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  • During Achievement Hunter's Let's Play Minecraft series, it's not uncommon to have one of the guys totally spaz out and forget where something went.
    • One of their largest instances of this was in the very first episode. After losing their original house (as everyone had died since building it) Ray set out to build a replacement house, walking past the original house and starting construction of the new house about 6 feet away.
    • Among these were Geoff not realizing he turned his blocks of wood into sticks and Jack diving down a hole in an attempt to ambush Gavin.
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    • Probably the longest case of this involves a picture of two guys performing karate. Back in episode 15, Michael had heard Ray making stereotypical karate noises and told him to shut up. Flash forward to episode 28 when Michael finally discovers it and exclaims "How long have we had this?!"
  • The Game Grumps often struggle a lot more with video games than they should not because they're bad at said games, but because they miss crucial Plot Points and instructions any normal gamer would see because they're somewhat distracted trying to put on a show and be entertaining to their own audience. This is lampshaded countless times during the course of their show. Arin has even mocked NP Cs that begin talking, and in the same sentenced acknowledged that he should be paying attention because said NPC is probably telling him something important.
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  • Freddiew's Lightbulb Assassin features a particularly egregious case of a security guard unable to notice the man shooting out lights from 2 feet behind him. See it here.
  • Louder With Crowder has a very odd meta-example where he has an episode making fun of a girl in a video for being fat. At one point her video shows her eating a donut with mini Reeses peanut butter cups on it. For some reason he repeatedly refers to said donut as a "skittle-covered donut" even though Reese's peanut butter cups aren't skittles. Most oddly, he refers to it as covered in skittles even when the picture showing the donut is on the screen, and correctly calls it a Reeses peanut butter cup donut a couple times, making you wonder why neither the editor nor anyone else seemed to notice.
  • Jon, the host of Many A True Nerd, is memetic for his "-1 Perception," leading him to overlook information right in front of him, to his later detriment. One good example comes from his Stellaris: Apocalypse playthrough, where it takes him ten minutes to realize he hasn't conquered a star system yet because he ordered his Colossus to crack the wrong planet.
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  • Played for Laughs in the last moments of The Music Video Show's 75th episode
  • In Noob: Le Conseil des Trois Factions, Sparadrap returns to a location he visited before and fails to notice an unnaturally large tree appearing in it since last time until someone else points it out.
  • In this War Thunder video, a player somehow manages to miss a T95, a 14-foot wide 100-ton superheavy tank, sitting right in the middle of the street (and taking up most of it) in broad daylight.
  • Many people featured on Retsupurae make it painfully obvious that their videos were directly uploaded to YouTube without them going over it first (that or just having extremely low standards).
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    • During the Let's Play of Fallout 3, Shamus admits to having completely missed Liberty Prime until the big battle in during his first play-through, despite having passed through the room it's stored in several times during the course of the play-through. Liberty Prime is a 50-feet-tall Humongous Mecha.
    • This is the same man who only discovered that a new sofa had been delivered and was in the next room after seeing a tweet from his wife.
  • Team Four Star:
    • Lampshadeed this during their Let's Play of Halo: Reach when a giant Covenant capitol ship destroys a human ship idly floating below it.
      "Sorry, guys, I thought the planet had a ceiling for a minute!"
    • There are countless instances of them making a mistake during a playthrough because they neglected to pay attention to very obvious details. They have also acknowledged the frequency with which their viewers will call them idiots for it in the comments of any given video.
  • Used as a plot point in To Boldly Flee, where the fact that nobody notices continuity errors or the fact that Linkara has quite obviously been replaced by his evil robot counterpart are due to an in-universe plot hole sucking up continuity and sense like the black hole it resembles.
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  • Outside Xbox: While playing Among Us, Mike claims to suffer from an ailment known as "corpse blindness" that causes him to not notice bodies strewn around the ship, leading to some easily avoidable excusions resulting from him casually strolling past bodies. (Eurogamer's Aoife Wilson, who is often in the same streams, has it too; at one point she walks past Johnny Chiodini's body and mistakes it for Johnny's fully healthy spaceman despite the bone sticking out of one end.)
  • 7-Second Riddles: Many crime-based riddles involve the culprits lying about impossible scenarios, claiming things that fly against what they should know to be true- like the time of day something happened, or where it took place. In other instances, they'll send pictures of themselves claiming to be in one location, but miss an obvious detail in the picture that proves them a liar; for example, a palm-tree in the background of a supposedly cold area.


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