi
    • "You got me there..." Sora Takigawa/Gremlin
  • Kamen Rider Gaim
    • "Give me back my power!" Ryoji Hase, moments before turning into an Invess.
    • "I...I...I will become more than human!" Sid, before being violently crushed between two cliffs.
    • "I can't you pathetic apes!" Deemushu, right before Kouta finishes him off.
    • "My love...I return to your side." Roshuo, as Redyue fatally betrays him.
    • "This Cannot Be! I can't die like this!" Redyue, as Kouta avenges Roshuo's death.
    • "You will be destroyed, too. It's your... fate." Ryoma Sengoku, talking to Kaito before falling to his death.
    • "You're so...awkward..." Yoko Minato, ending her final speech to Kaito.
    • "You...are truly strong." Kaito Kumon, at the end of his battle with Kouta.
    • "I am the Golden Fruit, how can I... be beaten by the likes of you!?" Kamen Rider Jam, just before he gets killed off by Kouta and Mitsuzane.
  • Kamen Rider Drive
    • "Capable... loyal... and..." Brain's final words as he disintegrates, but he didn't finish what it was he was going to say. He gets better.
    • "It would be a shame if these were lost in the fire..." Chase as he gives his Signal Bike and driver's license to Gou before his Heroic Sacrifice by taking Banno with him.
    • "Wait, Gou! Please, calm down... Don't... Stop! Don't do it, Gou! GOOOOOOOOOOU!!" Tenjuro Banno, begging Gou to not kill him after being reduced back to only just a belt with no body.
    • "I have faith...that you...and Lord Heart...will be victorious.... Farewell...." Medic, as the pure goddess she was during the Global Freeze, before disintegrating into nothingness during the final battle with Sigma. She gets better.
    • "Thank you.... In the end...I actually made a friend.... The first...human...." Heart, before dissolving into nothing during his last battle with Shinnosuke, eventually befriending the latter before dying. He gets better.
  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
    • "Emu, your fate... You can change it with your own hands!" Kiriya Kujo (first Game Over)
    • Kuroto Dan:
      • "I am God! My dreams... ARE IMMORTAAAAAAL!!" (second Game Over, episode 23)
      • "I no longer go by the name of Kuroto Dan Shin... Right now I'm... Kuroto... Dan." (his last Game Over after he has one life point remaining, V-Cinema: Genm vs. Lazer)
    • "The last judgement has been passed..." Masamune Dan, after he committed suicide so that the heroes have no means of restoring the people who died to Kamen Rider Chronicle.
  • Kamen Rider Build
    • "YORU WA YAKINIKUSSHO!!!!" Taro Sato, before he left for his part-time job at Takumi Katsuragi's place, where he was murdered and his body and clothes switched. The phrase, which is Japanese for "Let's get yakiniku tonight!", has become one of the most internationally-renowned memes in the Kamen Rider franchise.
    • "Why are you here...? President [Juzaburo]— (sprayed with Nebula Gas) Why...!? (Blood Stalk: You Have Outlived Your Usefulness, that's why.) This Cannot Be! Without me... Who will lead Seito!? (Juzaburo: I am.) That won't...!" Masakuni Mido. After he dissolves, his likeness is used by Juzaburo to start a new war on Touto and by Blood Stalk to reveal his true nature as Evolto..
    • "Gentoku... Atone for your crimes... You have to... rebuild the country. I know you can do it. I'm counting on you... my foolish son." Taizan Himuro, who took a hit Evolto meant for Gentoku.
    • "Brother! It's up to you now! EVERYTHING... IS FOR NAMBA INDUSTRIES!" Rai Washio, who was disintegrated by Evol's Unrealistic Black Hole despite the Nebula Gas powering up the former.
    • "Fighting for someone's sake...wasn't bad after all... I should tell this... to my brother..." Fu Washio, who disintegrates because of the Nebula Gas after being defeated.
    • "Money... I'll give you money! You can have all the assets of Namba Heavy Industries! Just... p-please don't kill me! S-s-spare me!" Juzaburo Namba. Of course, Evolto does it anyway.
    • "Leaving something like this to my son... I've failed as a father. Takumi... Have you grow taller again?" Shinobu Katsuragi, who was murdered by Evolto when the former revealed that their alliance was actually an evil plot.
    • "I didn't do this to save you... But to protect...the Lost Bottle." Nariaki Utsumi, who was turned into a cyborg and overloaded by Phase 4.
    • "My favorite idol is caring for me... How lucky can you get? I'm gonna... I'm gonna have to brag to the others..." Kazumi Sawatari
    • "It's up to you now... Sento...Kiryu! Dad... Do you think I've gotten closer to you?" Gentoku Himuro
    • "Do you think you can kill me!? LIKE HELL YOU WILL, DAMN HUMAN!!" Evolt
  • Kamen Rider Zi-O
    • "I like that Demon King. He seems like he'll create an intriguing future. Take good care of him. And be careful of Mr. Swartz. His schemes are greater than you can imagine. Looks like it's time. I pray that your future is not shrouded in darkness." White Woz, before vanishing
    • "Sougo... I don't need any umbrellas... Be an umbrella for humanity." Yuko Kitajima
    • "W-Why..!?" Heure, in response to Ora's treachery. He gets better.
    • "Haha... Hahahaha! As expected of myself! I am me! Ahahahahaha! Ahahahaha!! Ahahah!!" Paradox Roidmude from Another World
    • "Hey... I can see that now. Now I'll finish what Heure failed to do. That's why I'm here!!" Ora, who tried to kill Swartz but failed and got killed by him. She gets better.
    • "For Tsukuyomi... Alpina, for tomorrow." Michal Minato
    • "Nah. Thanks to you, the world where only I came back is destroyed. Now I can be where my comrades are." Katsumi Daido from Another World
    • "Tsukuyomi... We can't afford to lose you..." Tsukasa Kadoya, after defending Tsukuyomi from Swartz's killing blow. He gets better.
    • "Humans... are such good beings." Chase from Another World
    • "I'm glad... that I've arrived at this timeline... You've been my comrade... and friend..." Geiz Myokoin, who Took The Bullet for Sougo. He gets better.
    • "Nobody needs a king like you!" Tsukuyomi, before being blasted by Swartz. She gets better.
      • "Sougo... The two worlds... are in your hands." Tsukuyomi's last thoughts before Sougo rewrote the timeline.
    • "You bitch...! So you were after... my blind spot...!?" Swartz
      • "Sister...! You don't get a say in this...!" Swartz's last thoughts to Tsukuyomi, after being Rider Kicked by Sougo as Oma Zi-O.
    • "*chuckle* Meeting you certainly was interesting, my younger self." Sougo Tokiwa from 2068, before vanishing after his present self changed his own future.

    Reiwa Riders 

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