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Digimon Adventure

  • "You've used up all your power. That wasn't very smart, Angemon. Now you are no use to anyone. You can't get away from the dark forces. Evil is everywhere, so don't savor your victory. There are other Digimon who are just as powerful as I am. Some of them are just stronger. I wonder what you'll do when you run into them. You haven't won at all. What a waste of time!" Devimon
  • "T.K., I'll come back again, if you want me to." Angemon. He gets better.
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  • "Those computer viruses I dropped into the black pit will keep growing and absorb all the dark energy of our network, including yours, fool!" Datamon
  • "You must not defeat me! I'm just too important to die..." Etemon. He comes back as MetalEtemon
  • "Nothing like a speeding planet to give him the ultimate headache!" Vademon
  • "You'll never make it out in one piece!" Dokugumon
  • "Time out!" Phantomon
  • "Don't be sorry. I don't have any regrets. If I hadn't met you, my life would have had no meaning. I'm glad you and I were friends. Thank you for everything, Gatomon." Wizardmon
  • "No, don't!" Myotismon. He comes back as VenomMyotismon
  • "Hey, hang on! What are you doing?!" DemiDevimon
  • "Curse you, DigiDestined! Curse you and your lousy crests! Let go! Aah! Let go!" VenomMyotismon. He comes back as MaloMyotismon
  • "Mimi... It's time for me to be deleted." Chuumon
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  • "What makes you think it was just an act?" Piximon
  • "No, I didn't think that you would!" Scorpiomon
  • "I'm tired of playing around with you, WarGreymon. Say goodbye! River of Power! River of Power!" MetalSeadramon
  • "DigiDestined... Please... save this world..." Whamon
  • "What?" Kiwimon
  • "Oh, the horror!" Cherrymon
  • "You'll pay big time!" MetalEtemon
  • "Hey! Take me with you!" Redvegiemon
  • "Cherrymon... What is it those kids have... that I don't?" Puppetmon
  • "Ogremon, I'm very sorry. Now is not the time to resolve things, but I promise we will meet up again." Leomon
  • "He shot my paw!" WaruMonzaemon
  • "Now I will finish you once and for all." Machinedramon. He got better. SO much better.
  • "I'm melting!" LadyDevimon
  • "Most impressive. Trump Sword! ...Huh?" Piedmon
  • "You think so, huh? Hahaha. Well, I may be beaten, but I won't go down that easily. I'll take you and both worlds with me. You still haven't seen my ultimate attack... TOTAL ANNIHILATION!" Apocalymon

Digimon Adventure 02

  • "You're my best friend, too. Goodbye, Ken." Wormmon. He gets better.
  • "My strength is my final gift to you, my friends. I will seal the Heightenview Terrace gate with my own body. I must!" BlackWarGreymon
  • "Please, no! Not that!" Arukenimon
  • "Then I will teach you to fear me!" Mummymon
    • "Go whine about it in Hell!" Mummymon in the Japanese dub
  • "No! This can't be happening! These palty children can't make me disappear! I won't allow it!" MaloMyotismon
  • "Don't worry. I'll always be here, inside the Digital World. I shall protect it. Goodbye, DigiDestined, and thank you!" Yukio Oikawa.

