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    TV series 
  • "What's the problem, baby? Things just started getting good here. I said what's the problem?" Linderman Thug
  • "No, please!" Claire Bennet. She Gets Better
  • "Easy, Ernie. It's a friendly game. No one's getting hustled." High Roller
  • "You guys go to the bathroom together?" Ernie
  • "Hey, who invited her?" Lowlife
  • "Really? Well, if you can fly, then show me." Charles Deveaux...Maybe?
  • "How we doin'?" Charlie Andrews. Hiro uses his Timey-Wimey Ball powers to save her... four seasons after her death.
  • "Hey! Ah!" Chandra Suresh
  • "Run!" Jackie Wilcox
  • "Don't worry about me. Just go! GO!" Peter Petrelli. He Gets Better.
  • "So you can help?" Brian Davis
  • "I'm gonna take this gun, and I'm gonna put it in that slot. You're gonna take it, and you're gonna blow your brains out." Eden McCain
  • "What do you want me to do with the body?" Hank
  • "And I am tired of you telling me what I have to do! I don't have to do anything!" Peter Petrelli. He Gets Better.
  • "No! Don't!" Aron Malsky
  • "That sound in your heart, what is it?" Dale Smithers
  • "No!" Claire Bennet. She Gets Better
  • "I guess it's hard to look natural when you're going after the whale." Agent Quesada
  • "Maybe he'll chat up a few more Japanese tourists. Where the hell is that pizza?" Agent Alonzo
  • "Suresh? Suresh? It's Peter Petrelli. Mohinder?" Peter Petrelli. He Gets Better.
  • "It's all right. I finally know my part in all this—to die, here, with you—but not before I show them how to kill you and stop the bomb. I finally get to be a hero." Isaac Mendez
  • "You're not, you're not! You're not—" Virginia Gray
  • "I'm hurt! I-I think it's bad!" Ted Sprauge
  • "What am I thinking now, Parkman?" Eric Thompson, Sr.
  • "You should have taken the money!" Daniel Linderman
  • "I already have a family." Claire Bennet. She Gets Better
  • "I said stop her. That's not me." Jessica
  • "You." Sylar. He Gets Better


  • "Of all of them, I never expected it would be you." Kaito Nakamura
  • "I'm sorry, Carp. Maybe I'll be a hero next time around." Takezo Kensei. He Gets Better
  • "Don't you see? I can help you. We were meant to do this together." Candice Wilmer
  • "Dude, I have been riding with them for two days. We gotta ditch 'em." Derek
  • "Sorry I couldn't be more help." Ricky
  • "So you're not gonna change your mind?" Claire Bennet. She Gets Better
  • "I am offering you a way out. You can stop running! Shoot me and there is no turning back. You'll condemn yourself to Hell." Ivan Spektor
  • "." Border patrolman
  • "Kesshite!note  As long as I have breath, anything you love I will lay to waste. I swear. Anata ga kurushimu koto ni naru."note  Takezo Kensei
  • "Peter!" Nathan Petrelli. He Gets Better.
  • "." Gilberto
  • "." Gloria
  • "Man, let it go. We're leaving, all right?" D.L. Hawkins
  • "No matter what I do, we'll always be running. But if you die, Bob, the Company dies with you." Noah Bennet. He Gets Better.
  • "I am not gonna let you do this! Get away from me!" Victoria Pratt
  • "I'm taking my sister!" Alejandro Herrera
  • "You killed him? YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!" Maya Herrera. She Gets Better.
  • "Go! Go, I'm right behind you." Niki Sanders
  • "At first, I was afraid. But I'm — I'm not afraid anymore. I'm here to tell you the truth. I have the ability to..." Nathan Petrelli. He Gets Better.


