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Given the nature of Death Battle, it's inevitable that Famous Last Words can (and will) be spoken.Spoilers are present in all folders.

    Season 1 
  • "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!" Raphael, after being stabbed in the neck by Leonardo.
  • "No no no..." Felicia, after seeing Taokaka accidentally kill a butterfly. She goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Tao, which ends in Taokaka cutting Felicia in half.
  • "It's time to end this. Chaos...BLAST! ... Uh-oh..." Shadow, after his Super Mode runs out before being incinerated by Vegeta's Final Flash.
  • "D'oh!" Mario in Mario vs Sonic (2011), after turning back to normal from the Mega Mushroom. Sonic overpowers him and then finishes it with a Spin Dash on and into his back.
  • "What-" Kevin Jonas, after seeing the corpses of Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, and the 13-year old driver.
  • "Sectumsempra!" Harry Potter, after casting said spell on Luke Skywalker. Luke reacts by tearing open his scar with Shatterpoint and stabbing him through the chest with a lightsaber.
  • "You haven't won! I'm invincible! My Spark lives! You can never defeat Star-" Starscream, before his Spark is eaten by Rainbow Dash.
  • "I thought you had him!" "I thought you had him!" Scratch and Grounder, before their heads are blasted onto each other's bodies by Sheep Man and all three are destroyed by Silver Sonic.
  • "Oh no... Come on, Treble!" Bass, trying to stop Neo Metal Sonic's transformation into Metal Overlord by going Super Bass. He fails and is promptly incinerated by the now fully-transformed robotic doppelganger.
  • "Metal!!! What are you doing?!?" Dr. Eggman before being incinerated by Metal Overlord.
  • "Ha! That's Roboenza! Looks like I win!" Dr. Wily, who makes Metal Sonic go rogue by infecting him with Roboenza. This proves to be his, Eggman's, and the other combatants' undoing.
  • "Rain down! This ends here!" Cloud, trying to kill Link with Meteorain and Omnislash. Link blocks it all with a combination of Z-Targeting and his Hylian Shield before slicing him across the neck, blowing him up with bombs, and finishing him off with a Down Thrust.
  • "Pika pika pika PIKAAAAAAAA!" Pikachu, as he charges at Blanka with Volt Tackle. Blanka bites his head off in the resulting struggle before liquefying the rest of him in a blender and drinking him.
  • "Dragon Fist!" Goku before his Dragon Fist attack collides with Superman's Infinate Mass Punch in the first Goku vs. Superman episode.

    Season 2 
  • "That's not possible!" Lion-O, right after He-Man shatters the Sword of Omens. He dies when He-Man is forced to break the Eye of Thundera when it shoots a beam at him.
  • "Death awaits." M. Bison, when he becomes Final Bison, before attacking Shao Kahn, who counters his quick attacks, beats him with his warhammer, and then, rips him in half.
  • "Bah! Puny garbage... No!!!!" M. Bison's soul, right before getting absorbed by Shao Khan.
  • "Whoa, hey buddy, that's nowhere near my thing! Hey, wh-wh-wh-what are you doing?! Don't touch that!" A gun shop owner, who the T-850 Terminator kills to steal weapons and the guy's clothes.
  • "I'!" The Terminator, right after Robocop ties him to his jetpack and sends him off to explode in the sky.
  • "Fox!" Slippy Toad, who was blown up by Bucky's crew for being a toad.
  • "Luigi got ya!" Luigi, after sending Tails flying with the Thunderhand. After a lengthy fight, Tails impales him on a pipe with the Magic Hand.
  • "Let's finish this! Hyper—" Captain America, who's hanged by Batman after he turns the fight in his favor.
  • "Of course. I think it's finally time." Noin, who's accidentally killed by a launched rocket from Tommy Oliver's Tigerzord, before she could make love with Zechs.
  • "Oh! No!" Tommy Oliver the White Ranger, as Epyon (piloted by Zechs) goes in for the kill and slices the Mega Tigerzord in half, blowing the first half up.
  • "SON OF A BI---!!!!" Saba, who's killed alongside Tommy when the Tigerzord's upper half gets blown up.
  • "I walk a path with no end." Ryu, after he thinks he defeated Scorpion with a Shinku-Hadoken. Unfortunately for him, a Not Quite Dead Scorpion finishes him off by incinerating him.
