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Famous Last Words / Attack on Titan

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  • "Don't go..." Carla Yeager
  • "H-Huh?" Thomas Wagner
  • "Don't run off on your own!" Nac Tius
  • "Stop! Please don't!" Mylius Zeramuski
  • "Eren!" Mina Carolina
  • "H-Hey!" Mitabi Jarnach
  • "Who are you?!" Gunther Shultz
  • "Strike the neck, now!" Eld Shin
  • "It prioritized one eye to accelerate the healing... Is that even possible?" Petra Rall
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  • "How? My blade can't pierce it..." Auruo Bossard
  • "NOOOO! STOOOP!" Mike Zacharius
  • "It's not over yet." Rene
  • "That sound... just what...?" Henning
  • "I'M SORRY DADDY! I'LL BE A GOOD GIRL FROM NOW ON I PROMISE! NO DADDY, NOOO-" Nanaba, being eaten by a titan, with her father nowhere around.
  • "I've been meaning to meet you for so long." Hannes
  • "If only... if only you'd never been bor-" Historia's mother
  • "Retake Wall Maria my son!!" Grisha Yeager
  • "Father...Uri...Frieda...wait for I..." Rod Reiss
  • " be a parent." Kenny Ackerman
  • "We haven't even had a chance to talk this over!" Marco Bott
  • "The second wave is incoming!! FIRE!!" Marlowe Freudenberg
    • "I wonder what Hitch is up to right now... Still sound asleep, probably... Aah... That must be nice. In the meanwhile, I'm over here... Why is that, I don't... even know-" Marlowe Freudenberg, last thoughts
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  • "Teacher... How'd y...find out that they... don't exist..." Erwin Smith.
  • "Grisha... It doesn't matter what I become... because, I'll still find you." Dina Yeager's last words before becoming a mindless Titan and being killed years later.
  • "I... wanted to save my brother. I'm sorry Reiner." Marcel Galliard
  • "And so I proclaim this day!! To the enemy forces of Paradis! This is the declaration of war!" Willy Tybur
  • "Zophia! Are you okay?! We have to move this thing now!" Udo
  • "Usurper...Eren Yeager. Do you have...any last words?" Lara Tybur
  • "Meat..." Sasha Blouse
  • "...This situation requires great caution. That is all." Darius Zackly
  • "Watch me, Mr. Xaver!" Zeke Yeager Even though he doesn't stay dead for long after that.
  • "I'll put it in a way that even you can understand. That tramp was the filthy daughter of d-" Griez
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  • "It's okay, Falco! Your big brother will never leave your side!" Colt Grice, before Falco turns into a Titan next to Colt, killing him
  • "Now you have to admit it... That... to the end... I've always been better than you..." Porco Galliard
  • "...Thank you. By the way, what's your name?" After the person he's speaking with introduces himself, the speaker replies with his name" "Theo Magath."
    • "Keith Shadith. Yours?" Self explanatory response.
  • "No... please... don't go... everyone... the island... will be... killed... our... devil... is... our... only.. hope." Floch Forster
  • "Titans have always... been so cool..." Hange Zoe
  • "...What a beautiful day it is. ...if only I'd realized that earlier... well... after all the killing I've done... that's asking for too much." Zeke Yeager. For real this time.
  • "If you want to try and stop me... then try to stop me from ever taking another breath. You are all free." Eren Yeager. Those are his last spoken words, after which he remains silent until he is decapitated by Mikasa.
    • "I don't know what happens after I die, but I know... you can make it to the other side of the walls. Humanity will be saved by you, Armin." Eren's last words to Armin, before he wipes their memories and leads them to his death.
    • "Please... Mikasa... forget about me..." Eren Yeager in Mikasa's vision / alternate future, before he succumbs to the Curse of Ymir.

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