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Facepalming in fanfiction.

Archie Comics
  • Maybe the Last Archie Story: Done by Reggie Mantle when, on top of finding out that his ex-schoolmate Sabrina is a witch right after she has been kidnapped, he finds himself talking to a cat.
    Reggie shook his head. "I don't know what it means, either. Not a good enough detective, I suppose." Then he leaned his head against the wall and covered his eyes with one hand.
    Salem looked at Reggie, cocking his head. "What's wrong, kid? Need an Excedrin?"
    From behind his hand, Reggie said, "I'm talking to a cat. I'm having a conversation with a cat. This cannot be real. I'm still dreaming, right?"

Big Hero 6

  • Hiro does this twice in one night in Different Course of Events, as Baymax was doing an usually good job of saying just the wrong thing to Tadashi.
    Baymax: The encounter with the masked man only increased Hiro's levels of stress, especially when we were under attack and as we escaped by jumping out of a window.
    Hiro slammed his hand against his forehead for a second time that night.


  • The Snow Has Stopped The Rain. Instances include:
    • Ichigo when his friends had decided to "rescue" him and an arrested Rukia, when he had been in the middle of trying to get her out using legal channels.
    • Shirayuki (on herself unusually) when she realizes the ease of which she and Ichigo had been communicating via a Psychic Link should have been impossible and the implications of it are huge.
    • Uryu barely resists this when he realizes Ganju had slipped away from the group when they're in hostile territory. He gives up and does it anyway when Ganju shows up screaming and being pursued by a large number of armed Shinigami.


  • The Bolt Chronicles:
    • Penny hides her face in her hand with mortification on a few occasions.
      • With embarrassment in reaction to her mom's Big Eater binge in "The Baseball Game."
      • With embarrassment when Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino are caught by security snitching a pair of skis, tearing up a freshly groomed mountain trail, throwing snowballs, and committing other transgressions in "The Ski Trip."
      • With irritation upon discovering how badly fouled up her computer has become in "The Autobiography."
    • Mittens covers her face with a paw when Bolt starts in on a Hurricane of Puns in "The Coyote."

Calvin and Hobbes


  • Boldores And Boomsticks: Yang is more than a little exasperated at how Ruby can remain chipper even while stranded in another world.
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  • The Big Reveal has Merlin and Arthur switch lives with their actors, Bradley and Colin.
    Colin: Well, maybe when we get to Camelot, you should refrain from kissing Gwen. In public. Or ever.
    Bradley: Hell. Gwen. What am I going to do?
    Colin: I know. Usually you have to do three takes before you get the kisses right.
    [Bradley gave in to the urge to facepalm]
  • In The Blue Blur of Termina, Tatl does this in response to Sonic's hesitation during his first use of the Deku Flower.
  • I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC:
    • Green Goblin's drugged antics make Spider-Man facepalm himself.
    • Green Goblin manages to make Batman do this. And Green Goblin wasn't even drugged at the time!
    • Green Lantern does this while Deadpool was singing to Ryan Reynolds.
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Haruhi facepalms after realizing that Kyon's gotten himself in trouble with the School Council by hanging Yamane Jun out of a window.
  • Last Child of Krypton: In chapter 2, Shinji has just prevented a plane from crashing. He boards the plane, asks if anybody has been hurt... and a guard of Asuka's security detail announces he bit his tongue. Asuka facepalms.
  • In Opening Dangerous Gates, Laxus does this when Makarov tries to hit on Rangiku, embarrassing everybody.
  • In Shadows of Giants, Kenji does this so often in response to the Mane Six's antics that his forehead becomes red.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: Here: "Three arguing warlocks stood around a waist-high pedestal covered in schematics. One kept tapping the blackboard behind him with his index finger, smearing the scrawled runes on it in the process. The other held up an open book like a ward against ignorance, pointing at a certain passage. While the two shouted at each other, the third covered his forehead with one palm while glaring at the wax dripping onto his notes from a toppled candelabra."
  • Reaction Spandex: As Deadpool and Spider-Man are doing a reaction video to the Super Power Beat Down match between Wolverine and Wonder Woman, Spidey is naturally drawn into facepalming several times, especially whenever Deadpool mentions Wonder Woman's "forms".
  • In My Little Animaniacs, Scootaloo and the Brain do this when Apple Bloom drags them all the way to Manehattan to visit Babs, only to admit that she doesn't even know where she lives.
  • In Broken Twilight Snape does it when Dobby refers to him as "Harry's bat."
  • In Per Volar Su Nata Raven does it when Fred, George and Beast Boy team up to play a prank on Speedy.
  • In A Fanfiction Carol, Petraverd (the first ghost, in the form of a unicorn) face-hoofs whenever Smooge, after showing some sign of progress, acts like The Ditz-of-a-fangirl she still is.
  • In A Shadow of the Titans, Raven facepalms after hearing Gadjo's "explanation" for how relationships work.
  • In Echoes of Yesterday, Battery from Worm covers her face with her hands when Assault of all people decides to lecture Supergirl on proper hero etiquette.
    Assault took that moment to rejoin the conversation and promptly put himself between me and Battery, "Hey now, you better not be sneaking any peaks on Puppy with those see-through eyes of yours."
    I paused, trying to figure out what he meant while Battery covered her face and sighed.
  • In crossover fanfic Displaced, Rose Wilson almost facepalms when Catwoman tells her to ditch her guns after hiring her services.
    "Alright! That's enough doom and gloom for today. Put your gear on, grab a bagel, and let's get going. And no guns!"
    "And what's I am supposed to use then? A shovel?" She asked sarcastically.
    "Sure, why not? We... just need to get one first."
    Rose resisted the urge to facepalm.
  • In Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail, Ash does this when he learns that "Tri_pod" — a person online who knows about the train that kidnapped Chloe — is just the name of his Unova rival "Trip" with a space and 'od' at the end to make a pun.