  • "Are you gonna eat it?" Claire Bennet. She Gets Better
  • "Hey!" Jim McCann
  • "Hello Noah. Did'ya miss me?" Sylar. He Gets Better
  • "I've killed a lot of people, Elle. You're as much to blame for that as anyone. Maybe even more so." Sylar. He Gets Better
  • "You wanted to see me?" Bridget Bailey
  • "It was only about the money for me. That's why I'm going to take mine and leave, before the Company shows up." The German
  • "Peter's not here anymore." Jesse Murphy
  • "You already are. Brother." Sylar. He Gets Better
  • "I won't be a monster." Stephen Canfield
  • "Arthur, no, please! I could be of use to you! No! No!" Adam Monroe
  • "I'm Matt's father! Without me you'd still be lying in a-" Maury Parkman
  • "Okay." Trevor Zeitlan
  • "Yes." Usutu
  • "Empathy? What makes you think I'm capable of that?" Sylar. He Gets Better
  • "Please kill me. Please." Elephant man
  • "I should kill you right now, say it was self defense. I'll be famous. A bona-fide hero!" Bob
  • "It hurts. Why does it hurts so much?" Claire Bennet. She Gets Better.
  • "What if Claire could see you now?" Sylar. He Gets Better.
  • "You're hurting me." Elle Bishop
  • "No, you don't. Trust me." Sue Landers
  • "Watashi wa, Hiro anata no yō ni hokori ni omotte imasu." note  Ishi Nakamura
  • "Of course... I'm your father. " Arthur Petrelli
  • "Consider it done sir. And I'll bring him to..." Scott
  • "Then why are you so afraid? You worried he's going to stop you?" Knox
  • "Tell me! TELL ME! I WANT THE TRUTH!!!" Sylar. He Gets Better Off-Screen
  • "GO! Oh god. Help me." Meredith Gordon


  • "." Daniel Simmons
  • "." Mark Leggett
  • "Fly me to the moon." Daphne in the "fairy-tale ending" Matt created for her as she lay on her deathbead
  • "Keep doing what you're doing, Rebel. Go. And Micah... stay ahead of the ice." Tracey, she got better
  • "Oh no. No! Oh no! No! YEAH!" James Martin
  • "Yeah, because of the divorce and everything." Sylar / Steve Donnor. He Gets Better
  • "You. I-I pick you." Tom Miller
  • "I'm not interested in what you need any-" Sylar. He Gets Better
  • "I love you Pete, you know that." Nathan Petrelli. He Kinda Gets Better.
  • "." Liam Samuels


  • "You're never going to find it." Emile Danko
  • "." Tadashi. Hiro uses his Timey-Wimey Ball powers to save him.
  • "." Sylar. He Gets Better
  • "What are you?" Captain Lubbock
  • "Hey, you're not gonna get away with killing your parents!" Jeremy's Victim
  • "." Jeremy Greer
  • "." Hank
  • "." Mohinder Suresh. Hiro uses his Timey-Wimey Ball powers to save him.
  • "I'm still your brother. I love you." Joseph Sullivan
  • "You can do anything, Pete. Anything. Remember that. I love you." Nathan's memory
  • "." Tammy
  • "You... did... this?" Lydia
  • "What are you?" Kate Bennet
  • "I don't know anyone else like me. I swear." The Repairman

    Graphic Novels 
  • "Wow." Itchy
  • "That's the lamest thing I've ever heard." Warren
  • "Well, that's debatable." Taylor
  • "What have you done? That's me. What's that supposed to mean?" Bus accident victim
  • "What'd you say to me?" Eden's stepmother
  • "I think something can fall of the back." Rudy
  • "Hell, Dallas. I'm out. Watcha got there? Personal contraband? This is enough to get you court-martialed. Although, bein' 40 miles into enemy territory, you'd just as soon get thrown overboard."Loredo
  • "SNIPER!" Amarillo
  • "Over There!" San Antonio
  • "Let's go." Hana Gitelman
  • "I... oh... Boy. Son. I have forgotten the ground. I have forgotten."Guillame
  • "I heard that. But don't bother struggling. You're — Next?" Rollo Fusor's accomplice


