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Facepalming in web videos.

  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre:
    • In episode 3, Jane is absolutely desperate and touches and covers her face several times. She panics and freaks out because she's lost in the middle of nowhere at night, she lost her phone and can't contact the person who's supposed to give her a ride.
    • Jane facepalms at the beginning of episode 5 when she's exhausted and experiences "it's at the tip of my tongue" as she spent the whole day talking French with Adele, and cannot remember the word for "fatiguée". When she realizes it's "tired", she buries her face in her hands.
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    • In episode 9 "Phlegm", Jane is ill and feels very down. She rubs her face and is on the brink of tears.
    • In episode 10, she touches her forehead in an exasperated gesture. It expresses how she's unsatisfied, lonely and restless. Also, it happened after an almost-collision with a car. People have a right to be upset after such experience.
  • Channel Awesome: Everyone of their team employs it every now and then.
    • Happens all the time with The Nostalgia Critic. In particular, he opened his review of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie with his head buried in his hands.
    • Variation of headdesk with Todd in the Shadows, after realizing what "Paparazzi" is about. While he has no desk available at the time, he does have a keyboard. And a head.
    • In an episode of Wrestle! Wrestle! for TNA Impact, Spoony has apparently gotten to the point where even saying "Dixie" (as in TNA owner Dixie Carter) causes a reflexive facepalm.
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    • Diamanda Hagan is too important an Evil Overlord to facepalm by herself, so while reviewing Left Behind she calls one of her minions to present his palm so she can smack it with her forehead.
      Diamanda Hagan: Minion! Facepalm, now!
    • From the opening of Kickassia Part 5:
      Linkara: This is ridiculous! There is no strategy here! Plus, he's my archnemesis! It's...annoying!
      Benzaie: No, they're right. We've got to fight madness with madness. And he's the craziest we got. [to Insano] Are you ready?
      Dr. Insano: [evil laugh] I was BORN ready!!!
      [Linkara does a double facepalm]
  • Often performed (and lampshaded) whenever something particularly stupid happens in any of Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play. During The Runaway Guys's run of Mario Party, NintendoCapriSun coined a new term: "Face eyes"
  • Decker Shado does this so often in his reviews that his "Summer of Saw" culminated in getting hunted down by the Jigsaw killer for hurting himself that much.
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  • Dana performs the two-handed version of this in the "Terrible Interviewees Montage" episode of Echo Chamber's Trope of the Week.
  • Feminist Frequency did one in response to LEGO Friends.
  • Flander's Company:
    • Hippolyte Kurtzmann sometimes holds the bridge of his nose while interviewing candidates.
    • The most beautiful is certainly Hippolyte and Cindy having a simultaneous one at the end of season 3 episode 16, when Trueman agrees to a cooperation with the ex-C.C Corp members.
    • The Brotherhood of Shadows' members have several despite their short screen time:
      • Lex Luthor, when Dr. Claw accidentally shows his true face.
      • Double-facepalm for Magneto when Dr. Claw and Dr. Doom start arguing.
      • Then Dr. Claw facepalming (with his gloved hand) at Doom's extremely lame joke.
  • Folding Ideas: In The Art of Storytelling and The Book of Henry, Dan rubs his temples for the same effect when Gregg Hurwitz talks about how tricky it was to walk the tightrope with the tone.
    Dan: Oh Jesus, they think they nailed it.
  • France Five, starting with episode 2, has an animated Eye Catch of the team doing a "Super Sentai" Stance. Although for the second part of it, they screw it up and most of them end up sprawled while Red Fromage facepalms.
  • The Joueur du Grenier is a frequent practitioner of the facepalm.
    • In fact, the conclusion of every opening sequence, just before the title shows up, is one.
    • In the Color Dreams video (during the Raid 2020 part), he does a facepalm while wearing a giant Mickey Mouse-style glove.
    • At the end of the second special (about cartoons), the completely over-the-top scene from The Prince of Tennis elicits this.
  • In the Season 2 premiere of Noob, an elite player turns out to be the younger brother of Sparadrap, who's so oblivious to his gaming activities that's he's convinced that he doesn't know how to play the fictional MMORPG in which most of the story is set. The scene revealing the family relation between the two ends with Sparadrap kicking his younger brother off the computer so he can play himself, noticing that the new update of the MMORPG got installed without him doing anything and... deciding it somehow happened by itself. His younger brother's reaction inevitably ends up as this trope.
  • Out With Dad: Nathan and his dad both react this way when his mom worries Rose will cut her hair short, since she's a lesbian.
  • Guy Collin's Rage has God facepalm after a butterfly accidentally extinguishing a match triggers a chain reaction that ultimately results in the Earth plummeting into the sun.
  • In The Six Cats Parade, Torresminha (a gray tuxedo cat) did a cat facepalm in this video.
  • Stuart Ashen's video review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
  • What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?: Nash often does this on his show in response to the rampant stupidity. Whenever he does this in his Doctor Who reviews, it usually comes with a sound effect as well.


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