  • "If you spent half as much time concentrating as you do talking, perhaps you'd be less predictable." Deathstroke, after breaking Deadpool's katanas while fighting on top of a bus. After he causes a lot of damage on the bridge, Deadpool shoots him in his good eye, and then decapitates him with his healing-factor-negating carbonadium sword.
  • "Nooooooooo!" Fat Buu, before getting so enraged he summons Kid Buu, who obliterates him.
  • "I'm not gonna waste anymore time on you, asshole... Augh! Shit!" Ragna the Bloodedge, who then becomes the Black Beast, and is then finished off by Sol Badguy.
  • "That's impossible!" Gaara, reacting to the fact that his Sand Coffin/Sand Barrier attack didn't kill Toph. Shortly after, he's crushed by his own sand armor when Toph sandbends it.
  • "Burn in darkness." Nightmare/Night Terror, who then gets his arm sliced off and head chopped in half by Guts.
  • "Darkness will consume everything..." Inferno, releasing his full power after Night Terror was killed. Guts activates the Berserk Armor to power through the attack and splits Soul Edge in two, killing Inferno.
  • "What...what did you take?" Lex Luthor, after Iron Man disables his Warsuit. Iron Man then breaks Lex out of his suit and incinerates him with a Unibeam.
  • "Sam! Sam, do you copy? Sam!" Anna Grímsdóttir as her plane is being hacked and brought down by Otacon.
  • "Gotcha." Sam Fisher, retrieving the USB stick from Solid Snake before losing a knife fight to him.
  • "Lord Vader, we ambushed the Rebels orbiting Felucia, but... Skywalker escaped... again. I apologize, I-I-I shouldn't have been so hasty to begin—" An Imperial Officer, who's then Force Choked by Vader for failing, but is interrupted by Doctor Doom, who finishes the job by directly choking him to death.
  • "Die!" Darth Vader, fighting Doctor Doom while falling down a volcano. He's finished by Doom when he sent a pebble and had it expanded by way of the molecular expander and forced by the boulder to meet his fiery doom.
  • "I will beat you!" Son Goku in Goku vs. Superman 2, as Superman performs The Slow Walk through his Kamehameha. Superman then neck-lifts Goku and uses his heat vision to burn away Goku's brain, killing him.
  • "OHNO!" Knuckles, directly before becoming a fine red paste courtesy of Donkey Kong.
  • "Goodnight, RoboCop." Wolverine while impaling Raiden with his claws. Unfortunately for Logan, Raiden activates Ripper Mode and fights back, eventually decapitating him and slicing the severed head into bits.
  • "Oh, maaaaaaa--" Dan Hibiki, shortly before exploding after accidentally swallowing one of Hercule Satan's capsules.
  • "What in the world?" Tifa Lockhart, who unfortunately cut off a strand of Yang's hair, which caused her to activate the final state of her Semblance, giving her the power to overpower Tifa and give her a Neck Snap.
  • "You look like you're under a lot of stress. I recommend acupuncture: Green Arrow style." Green Arrow, who's about to finish a stunned Hawkeye off with a diamond tipped arrow. Unfortunately for him, Hawkeye manages to fire off an Adamantium-tip arrow, which split the diamond arrow, and then Green Arrow's head shortly after.
  • "Charizard, you okay?" Pokémon Trainer Red. After saying this, Wargreymon burns him and Charizard alive with a Terra Force attack.

    Season 3 
  • "Not... possible..." Bayonetta, after being impaled by Dante. Dante then impales her several more times before causing her to explode.
  • "Any MORE weapons you want to throw at me?" Jak, after being surrounded by a swarm of turret guns. While he survives this by triggering his Dark Jak form, he speaks only in grunts for the remaining two minutes of his life.
  • "GET 'EM, JAK!" Daxter. Nearly a minute later, he and Jak are frozen and shattered.
  • "The hell? What's going on?" Quicksilver, after Flash pulls him into the Speed Force. Flash takes full advantage of his home turf and ends up punting him into the sword of a samurai statue, killing him.
  • "What is this?! Die, die, DIE! Die...*Laughing Mad*." Needles Kane, the driver of Sweet Tooth, after getting a face-full of the Joker Venom. He attempts to strangle the Joker to death in the meantime, but stops once he hits the Laughing Mad part and keeps laughing until he finally dies from the toxin.
  • "SCREW YOOOOOOOOOU!" Shadow, after being wiped of his memories, smacked down, and then impaled by Mewtwo's spoon.
  • "Oh— Son of a bitch!" The Meta can't talk, but Epsilon is kind enough to say this for him before Carolina blows off his head with his own Brute Shot.