  • "Okay, okay. He left a month or two ago. But he didn't tell me where he was heading. I swear!" Hampton "Goose" Connolly
  • "I'm afraid there is nothing we can do." Richard Drucker
  • "Phir Milengay, Drucker." Hana Gitelman's Consciousness
  • "That wasn't so- " Matt Neuenberg
  • "It's mine now!" Linda Tavara
  • "So what was it that you wanted to show me? I don't see anything." Jason Welkes
  • "I'm sorry, Miss Tavara." Linda Tavara's informant
  • "For me? Are you... are you an angel?" Ida May Walker
  • "Evs... Evs... Evs Dropper... Always watching..." Leonard Cushing
  • "Oh sh..." Devin Patterson
  • "We can't win this! We can't win this! Call in a nullifier! Someone call in the Haitian!" Rosetti
  • "Get the &$%# off me!" Ballou
  • "It hurts! STOP!" Brendan Lewis
  • "What?!" Paulette Hawkins
  • "Like, oh, let's say... What will be the last face you ever see?" Penny Logan
  • "Run." Connie Logon
  • "I love you, too." Donna Dunlap
  • "." Julien Dumont


  • "Gael! NO!" Bianca Karina
  • "NO!" Gael Cruz
  • "Please, Eric, don't do this..." Michael
  • "I've heard stories about you. Almost didn't think you were real. Are you here to join us?" Dennis
  • "Ain't your place to make up for his slackin', girl." Flint Gordon, Sr.
  • "Oh My God! OH MY GOD!" Steve Gustavson
  • "Shut your F***ing Mouth!" Perrin Crocker
  • "I'll show you what I am." Donald Essex


  • "We can't disclose client infomation." Joe Macon
  • "Look — I got 'em. I'm on your guy's side!" Flint Gordon, Jr.
  • "NO! OH GOD NO! SOMEBODY HELP ME!" Bob Yuleberg


  • "Your brother was right about you. I remember why he sent me back. What I was supposed to do... He wanted me to kill you." Arnold
  • "Sorry, Uncle." Becky Taylor


  • "My friend here is what we call a Constrictor. You keep struggling, he'll keep squeezing." Agent Howard
  • "Now why would I let her go? I'm just getting to the fun part." The Constrictor
  • "You're looking for a way out... Maybe I can help. Naw. This is too easy. I wanna make this one messy." Bartell
  • "Bitch!" Ryan Hanover
  • "Where the hell did you get that from?" David Sullivan
  • "Where d'ya think your going little girl?" Caleb

    i Stories 
  • "." Jason Pierce
  • "." Sam

    Alternate Timelines 
Explosion future
  • "Anata no yūjin wa, kare wa 5-shūkan de anata o miteinai to iu.note " Detective Furakowa
  • "October 2? No, pal. Today. November 8th." NYPD detective
  • "No." Noah Bennet
  • "Sylar!" Claire Bennet
  • "I'll take you." Hiro Nakamura
  • "Come on, do it!" Matt Parkman
  • "You must leave. Now!" Mohinder Suresh

Exposed future

  • "Arimasen. Anata wa watashi o uragitta."note  Hiro Nakamura
    • "Arimasen. Sore wa watashi no shimeideshita!"note  The lip-read words
  • "Not all of us were born with abilities, okay? Some of us were made. A line was drawn, sides were chosen, it tore us apart." Peter Petrelli
  • "Daddy!" Noah Gray
  • "But he is." Knox
  • "You killed him!" Gabriel Gray
  • "I wasn't fast enough." Daphne Millbrook
  • "Peter, stop! It hurts!" Nathan Petrelli
  • "A pretty girl like you against an ex-military man? Not exactly a fair fight." Magnetism terrorist

    Unaired Deaths 
  • "You can't hurt me!" Robert Keep
  • "Of course you are." Future Knox
  • "SAVE US!" Future Gabriel Gray
  • "Yes, it can." Jonas Zimmermann


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