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Famous Last Words / Attack on Titan

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  • "Don't go..." Carla Yeager
  • "H-Huh?" Thomas Wagner
  • "Don't run off on your own!" Nac Tius
  • "Stop! Please don't!" Mylius Zeramuski
  • "Eren!" Mina Carolina
  • "H-Hey!" Mitabi Jarnach
  • "Who are you?!" Gunther Shultz
  • "Strike the neck, now!" Eld Shin
  • "It prioritized one eye to accelerate the healing... Is that even possible?" Petra Rall
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  • "How? My blade can't pierce it..." Auruo Bossard
  • "NOOOO! STOOOP!" Mike Zacharius
  • "It's not over yet." Rene
  • "That sound... just what...?" Henning
  • "Shit... Now I'm really all out of the damn gas, huh...?" Nanaba
  • "I've been meaning to meet you for so long." Hannes
  • "If only... if only you'd never been bor-" Historia's mother
  • "Retake Wall Maria my son!!" Grisha Yeager
  • "Father...Uri...Frieda...wait for I..." Rod Reiss
  • " be a parent." Kenny Ackerman
  • "We haven't even had a chance to talk this over!" Marco Bott
  • "The second wave is incoming!! FIRE!!" Marlowe Freudenberg
    • "I wonder what Hitch is up to right now... Still sound asleep, probably... Aah... That must be nice. In the meanwhile, I'm over here... Why is that, I don't... even know-" Marlowe Freudenberg, last thoughts
  • "Teacher... How'd y...find out that they... don't exist..." Erwin Smith.
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  • "Grisha... It doesn't matter what I become... because, I'll still find you." Dina Yeager's last words before becoming a mindless Titan and being killed years later.
  • "I... wanted to save my brother. I'm sorry Reiner." Marcel Galliard
  • "And so I proclaim this day!! To the enemy forces of Paradis! This is the declaration of war!" Willy Tybur
  • "Zophia! Are you okay?! We have to move this thing now!" Udo
  • "Usurper...Eren Yeager. Do you have...any last words?" Lady Tybur
  • "Meat..." Sasha Blouse
  • "...This situation requires great caution. That is all." Darius Zackly
  • "Watch me, Mr. Xaver!" Zeke Yeager Even though he doesn't stay dead for long after that.
  • "I'll put it in a way that even you can understand. That tramp was the filthy daughter of d-" Griez
  • "So now... I know for certain. I was the better man to the end..." Porco Galliard
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  • "...Thank you. By the way, what's your name?" Theo Magath. After the person he's speaking with introduces himself, Magath replies with his name.
  • "Keith Shadith. Yours?" Self explanatory, in response to the above.
  • "No... please... don't go... everyone... the island... will be... killed... our... devil... is... our... only.. hope." Floch Forster
  • "Titans have always... been so cool..." Hange Zoe

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