Death Note

  • In Ragnarok Light does this when Sayu meets his "new friends" while insulting all of them:
    Light sighed again, pressing the heels of his hands to his eyes. That migraine was assured now- damn all little sisters to the blackest pits of hell.

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • In My Master Ed, Edward and Van get food soon after the former frees the latter from slavery and Van is left dumbfounded at how generous he’s being.
    Ed: What, you don’t like it? You could have told me before, you know, then I would have gotten you something else!
    Van: No, I...I just...I never had pomegranate soup before.
    Ed: Why? It wasn’t that expensive.
    Van: *rubs his temples* Slaves don't have their own money.

Harry Potter

  • In Dragons Speak Parseltongue Too, You Know Hermione does it when Luna undresses without explaining she has a bathing suit underneath and Harry averts his eyes.
  • In Glory in the Light of Hope Hermione does it when a recently-blinded Harry brandishes the cane she made him and pretends to be a swordsman.
  • In Harry Potter: The Warlock of Slytherin Iris does it when Daniel loses 25 points for deliberately insulting Snape.
  • In Wind Shear Cygnus does it when Charlus informs him of Voldemort's ancestry and Cygnus realizes that he and his family have been supporting a half-blood.
  • In Across The Time Harry does it when Dean comments that someday there may be books and even movies based on his, Ron and Hermione's exploits.
  • In The Price is Right Justin does it when his fellow first-year Hufflepuffs fangirl after Harry uses the levitation spell to save Neville from injury during flying lessons.
  • In The Savior and the Scourge Harry does it when Minister Fudge and half a dozen Aurors storm into the Great Hall.
  • In A Dance All My Own Harry does it when he asks Cedric to call the cavalry and Cedric asks why he'd want to summon a bunch of horse-mounted fighters.

Hetalia: Axis Powers

Horatio Hornblower

  • Much Ado About Shakespeare: Love's Labours Won: So much shame, so much face-palming! It's all over the fic.
    • Archie Kennedy scrubs his hand over his face when he realizes he and Horatio Hornblower will spend 50 hours together on shore leave and he needs to hide his feelings for his best friend and superior officer.
    • Horatio sighs and runs a hand over his face when Archie yet again quotes Shakespeare and he's most definitely not in the mood because he barely slept and is tired as hell.
    • Archie drops his head into his hands and bites back on the urge to scream. One of his post-panic attack's face-palms.
    • As Archie's still recovering from his panic attack, he sighs and runs a hand over his face.
    • Archie runs his hands through his hair, then rubs them roughly over his face "as though to scrub the last half hour out of existence" — also still in the streets after his panic attack.
    • Horatio wants to check a quote from King John. He sighs and "runs a hand slowly over his face" when he realizes he unfairly accused Archie of cheating in the bet and not valuing their friendship.
    • Archie flops down upon his bed, lies on his back and his hands cover his face. It happens as Archie is shamed when he remembers he was drunk and flirted with Horatio in public.
    • Archie buries his face in his pillow as he remembers his self-pitying recitation of Sonnet 25.
    • Archie jerks slightly and "rubs at his eyes" when Horatio comes to their room they are sharing at the inn.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • Valerie Payne tends to do this in The Ultimate Evil when her extended family of the Chans say or do something that doesn't help with the situation in hand.