Digimon Tamers

  • "Heh heh heh. Let's play." Maildramon
  • "Playtime's over." Gorillamon
  • "Gotcha! ...Uh-oh." Vilemon
  • "How is this possible? I always hated the Ice Age." Allomon
  • "Not so fast, hot shot!" Dokugumon
  • "Going up?" Devidramon
  • "Let go! No, no!" IceDevimon
  • "Goodbye, human. Shogun Sword!" Musyamon
  • "Oh no! Let me out of here!" DarkLizardmon
  • "Fool! You and your humans! Digimon could have had supreme power over both worlds! But you had to ruin everything!" Mihiramon
  • "Prepare yourselves to be conquered. We are the Digimon who refuse to be tamed by humans. We will rule your realm, and there is nothing you can do to stop us. The twelve devas will destroy you all!" Sandiramon
  • "You foul insect, let's see what you can do when I have a human shield. Which one of you would like to go first?" Pajiramon
  • "What's happening? This Cannot Be!" Vajiramon
  • "Never!" Indramon
  • "Hah! You missed!" Mephistomon
  • "You're about to be outnumbered, ya oversized alley cat! Deva Clone!" Kumbhiramon
  • "Stop now while you still have a choice!" Vikaralamon
  • "Nothing, except the snakes you sought to silence are simply simulations. Inferno Blast!" Orochimon
  • "Be brave, Jeri. Part of me will always be with you. Remember, you have a lion's heart." Leomon in the Dub version
  • "Perhaps this was inevitable. This may be my destiny." Leomon in the Original Japanese
  • "This can't be happening!" Makuramon
  • "Long live the Sovereign!" Caturamon
  • "The Digimon Sovereigns are fighting the enemy in the Digital World, but the enemy's most evolved part has emerged to wage war in your world. Only you, the tamers, can stop it by fighting as one with your Digimon. To aid you, I bring a gift from the Digimon Sovereigns. Remember, the fate of the world lies in your hands!" Dobermon
  • "Easy for you to say, pineapple head! Forget about me, just save Jeri!" Beelzemon. He doesn't die, but this is the last viewers ever see of him in this form.
  • "NONE OF YOU DESERVE TO LIVE!!!" The D-Reaper, at least in Japan; in America it's just sealed away

Digimon Frontier

  • "A human child defeated me?! NOOOOOOOO!!!!" Cerberumon
  • "Ultimate Twin Sickles!" Snimon
  • "Uh-oh!" Gigasmon
  • "Strike of the Seven Stars!" Seraphimon. He gets better.
  • "Take care of Seraphimon. He's our last hope!" Sorcerimon
  • "Don't be hasty now, friend!" Grumblemon. He gets better.
  • "Giving the Beast Spirit to puny humans is like giving piles to pigs. So why don't you do yourselves a flavor and hand them over?" Petaldramon
  • "Yesterday's I don't like the day sending me off!!" Arbormon. He gets better.
  • "I tried to warn you! Now you have to live with a sad and lonely that you're alone, J.P.!" Volcamon
  • "Huh? What are you, nuts? You blow that thing in this range, we're both gonna go down!" ShadowBeetlemon
  • "What? He's gone. He's serious!" Karatenmon
  • "Let's see you dodge in mid-air!" Asuramon
  • "Ooh, I'm so scared. Not! Yeah!" Cherrymon
  • "You said you'd be nice, remember?!" Ranamon / Calmaramon. Ranamon gets better.
  • "Smug fool! No one controls IceLeomon." IceLeomon
  • "No, stay back!" ShadowSeraphimon
  • "No, stop! Thou cannot get past my shield! It shall repel thy attack!" Mercurymon. He gets better.
  • "Oh, can it! Do as you wish! You'll never stop me!!" Sakkakumon
  • "No talking! Dark Vortex!" Duskmon / Velgemon
  • "Once trapped, you can never escape. Join them." Phantomon
  • "Cherubimon!" Oryxmon
  • "He's too strong. I have no choice. Zephyrald Crystals!" Ophanimon. She gets better.
  • "Just before I fell, I used the last of my strength to evolve your two D-Tectors." Ophanimon through Takuya and Koji's D-Tectors
  • "It's not possible! I'm cracking!" IceDevimon
  • "No! Stay back! Get away from me!" Cherubimon. He gets better in a Heel–Face Turn.
  • "Divine spirits, give me the power to protect these brave humans!" Baromon
  • "Not so fast!" Angemon
  • "What are you doing?!" SkullSatamon
  • "With the last of my strength, I have protected this castle. Now it's up to you." Sorcerimon's true last words.
  • "What?!" Zanbamon
  • "Not so fast, lady!" GranKuwagamon
  • "Goodbye, children." Nefertimon
  • "Crusadermon! My dear fallen comrade! We were to rule Earth together! You will pay for this ruinous wound! BREATH OF WYVERN!!" Dynasmon
  • "Master..." Crusadermon
  • "I'm glad I met all of you. Thank you for being my friends. I wish I could see you back in the real world, but I don't think I'll be able to." Loweemon. He gets better.
  • "My brother... I can't tell you what it means to me to have met you. I have no regrets. No regrets..." Koichi Kimura. He also gets better.
  • "Those pesky children won't give up. I was so close... to my goal." Lucemon Chaos Mode
  • "Nooooo!! It's impossible!" Lucemon Larva