  • "NOOOOOOOOO--" Cammy, while being torn apart by Sonya's Scissor Split Fatality.
  • "Oh, come on, give me a bre--" The Scout, just before Tracer's Pulse Bomb sends him to the great Capture Point in the sky.
  • "Alright!" Ken,just before blown into critical condition by the Power Geyser and finished off by Terry decapitating him with the Star Dunk Volcano.
  • "SMASH!" The Incredible Hulk, stomping one of Doomsday's arms. Doomsday's arm heals up very quickly, and Hulk is Impaled with Extreme Prejudice repeatedly by Doomsday's bone claws, punched in the face several times, and finally gets his head ripped off.
  • "I will claim this bounty for my Guild! For my strength! For my friends!" Erza Scarlet, using her Heaven's Wheel Armor to shoot countless swords at Zoro, before changing into her Clear Heart Clothing to enter a Single-Stroke Battle, ultimately being sliced down the middle.

    Season 4 
  • "Aw, crap." Nathan Drake, after Lara bails out of the speeding truck they're fighting on, leaving it to smash into rocks. While he survives this and manages to hijack Lara's helicopter, Lara shoots him down, resulting in him being impaled by the rotary blade.
  • "It's the Bat!" One of Bane's henchmen, mistaking a glimpse of Venom for Batman, shortly before getting dragged away by Venom's webs and eaten.
  • "What's happening?" Bane, after Venom pierces his body with spikes and cuts off his venom supply. Venom sticks him to the wall before causing his head to explode and eating his brain.
  • "Hah! Stay down!" Zak Taylor, the Black Ranger, after smashing the Voltron Lion Force through a large rock formation with the Megazord's Power Sword. He dies when Voltron manages to cut the Megazord in half, causing it to explode.
  • "Um... isn't this usually the part where we win?" Kimberly Ann Hart, the Pink Ranger, in response to the stalemate when the Megazord and Voltron clash their respective swords for the first time. Like the other Power Rangers, she dies when the Megazord explodes.
  • "Jason, look! It's wide open!" Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger, after the Megazord freezes Voltron's left arm, the Green Lion, with the Mammoth Shield. Like the other Power Rangers, she dies when the Megazord explodes.
  • "Quick! Redirect the energy!" Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger, in response to Voltron hitting the Megazord with everything at its disposal. Like the other Power Rangers, he dies when the Megazord explodes.
  • "It's too much!" Jason Scott, the Red Ranger, when the Megazord cannot redirect Voltron's Macross Missile Massacre, destroying its last line of defense in the Mammoth Shield and leaving it open for the latter's killing blow. Like the other Power Rangers, he dies when the Megazord explodes.
  • "Like I said, you can't touch me." Portgas D. Ace after Natsu hits him hard enough to separate his body into flames to no effect. Natsu then activates his Lightning Fire Dragon Mode to give himself an element that will let him hurt Ace directly, proceeding to shock him directly before obliterating his body with a Lightning Fire Dragon's Roar.
  • "No fair...I can...still-!" Captain Marvel after Android 18 breaks both of her arms, and slams her into a previously-made crater to make it even bigger. As she struggles to get back up, she's Killed Mid-Sentence as 18 comes down and caves her skull in with her boot.
  • "CHAOS CONTROL! HA! HA! HA!" Metal Sonic as Metal Overlord, after using Chaos Control to freeze Zero in place and charging up a Wave-Motion Gun to finish it. Zero uses Dark Hold to counter it and strike before Metal Sonic can fire, cutting him in half, making him explode, and leaving his head behind as he leaves, mission accomplished.
  • "Are you kidding me?" Renamon as they watched Lucario power through Diamond Storm, shortly suffering a Bone Rush attack followed by impalement through the neck.
  • "Wait, what?" Balrog, right before receiving a Heroic Second Wind-fueled No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from T.J. Combo that ends with him getting his head punched off.
  • "Remember, kids... Remember me." McGruff, stopping time, but unable to interact with the environment to save himself before being Squashed Flat by a now-giant Smokey.
  • "What?" Thor, snapping out of his Berserk Mode after being hit by his own hammer, before being stabbed through the back of the head through the mouth by Wonder Woman's sword.
  • "Screw you... BASTAAAAAAAAAARD!" Ichigo Kurosaki, as he's being vaporized by Naruto's Rasenshuriken and Tailed Beast Bomb after Mugetsu fails to kill Naruto.
