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  • During Marisa's battle against Cirno in the Touhou fanfic Average Joe In Bullet Hell, she begins shooting off repeated Master Sparks. She stops firing after a while to take a breather but finds out that the one tree that wasn't blown up was where Cirno was hiding.
  • Averted in the The Walking Dead fanfic Better Angels when Shane immediately spots the herd of Walkers bearing down on Hershel's farm, whereas Rick didn't notice them in canon. This alludes to Shane's survival instincts being much stronger than Rick's.
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  • In the Harry Potter fanfic The Boy Who Died A Lot, Madam Hooch refuses to entertain the notion that the bludgers have been sabotaged, insisting that nothing can get past her wands.
  • On two occasions in Metal Gear Solid: Fight of Metal Gears, Jake Snake fails to notice enemies until Otacon calls him and tells him that they're behind him.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan works:
    • Ultra Fast Pony. Fluttershy is supposed to wait for the snow to be cleared away before she wakes up the animals. She fails to notice that the ground is still covered in snow, even when she's standing in it.
      Fluttershy: I thought it was dandruff!
    • In Twillight Sparkle's awesome adventure, Twilight doesn't notice that Celestia is evil until it is pointed out to her, despite its extreme obviousness based on the description immediately following said pointing-out.
    • Dash's New Mom: Twilight Sparkle fails to realize that the stallion she's dating, Blue Streak, is Rainbow Dash's daddy. Since the daughter is almost a dead ringer for her father, Twilight is very sheepish when Rainbow points out how obvious at least some relation would be.
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    • There was a brief period where Bonbon of the Reading Rainbowverse was actually in a tumblr dashboard. Both Lyra and Fluttershy tried to get her attention... but the relevant posts always moved out of view right before she turned to look.
    • In Diaries of a Madman, Rainbow Dash and Navarone are completely oblivious to the fact that they've entered a restaurant for couples until they get inside and bump into Rarity, somehow failing to be tipped off by the name of The Loveboat.
    • After consummating his relationship with Celestia in TD the Alicorn Princess, TD somehow fails to notice her lying in his bed when waking up the morning after. After eventually noticing, he ends up wondering what she's doing there before the memories come back.
    • In About Last Night (My Little Pony), Pinkie Pie, who knows all details about all her friends, doesn't recognize Rarity's double is not her.
      Pinkie: Ooh! A wall!
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    • Much like in "Fall Weather Friends", Twilight fails to notice the large crowd of spectators in A Pony Out of Place until Pinkie points them out to her.
      Pinkie: All right everypony! Let's all give a hoof to our two competitors!
      Twilight: Pinkie? Who the hay are you talking to?
      Pinkie: (pointing) Them.
      Twilight: One of these days... I'm going to learn not to ask.
    • This happens to Limestone in the Harmony's Warriors side-story "Trottingham Pink", when she doesn't realize the pink mare she was facing was her sister.
    • Spike in Past Sins MST, who somehow didn't see Twilight carrying Nyx when she returned from the Everfree Forest.
    • In The Great Slave King, Captain Sing Sing orders his guards to escort prisoners who had escaped in a jailbreak back to the cells before the princesses find out, only to find a bemused Celestia looking straight down at him.
    • In Chapter 2 of The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments, Applejack misses all of the apple-related food at the meal during her initial look at the table.
    • In the World of Warcraft/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover World of Ponycraft, the guards' perception range follows the aggro rules, allowing the group to pick them off in small groups.
    • In Stroll, the bandits who originally kidnapped Octavia don't seem to notice when the cargo they stole - and the pony who came with it - have fallen out of the back of their wagon.
    • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: While exploring the Questioning Order’s vault, Rex finds the Crystal Heart hidden in a small hidden area of the wall. Thinking it’s only a replica, he puts it back, unaware it was the real thing, or that (per Word Of God) Sombra was the one who hid it there, with the Questioning Order having never found it.
    • A Diplomatic Visit:
      • It's been over a year since Princess Luna's return; Moondancer's known something was off about the night sky, but didn't realize that the image of the Mare in the Moon was gone from its usual spot until Princess Celestia pointed it out. Moondancer herself is surprised she didn't realize this sooner, and chalks it up to being preoccupied by wallowing in her own misery.
      • As seen in chapter 6 of the second sequel, Diplomacy Through Schooling, Starlight Glimmer's so out of touch that she completely missed the war going on the year before. The same goes for the citizens of her village.
      • In the same chapter, it's noted that Neighsay's captors missed his teleportation pendant, and that it still has magic. He intends to use this to his advantage.
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim does this a few times:
    • Dib does this twice in the first chapter — first, when he overlooks the Big Red Button on the Spittle Runner's console, and later when he's trying to escape Norlock's castle and doesn't see a nearby window right away.
    • In Episode 2, Dib is keeping an eye out for Zim at the Parent Teacher conference, and yet Zim's whole group sneaks up behind him.
    • At the start of Episode 4, Zim and Skoodge somehow fail to notice Phil in the same room as them, despite his size.
    • In Episode 7, when Dib and Steve are hiking through the woods to reach the unburied Meekrob ship, they completely miss a dirt road leading right there. Though Dib comments it wasn't on the map, so it's not entirely their fault.
    • Also in Episode 7, Zim fails to notice Dib and Steve's presence in the Children of the Bright and Shining Saucer camp, until they speak up.
    • In Episode 16, Team Save Earth fail to notice the monster army attacking the city until Mortos points it out to them.
  • In Taaroko's Season 8, it takes Willow 'recognising' one of the girls as Kennedy for Xander to realise that the thirty six-year-old girls running around Summers Academy in nothing but adult blouses are actually the de-aged Slayers, Giles explicitly noting that the correlation should have been obvious.
