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Famous Last Words / Guild Wars 2

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Main storyline

  • "Quiet, Mira. Soldiers don't need lies. Retreat to the city. Tell the commodore...we did all we could..." Watch Commander Talon
  • "There was so much left that I wanted to see...I can't let you hurt them. I won't!" Magister Sieran
  • "I've done a lot of things wrong in my life. But this one thing, I'm gonna do right. I won't let you have them!" Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw
  • "You may win the battle, dragon, but you will never defeat our spirit! I am Forgal, son of Kern. My father was the last Dolyak Shaman! I am a Warmaster of the Vigil! You will never make me kneel!" Warmaster Forgal Kernsson
  • "You fools. You think my death...saves you? Too...late..." Scarlet Briar
  • "Trivial vows. Trivial people. I've seen the bigger picture. You are in my way." Aerin
  • "I have something...I can no longer protect. You must...understand...its importance to Tyria's future..." Master of Peace
  • "She will break me—unless you kill me first. Faolain must never learn...Please...kill me. Now. She's coming." Wynne
  • "We have to keep moving!" Eir Stegalkin
  • "I like my chances better...this way." Faolain
    • "Caithe, don't you know it's dangerous to rebel against your creator?" Mordrem Faolain
  • "You must kill me, Commander. Before that seed grows...before Mordremoth reclaims what it has lost. What's left of me can't survive on its own. Strike now, or—" Trahearne
  • "I am the future. I am this world. You cannot destroy me. Run while you can." Mordremoth
  • "SHE left ME! Your mother saw to that! That's why I took you! Now everyone has to pay!" Caudecus Beetlestone
  • "Master found me..." Demmi Beetlestone
  • "I am...mursaat...I am...Aargh!" Lazarus (the real one)
  • "Prove you are stronger. Kill my god. Please." Herald of Balthazar
  • "Aurene, no..." Player Character (they get better)
  • "These soldiers are useless! I'll just take you out myself." Archon Iberu
    • "Awakened, Sunspears—you're all pathetic. And now? You're DONE. We're taking Elona BACK! By FORCE!" Awakened Archon Iberu
  • "Curse you, Dwayna! Melandru! Betraying one of your own! Grenth! Kormir! May the!" Balthazar
  • "Once you're gone, everyone will flock to my embrace. They will all love ME — Palawa Ignacious Joko!" Palawa Joko
  • "Oh, sparks...Kralkatorrik...He's—" Blish
  • "Child of my child...I only hope that you never have to kill what you love." Kralkatorrik, last words to Aurene
    • "Now mortal! Return my blood to my heart!" Kralkatorrik, last words to the Commander
      • "Mother..." Kralkatorrik, upon death

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