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Facepalming in webcomics.

  • Sarine's relationship with Jon in Errant Story is largely a single, incredibly extended, highly expressive facepalm, but she does get to turn the tables and induce a classic one of her own in Jon's sister Sara.
  • When Trope-tan facepalms in The Way of the Metagamer, this is quite naturally with a "Facepalm!" Unsound Effect.
  • Underdogs
    • Pretty much the constant state of Jacobson whenever Eric/Theo are involved.
    • Eric during the first time dealing with Theo in Issue 2
  • Spinnerette
    • Sahira goes beyond Unsound Effect territory by turning "facepalm" into an actual expletive:
      Sahira: Facepalm! I think Mecha Maid is a lesbian who wants to have sexual intercourse with you.
    • And then... of course, it was bound to happen, Spinnerette having six arms: Facepalm ×6!
  • Most everybody in Least I Could Do has done the "pinching the bridge of the nose" variant at one time or another. Usually it's because of something Rayne just said or did.
  • Zebra Girl: During the Lotus-Eater Machine sequence, Sam does one, after Sandra ignores his warnings and lets her curiosity gets the better of her.
  • In 8-Bit Theater, White Mage bashes her head against a tree in response to some particularly impressive idiocy from everyone else.
  • Guilded Age: When a band of "adventurer's-rights enforcers" sets up their own nation on Gastonian soil, Syr'nj and Field Marshal Ardaic react in the only possible way.
  • In Laws And Sausages, Greg Weiner explains that James Madison campaigned for the separation of powers so that the legislative, executive and judicial branches would balance out each other's power. However, party politics weakens this system because people in the different branches can be on the same "side". "And who, you ask, is the father of the modern party system? (puts both hands on face) One hint — his name rhymes with Schmadison."
  • Paranatural: Lucifer tells Hijack that he needs better control of his emotions.
    Hijack: I have a sister who can control emotions. She's scary, like a big millipede.
    Lucifer: [pinching the bridge of his beak] LiSTEN
  • Deep Rise: Four characters, eight hands each, for a whopping 32x facepalm combo when they discover someone accidentally invented a living dildo from anime toy parts.


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