  • "LYLA? LYLA!" Miguel O'Hara, before three explosive batarangs stuck on him blow a hole in his chest.
  • "I'm... free..." Vergil after narrowly escaping Sephiroth's Supernova, before being stabbed through the chest and cut in two by him.

    Season 5 
  • "Amateur." Batman, after his trap to drop Black Panther into the orca whale pool by blowing up the bridge supposedly succeeds. Black Panther manages to jump across the debris to catch up to the ledge where Batman is, and slices him up before decapitating him and throwing the rest of his body to the whales.
  • "Sorry to SOIL your fun!" Twilight Sparkle, about to stomp on Raven (transformed into a small potted plant) before Raven's Soul-Self pounds her into the ground. Though it's deliberately ambiguous as to whether she died or not.
  • "NANI?!" Jotaro Kujo, after Kenshiro tells him he's already dead before he explodes from Kenshiro striking a pressure point beforehand.
  • "You said it!" Pit, in response to Sora's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner of "Time to end this!", before shooting an Arrow of Light at Sora's blast, which is overpowered by the latter, causing Pit to get shot through the head. Since Death Is Cheap for him, he'll get better.
  • "Ah... shit." Frank West, seeing Leon break free of his ice tornado to shoot a rocket at him. His zombified head is finished off by Leon throwing a knife at it not long after.
  • "By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth... where am I?" Doctor Strange, after projecting himself into the Golden Helmet of Fate in an attempt to cut off Doctor Fate's magic at the source. The combined might of Nabu, Inza, and Kent obliterate his soul, leaving his body as an lifeless husk that crumbles to dust shortly after.
  • "Right here!" Jin Kazama, before clashing against Ryu. He then picks him up and fires a point blank Devil Blaster at Ryu's face. Ryu retaliates with the Power of Nothingness and uses a Shinku Hadouken to blast a hole through Jin's chest.
  • "You jump good!" Afro Samurai, after seeing Jack leap up several feet back onto the collapsing bridge. He doesn't die for a while after that, but it is one of the few lines he actually speaks before Jack slashes him to pieces.
  • "I hate you..." Carnage, being pinned down by Lucy's vectors, before being hit by a punch so powerful, it creates an explosion that completely incinerates him.
  • "Not bad. I'm just better." Amuro Ray, using the Gundam to hold Optimus Prime up by the head. However, Optimus Prime opens up his chest piece, firing a blast from the Matrix of Leadership, destroying the Gundam and killing Amuro in the resulting explosion.
  • "I wish I could see... the look on your face." Daredevil, pinning down an injured Nightwing. Before he can deal a killing blow, Nightwing activates his Supersonic Wing-Ding, overwhelming Daredevil's super-senses and leaving him vulnerable for Nightwing to charge up an electrical punch and snap Daredevil's neck with one blow.
  • "Oh, shoot..." Sonic in Mario vs. Sonic (2018), after his Hyper Sonic form wears off. As he and Mario fall back to Earth, Sonic tries spin-dashing into Mario, but Mario catches him, sets him on fire, and sends him down, causing him to crash land with an explosion that obliterates him.
  • "What?! What's this?! No! NOOOOOOOOO!" Sigma, as the Ultron AI overrides the Sigma Virus, assimilating him.
  • "SCREW YOU, YOU PERVERT!" Gamabunta, being sealed away by Roshi's Evil Containment Wave, though he doesn't actually die from it.
  • "You old fool, I can't believe you fell for that. Let's end this...W-what?" Jiraya, using the Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant on Roshi. Before he can finish him off, Roshi, still in a hypnotized state, punches him in half with momentum.
  • "I... am Thanos! I am all things! THIS is who I am!" Thanos, before firing off a blast of energy at True Darkseid, who counters with his Omega Beams, trapping the Mad Titan within the Omega Sanction. Inside, Thanos is forced to live out an infinite amount of deaths, among them being shot and killed by Deadpool as the merc makes out with Lady Death.

    Season 6 
  • "No! You control me?! Impossible!" Namor, now paralyzed by Aquaman's telekinetic abilities, helpless as Aquaman commands a group of anglerfish to eat him alive.
  • "I can survive... anything..." Widowmaker, seconds before Black Widow decapitates her with a garrote.
  • "NO MORE TRICKS!" Carol Danvers, after witnessing Shazam revert back to Billy and then back to Shazam. The fight goes on for awhile longer, but that's the last thing she says aside from grunting and screaming in pain before Shazam destroys her with a Megaton Punch.
