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Famous Last Words / Inuyasha

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  • "Wicked child...!" Mistress Centipede.
  • "Stop that! I'll kill you!" Yura of the Hair.
  • "My boy..." The Unmother posing as Inuyasha's mother.
  • "Wait for me! I'm gonna eat both of you!" The Toad Demon possessing Lord Oda Nobunaga.
  • "Thank you, even if you don't mean it. Say a prayer for me when I'm gone. Pray that I'll be reborn as a fuzzy caterpillar, covered in hair from head to furry toe. No, Brother... who am I trying to kid? I'd rather be reborn bald again. I'd make that sacrifice if I could be reborn as your brother... wouldn't that be nice, Hiten?" Manten.
  • "I think the blood's gone to your head, ever since you lost your beloved woman. When will you ever learn that no woman is worth risking a battle over?! A brother's revenge, on the other hand, is well worth fighting to the death over!" Hiten.
    • "Oh... I was defeated... this half-demon... he... defeated both of us..." Hiten's last thoughts.
  • "You fell into my trap. Now you shall never escape me..." The Flesh-Eating Noh Mask.
  • "You going to snitch on me? (...) I'm gonna play a trick on Mommy. Don't tell her, or I'll be mad! I'm gonna make her worry about me!" Mayu Ikeda.
    • "Thanks! My Mommy made it (her kimono dress) just for me. I'd better be going now... bye!" Mayu's spirit, before crossing over into athe afterlife peacefully.
  • "Ahh?!? The sword has regained its power!" The Spider Priest.
  • "YOU DAMN HALF YOUKAI!" Goshinki
  • "That darn Inuyasha... He left without finishing me off... He's such an amateur... Though really... I'm done for. Oh well! It was pretty interesting and all...." Jakotsu
  • "I'm not like Kagura. A lowlife like her is just Naraku's tool. I AM REAL." Hakudoshi
  • Last thoughts: "I am the wind. As free as the wind." Kagura
    • Last words: "It's enough... I saw you one last time..." Kagura to Sesshoumaru
  • "The Light will kill Naraku... There's a light in the center of the darkness..." Kanna
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  • "Hmph... I'm a detatchment who would've died at the same time as Naraku, anyway. I have no regrets. My purpose has been fulfilled...." Byakuya
  • "You came for me... and that's good enough... Inuyasha..." Kikyo
  • Last thoughts: "My... real wish... Hmph... It looks like... I won't be able to go... to the same place you've gone, Kikyo." Naraku
    • Last words: "I will rain destruction upon this (Kikyo's) village!"''

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