  • Buffy basically accuses the rest of Angel Investigations as having done this in "A Letter to Riley"; they spent weeks watching Angel become increasingly obsessed with Darla and never suspected there was anything 'unnatural' about it, and yet Giles deduced that Angel was under a spell after talking with him for just an hour when he hadn't even seen Angel in over a year.
  • PRIMARCHS lampshades this concept, in one of its many homages to Final Fantasy, when the Primarchs have a "random encounter" with some daemons on their way to meet Abbadon.
  • Probably an excusable oversight as he doesn’t spend much time with Rogue whatever side they’re both on, but in Spider-X, Lance didn’t realise that Rogue was now able to touch people again for over a week before he officially ‘defected’ to live at the mansion, and only realised things had changed when he saw Scott without his glasses (the power nullifier Peter had developed for Rogue being adapted for Scott and Jamie).
  • The reason why Azula was able to infiltrate the Earth King's palace in the Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic Retroactive. Despite all the guards, they were unprepared for someone who had already infiltrated Ba Sing Se, observed the security routines, and loaded up on potential weapons for sale right there in the city. It's implied that this is a result of purging the Dai Li, who normally would have been spying on the populace and both detecting and diffusing those kinds of plots before they could even get to the palace. Of course, Long Feng especially would realize this, hence why he sends Azula to take advantage of that exact weakness.
  • In the Infinity Crisis spin-off Women of Wonder, the Justice League of Earth-51 are unaware that the Joker nearly robbed a museum they visited while they were tracking the latest threat; he saw them trying to recapture five heroes transformed into animals and decided it wasn’t worth trying to follow up that particular ‘act’ with a simple museum robbery.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • In Act II, after fighting off a vampire agent in Ashton City, Moka fails to realize several obvious things (the agent's fighting style, personal knowledge of Moka, and voice over the radio) that prove the agent's identity as her sister Akua, even dismissing the odd coincidence that Akua and Kahlua just happened to show up at Yokai Academy right after the gang returned there from Ashton City. It isn't until Act III chapter 42, where the group discovers from Hokuto that Akua and Kahlua lied and Fairy Tale is not only still active, but coming to Yokai Academy for a full-scale attack, that Moka puts it together; she promptly lampshades how blind she was to not have put it together beforehand.
    • In Act III chapter 46, when Kou returns to Yokai Academy and reveals to the headmaster that Fairy Tale stole the Chrono Displacement spell from Issa Shuzen's archives, he somehow doesn't take into account the fact that the archive in question was a family secret that only Issa and his daughters knew about, and thus the only way Fairy Tale could have known about the archive, let alone the spell, is if Akua and Kahlua had been in league with them, until he actually says it out loud.
    • In Act IV chapter 17, Falla mistakes a bottle of Yukari's love-struck potion for perfume, completely failing to notice the warning note Ruby left next to it.
    • Throughout Act IV, Tsukune and co. expect Hokuto to pull off a full-scale attack on Yokai Academy to capture Moka, as per what happened in an Alternate Timeline. However, they fail to consider the fact that Luna and Falla, two Time Masters, were not present in said Alternate Timeline, and are completely unprepared when Hokuto, who did take Luna and Falla's presence into account, goes with a Divide and Conquer tactic instead by having Jovian and Jacqueline hold Tsukune's mother and cousin hostage.
  • Until he runs right into him, Mike Evens is too deep in thought to notice the large and rather muscular henchman in his way as he leaves for home after stealing important documents from his boss in the Lilo & Stitch: The Series fanfic Aliens.
  • First in the second Chapter 14 of Supper Smash Bros: Mishonh From God with the entire British Military coming "outta nowere". Despite behaving as they did in American Revolution with marching in straight rows and having drummer boys keeping them in rhythm. Later, in Chapter 16, Mao Zedong shows up riding FREAKIN GODZILLA despite Sara not seeing anything seconds earlier and being on "hi alurt".
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic Teaching Darkness, this happens to Iblis when the sun sets, giving Dark the advantage.
  • This Bites!:
    • During the Alubarna banquet in Chapter 22, Cross is so exuberant out of successfully tying Luffy's tongue around his own head that he neglects to check what he's eating: biscuits.
    • After Enel is defeated, Conis is so distraught over losing her island, her father, and contemplating her decision to join the Straw Hats, that she doesn't notice her father standing behind her comforting her.
  • In a fan film of Uncharted, while Nathan is being beaten while handcuffed to a chair, one of the mooks watching notices that the compass they took from him is missing its southern hand. He brings it up but it's too late. Nathan has already used it to get free of the handcuffs and starts a brawl with those in the room.
  • Played for Drama in Amazing Fantasy. In her rush to meet up with Martin to participate a raid on a Demons hideout, Melissa neglected to insert the last two screws of the electric eel cage, which allowed it to shatter and electrocute Max.
  • This bites Chat Noir in the backside in Burning Bridges, Building Confidence. When Cole sees him sitting on the sidelines and watching Ladybug fight alone, he blithely informs her that he's not going to help... not until Ladybug agrees to start dating him. He fails to notice that Master Fu is in the same alleyway, and is less than pleased by his Betrayal by Inaction.
  • Played for Drama in Steven Universe: Gone Wrong. After racing to the beach house, Greg's relieved to see his son seemingly none the worse for wear, other than seeming pinker than usual. He fails to notice his son's body lying on the couch, leading to mounting tension as it gradually dawns upon him that something's wrong.
  • A moment of this kicks off Crumbling Down, as Lila attempts to kill Ladybug by pushing a wall onto her and then gloats about it, unaware that Alya saw and filmed the whole thing.
  • For The Glory Of Irk: Lard Nar somehow confuses Vero and Xia for Red and Purple despite the fact that they're wearing completely differently colored clothes. Also, Xia is female, while both Tallest are male.


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