  • "I'm-a-number one!" Wario, saying this line before the battle even starts. He doesn't say anything afterwards. After an intense fight with King Dedede, he eventually meets his end by Dedede launching a Gordo straight into his butt, blocking off Wario's Wario Waft and causing the rival to Mario to explode from the internal pressure.
  • "You're not the first doofus to try and take this! It's hero ti-" Ben Tennyson, getting his arm cut off by Green Lantern. After getting injured by Alien X, Hal Jordan goes back in time to before the fight starts to cut off Ben's arm and crush him with a giant boot.
  • "How strong are you?" Weiss Schnee, before Mitsuru summons Artemesia. Weiss charges at Mitsuru, but Mitsuru freezes Weiss before shattering her.
  • "Am I good enough for ya now?" Johnny Cage, before Captain Falcon calls the Blue Falcon to hit Johnny, before dealing more damage with the Boost Fire and finishing him off with the Falcon Punch.
  • "At least I'm taller than you..." Edward Elric, with his automail arm crushed, just before Aang in Avatar State disintegrates him with a four-element blast.
  • "Eat this, ya bastich!" Lobo, firing a weapon at Zarathos. The blast from Zarathos blows him and all his blood clones up.
  • "No, no, no, no, no, no, NOOOOOO!" Lobo's soul, being subjected to the agony of the Penance Stare, before being devoured by Zarathos.
  • "No! Keep fighting, Kiryu! You're all I've got!" Akane Yashiro, after the Dragonzord's missiles shoot her down and cause her to crash. Whether or not she survived is unknown.
  • "Oh no! Pull back! Pull Back!" Tommy Oliver the Green Ranger, before Mechagodzilla (Kiryu) freezes the Dragonzord (Battle Mode) with the Absolute Zero Cannon and smashes it into pieces.
  • "I'll put you to rest now." Sasuke Uchiha, before he and Hiei engage in a Single-Stroke Battle. After both combatants start bleeding, Sasuke falls to bloody pieces.
  • "Behold, true power." Ganondorf, after transforming into Ganon. He doesn't say anything else before the Triforce of Power is overpowered, and Dracula rips him in half.
  • "By the way, just so you know, this is your fault." Mob, reaching 100% mode. He doesn't say anything else as he later enters ???%. Tatsumaki has a meteor strike him from behind, breaking his psychic barrier, and Tatsumaki erases his body.
  • "Fuck you." Deadpool after the Mask cuts him down to a head and then blows him up, reducing the merc to dust. However, the Mask then brings Deadpool back to life after the fight.
  • " Go beyond! PLUS ULTRA!" All Might, attempting to attack once more, but Guy negates his attack with Night Guy, killing him upon impact.
  • "Good fight... let's do it... again..." Might Guy, succumbing to the cost of the 8th gate after killing All Might.

    Season 7 
  • "Aw, man...!" Miles Morales, as he's trapped in Static's plasma coil, before being charged with so much electricity that he explodes.
  • "Tell me, can you fly?" Sindel, after attempting to choke Black Canary in the sky. Canary breaks free with a Canary Bomb, and launches herself back up to punch Sindel's head clean off.
  • "COWABUNGA!" Leonardo, before he and Jason enter a sword deadlock. Jason wins the clash and cuts Leo in half.
  • "Don't talk to me." Genos after being reduced to a head by War Machine before being stomped out.
  • "I have no choice... Lost Iced Shell!" Gray Fullbuster, attempting to finish the fight with Lost Iced Shell. Esdeath kills Gray before the move finishes.
  • "Stop saying that! You're no champ, I am! The champion of Mortal Kombat!" Goro. He doesn't die immediately after this, but he says nothing else before Machamp makes him explode into giblets.
  • "I'll See You in Hell, you goddamn golden asshole!" Cable, right before Booster Gold crushes him with his shield.
  • "Don't give up..." Kakashi, muttering to himself some final words of reassurance before charging at Obi-Wan for a Single-Stroke Battle. Despite attempting to end Obi-Wan with a Chidori, the Hokage is cut clean in half by his foe's lightsaber.
  • "Get... Out!" Jake Long, after being possessed by Danny Phantom then slammed into multiple buildings before Danny leaves his body and vaporizes him with a Ghost Ray.
  • "You're finished!" She-Ra, right after slicing off Wonder Woman's gauntlets - which, unbeknownst to her, were acting as power limiters. With those removed, Wonder Woman quickly overpowers her and slices her head clean off.

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