Mass Effect

  • A Star To Steer Her By: The reaction to EDI's logical reasoning that dysfunctional families in dire need of therapy make an acceptable template for behavior as Shepard has referred to Normandy's crew as a dysfunctional family on multiple occasions.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • In The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds, Celestia facehoofs hard enough to cause a minor quake when she realizes she forgot to tell Megan about Cadence.
  • Escape From the Moon: In the sequel The Mare From the Moon, this is Starlight’s reaction to learning how one of Spliced’s old classmates reacted when he failed a history exam, insisting he was right and the textbook was wrong.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • A Crown of Stars:
    • In chapter 35 Rayana is giving Shinji tips to understand women. She face palms during the conversation at least once when he is not getting something.
    • In chapter 69 Asuka and Shinji reveal everyone that they are expecting. Touji blankly asks "Waiting what?" His girlfriend Hikari groaned and put her hand over her face.
  • Advice and Trust: In chapter 4 Shinji did a double facepalm after Asuka all but blew their cover (they were trying to keep their relationship secret and she pretty much shouted at a classmate that they were having sex).
  • Aki-chan's Life: In the sequel to The Second Try Asuka facepalms repeatedly here and here while Kaji is putting his foot in his mouth in spectacular fashion.
  • Doing It Right This Time: Asuka facepalms when she finds out that Shinji did not know that pilots get paid.
  • Evangelion 303: Misato pulls it several times:
    • In chapter 3, after Asuka has botched a mission because she was too busy inquiring about Shinji's sex life to focus on performing her task.
    • In chapter 11, Asuka has been ordered to test a prototype war plane despite of not being psychologically stable. The test goes awry, and Misato -who had talked against putting Asuka in that plane-, facepalmed as wearing a "I knew it" expression.
    • In chapter 14 Misato had been complaining about missing pilots. And then new pilots arrive and she realizes that they are guaranteed to make trouble. So she facepalms in irritation.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion: Misato does a double face palm when Asuka takes offense at being compared to Ritsuko.
    Misato covered her head with her hands. "Don't be childish," she mumbled. "I compared you to my best friend, not to the monster she became."
  • Scar Tissue: In chapter 17 Shinji has this reaction when Asuka tells him she has been angry and avoiding him for one week because she was jealous of him and trying to protect him from herself. Shinji slaps his forehead, groans and says it is the most stupid thing he has ever heard.

One Piece

  • Zealous: The Sea Devil (who created all the devil fruits) creates a specific one to stop the Dark Dark Fruit and plants it so Shanks will eat it and stop Blackbeard. Then Luffy eats it instead. Cue Facepalm

Power Girl

  • In A Force of Four, Fury covers her face when Queen Hippolyta tells her mother about her lover.
    "Ohhhhhhh, hell," muttered Lyta, and hid her face in her hands.

Soul Eater

  • In chapter four of Twinite, this is Sarah's reaction to her Uncle.
    Turning away from the 'I know I'm cool' look, I rest my head in my palms. Well, more like nearly gave myself a concussion with both my hands. Facepalm, apply directly to face.

Star Trek

  • From Bajor to the Black, Part II has Eleya do this when she finds out that, with everybody who was on the bridge dead courtesy of the Borg, the Closest Thing We Got to a conn officer is an ops ensign who likes to play a holodeck program of Operation Return.
    Eleya: (facepalm) Fine, we don't have time to be picky. Ahead full.
  • Peace Forged in Fire, Part II has one from General Brokosh after Captain Koren starts complaining about missing the entire Big Badass Battle Sequence.
    Koren: Tal'Shiar scum! This is Koren, daughter of Grilka, Captain of the glorious IKS bortaS’qu! You will—what the… What do you MEAN we missed out on a glorious battle? ARGH!!!!!! I haven’t seen any action since Qo’noS! Why does it ALWAYS take an impending apocalypse for me to get to kill things???
    Brokosh: (facepalm) Koren, you damn fool, get back in formation.

Star Wars

  • In Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo, both Vader and Sidious mentally do this when Padme assumes that "Darth" is the former's actual name, rather than a title.

Total Drama

  • In Keepers of the Elements, there are quite a few moments that cause these for various characters, from bad guys to the protagonists.



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