Digimon Savers

  • "I'll be back, and even juicier than before!" Citramon
  • "Getting smart with me, huh? How about a daily dose of this? Huh?" Vilemon
  • "No, Vilemon! RUN!" DemiDevimon
  • "I promised to protect you. Farewell, Chika." Biyomon. He gets better.
  • "Kristy...!" Aquilamon, Biyomon's Champion form, before digivolving to Garudamon after defeat by GeoGreymon.
  • "What's that?!" MetalPhantomon
  • "That's it. I've had enough! Spiral Flower!" Blossomon
  • "Keenan... listen to me... I don't know how much time is left, but I want you to promise me... that you will not hate the humans... because you are... you are..." Frigimon
  • "Mama!" Hagurumon
  • "No! NO! I cannot be defeated!" SaberLeomon
  • "Merukimon! HEEEELLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!" Meteormon. He gets better.
  • "Keenan, be strong." Merukimon
  • "I'll get the girl!" BioQuetzalmon
  • "They're Mega-level now! We can't compete with that!" BioStegomon
  • "I don't care what level they are. I will find a way to beat them!" BioThunderbirdmon
  • "What? I lost to some foolish plan? That's impossible." BioRotosmon
  • "Please spare me!!" Yasyamon
  • "What?!" BioStegomon
  • "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" BioDarkdramon
  • "Tell Spencer Damon's son... to take care... of ElDradimon." Baronmon
  • "Those who defy me will face judgment!" Belphemon
  • "Not this... Please, no... This isn't what I was trying to doooo!! Aahhh! NOOOOOOOOOO! Help me... PLEASE!!" Akihiro Kurata
  • "Impossible!" LoadKnightmon (a.k.a. Crusadermon)
  • "Humans, you will suffer for impulsing Yggdrasil!" Leopardmon
  • "Marcus... Thank you." BanchoLeomon / Spencer Damon. Spencer gets better, but BanchoLeomon doesn't.
  • "Cannot compute! Cannot compute! Fatal error! The probability of you defeating me was 0%! Fatal error!" Yggdrasil 2-9000-WZ
  • "Very well, then. I shall lay myself to rest and protect you from afar without any further meddling. I don't know if a world can exist where humans and Digimon live together in harmony. But if it is to become a reality, then it will be completely up to you." Yggdrasil

Digimon Xros Wars

  • "I'll crush you!" MadLeomon. He gets better, purified as Leomon.
  • "Come back so I can crush you!" Octomon
  • "But if I go down, I'll take you with me! Feel my Waves of Depth!" Neptunemon. He gets better, purified.
  • "Traitor, at last you get the punishment you deserve." SkullMeramon
  • "At least... I finally paid you... in debt." BlueMeramon
  • "Maximum Big Bang... Fire!" AncientVolcanomon. He gets better, purified.
  • "Wait! Don't leave me! I think this thing's gonna blow!" IceDevimon
  • "Neuro Destroyer!" Ebemon
  • "The barrier's still strong! We can't get through!" SkullScorpiomon A
  • "Gentlemen, get them good, boys! You saw what she did to the captain!" SkullScorpiomon B
  • "At last... Thank you." Reapmon. He gets better, as Beelzebumon.
  • "Of course. I don't need the Code Crown anymore... Now that I have this power!" Lucemon
  • "No way! I can't lose! Although, I just did!" Kongoumon
  • "Say goodbye, no-wheeler! Crushing Ball!" GrandLocomon
  • "Hey! You're just not funny at all!" Etemon
  • "Intruders?! Howl of Power!" Caturamon
  • "Say hello to my Bit Blade!" Musyamon
  • "Now I'm all cracked up. I yield... The Code Crown's yours." Mercurymon
  • "Alright, time to power up food! Mega Heartburn!" GigaWaruMonzaemon
  • "His strength... has taken the Code Crown from me! You can have it! Adios!" Matadormon
  • "The good thing about changing sides is... I know where their weak spots are!" Grademon
  • "What is this!?" Tactimon

Digimon: The Movie

  • "CONNECTION... TERMINATED. WIIILLIIIIIIIISSSSS..." Diaboromon. He comes back in the sequel.
  • "Thank you..." Cherubimon

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