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Famous Last Words / Ben 10

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    Ben 10 
  • "Whatever you are, you just made a terrible mistake! Us Limaxes live for the heat. Why do think we came to the desert in the summer?" The Limax
  • "You little human meatbag. Nobody controls Slix Vigma! Nobody!" He Gets Better.
  • "Resistance is futile. For even if you destroy me, you can not possibly stop the billions of my spores I am about to release into your atmosphere." The Fungal Brain
  • "Think of it, Ben. With the power of the Watch, and your DNA, I will be unstoppable." Ghostfreak. He Got Better
  • "The battle is not over, so long as one of us still stands." Ishiyama. Upgrade made him better
  • "We will not be stopped!" Coach Finn
  • "You are giving me a headache." S.A.M.
  • "Dr. Viktor, I am your superior." Dr. Shueman... possibly?
  • "No!" Ghostfreak. During the Time Skip, he got better

    Alien Force 
  • "You... you are Ben Tennyson. You can do anything." Magister Labrid
  • "You wouldn't dare! You would be destroyed, and your offspring." Highbreed
  • "Em-Emperor Milleous, have mercy!" Frolic the Incursion
  • "What'ja gonna do now, tough guy?" Ben/Chromastone. He regenerated into Diamondhead
  • "All the more reason for you to gather the other humans and leave this place. Go!" Highbreed soldier
  • "Ben... Tennyson... NO!" Ghostfreak. He Got Better, Again
  • "I didn't have no change." Rhomboid Vreedle clone
  • "We don't want it anymore. So it's your problem now." Octagon Vreedle clone
  • "I really hate those guys." Incursion Commander Sang-Froid
  • "Do what you can. I trust you." Alternate Timeline Ben
  • "No, the stars... are still aligned. There is still time. But, I am too weak... to continue. Ben, please." Sugilite. He got better
  • "I'll always be with you, Max. You tell my wife and son... I love them." Devlin Levin, in Max's fake memories
  • "No." Ragnarok... possibly?

    Ultimate Alien 
  • "This is a clear violation of code T22 Dash—AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Magister Prior Gilhil
  • "You knocked my block off." Computron
  • "It... hurts..." Andreas. He got better
  • "When I get out of these bonds!" Ra'ad. He got better
  • "What happened? How did I-" Bivalan. He got better
  • "What have you done?! It was the map you were meant to save, not me. My whole purpose was to protect that map. I thought I'd succeeded, but I see I have failed." The Sentinel
  • "Don't argue, kid. Run!" Kwarrel
  • "We did! I did!" Elena Validus. She got better
  • "No!" Eon
  • "No! You can't!" Pierce Wheels
  • "Ben Tennyson! You have made a dangerous enemy this day. Mark my words, YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LAST OF MIZARU!!!"
  • "Sustilance. We must have more garbage. We will take what we need!" The Garbage Monster... possibly?
  • "Wow. Harder... than I thought!" Ben Tennyson. He got better
  • "Tennyson! I need some metal over here!" Kevin Levin. He got better
  • "No." Gwen Tennyson. She got better
  • "I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me, Hope. But I can't stay here knowing my life was bought, at the cost of so many others. Goodbye my daughter, I love you." Spellbinder, before returning to the dead
  • "May Diagon curse you!" Conduit Edward
  • "It was an honour... to be your squire..." Winston
  • "What wizardry is this? Clouds can not protect you from my wrath!" Sir George
  • "But my substance is power!" Diagon... possibly?

  • "Huh! I bet that is what y'all call your basic countdown to destruction." Original Rhomboid Vreedle
  • "Clearly we did not think this through." Original Octagon Vreedle
  • "How do you shut this thing off?" Original Emperor Milleous
  • "Huh, Alien X! It is real!" Original Rook Blonko
  • "So, this is Alien X, huh? Great, we're toast." Original Argit
    • Technically, the rebooted universe is a new one with everything but Mr. Smoothy identical, with Ben the only survivor of the old one. This has never been spoken of again.
  • "You there! Step away from the fossils!" Galvanic Mechamorph Museum Guard
  • "See, what goes around comes around." Feedback. He Gets Better.
  • "Curse you, Ben Tennyson!" Malware
  • "No!" Zs'Skayr. He'll Get Better, Eventually

Secret of the Omnitrix
  • "You're not leaving here without me!" Lepidopterran Prisoner
Race Against Time
  • "He knows... he knows... Good luck, my son. You'll... need... it..." Constantine Jacobs
  • "No! It's not my time!" Eon
Alien Swarm
  • "You were a fool to transform into a drone. I can easily defeat a puny drone!" The Decoy Queen of the Hive
Cosmic Destruction
  • "Noooooo!" Enoch


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