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  • The D12 song "My Band" makes light of this trope. As for D12 themselves, there's Eminem and... a bunch of other rappers... all from Detroit... People usually recognize Bizarre because he's the fat one and Proof because he was Eminem's best friend (who died a tragic death). It's the other three people usually don't recognize (Kon Artist, Kuniva and Swifty McVay). Funny in that Eminem was never meant to be an official member. Justified to a degree: the group wasn't even formed until 1996, the same year Eminem's foray solo album came out.
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  • Played With for another Detroit group : Slum Village. While J Dilla is very often, and for good reason the most popular member, Baatin is also fairly known for dying three years after Dilla, T3 for being the only surviving member of the original lineup (Dilla, Baatin & T3), Elzhi for his sheer lyrical prowess and Illa J for being Dilla's brother. Only Young RJ isn't mentioned often.
  • Public Enemy is Chuck D and Flava Flav... and about a dozen other people, and that's not even counting S1W, the affiliated group of security guys, who the band considered spiritual members of the band.
    • Terminator X was pretty well known too, although he left the band in 1999.
  • Sometimes happens with entire production crews, such as
    • Busta Rhymes and Flipmode Squad. Busta himself had a Breakup Breakout from Leaders Of The New School. At least he tries to mention Flipmode in nearly every single of his own.
    • Ice Cube and the Lench Mob.
  • 2 Live Crew are Luke Campbell (aka Luke Skyywalker) and three other guys.
  • Boogie Down Productions consisted of KRS-ONE and his bodyguards (There may have been a chick in there, too). Considering KRS-One gave a shout-out to DJ Scott La Rock on every single track they ever recorded together, that's hard to believe.
  • How many people can name even half of the 9 current Wu-Tang Clan members, even spotting them Method Man? (Ol' Dirty Bastard being deceased and Redman not being an official member.)
    • That's not even getting into the affiliates and associates. Maccabeez, Sunz on Man, West Coast Killa Beez, associates The L.O.X. (starring Jadakiss, for another round at this) and Busta Rhymes (see above)... it makes the Summers Family Tree look tiny.
  • N.W.A was Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E and...?
    • MC Ren?
    • This extends to the biopic, where Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Eazy-E are clearly the main characters, while the other members of the group get far less screentime and development. MC Ren even complained on Twitter about how little focus he got in the trailers and the movie itself (though he did praise the film overall). Meanwhile, Arabian Prince, who helped found the group, was demoted to a mere uncredited cameo.
  • The Roots seem to be Black Thought, ?uestlove, and some other rappers with instruments.
  • To quote Stephen Colbert about the Black Eyed Peas: "Or as I like to call them, Fergie and the other guys, featuring the Obama Guy."
    Tina Fey: Look, there's!
    Steve Carell: Who?
    Fey: The guy from Fergie!
    • Many know, who usually starts the songs, makes frequent guest appearances (even in Fergie's solo album), has a memorably silly name and played a mutant in the Wolverine movie. The others, though...good luck if people even know how many others there are.
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    • This one is distressing, since the Black Eyed Peas were an established group with hit records years before Fergie came along.
      • Saturday Night Live did a skit spoofing this in which BEP members Taboo and host a show called "Our Time," in which they lament their perpetually-overshadowed status while constantly reminding the audience in-unison that "we are in the Black Eyed Peas." Fergie and show up uninvited to do an impromptu musical number (while physically obscuring the camera's view of their lesser-known bandmates).
      • This is spoofed in another skit that advertises the group for personal performances. A one night appearance from Fergie costs 25,000 dollars, and (referred to as "The two black guys") cost 10,000 dollars combined, while Taboo (referred to as "That really scary weird guy who dances") is free.
  • Crime Mob was Diamond, Princess, and... those guys. This is because none of them had any musical talent, but Diamond and Princess were beautiful and sexy girls with tons of sex appeal so everyone remembered them, while the male rappers were completely forgotten.
  • How many fans of Sir Mix-a-Lot remember anyone else in his crew, despite the fact that they're all mentioned by name in one of his early hits ("Posse's On Broadway")?
  • City High was Claudette Ortiz and a couple of rather forgettable guys.
  • Junior M.A.F.I.A. was Lil' Kim and eight other friends of The Notorious B.I.G.. Even fans of 90's hiphop might only remember Lil' Cease at best, since he's the only other one to put out a mainstream album.
  • 2Pac's sheer popularity eclipsed any group he was part of : Digital Underground, Thug Life & Outlawz (Yaki Kadafi is the only one who is often mentioned because he was the only one who could have identified 2Pac's killer and accidentally died shortly after)
  • Diddy-Dirty Money most prominently features Sean Combs, but interestingly enough Dawn Richards and Kalenna have a large fanbase.
  • Bad Meets Evil is Eminem and Royce the 5'9', but most people can only recognize one half of the group. Guess who that person is? In fact, more people attribute their songs, and in the case of their biggest hit "Lighters", to guest vocalist Bruno Mars, to Eminem alone than to "Bad Meets Evil".
  • Try to name anyone from Young Money that isn't Lil Wayne, Drake, or Nicki Minaj. Or maybe Tyga.
  • In another example of this happening to entire record labels; who can seriously name another artist signed to Strange Music besides Tech N9ne? Granted, he founded the label and for a long time was its only signed artist. Krizz Kaliko might occasionally get a mention, due to being featured in many of Tech N9ne's songs and for being signed on to the label for the second-longest of all current artists.
  • Cee Lo Green is usually the only member of Goodie Mob that most people can name. Even before his solo career took off, he stood out for being able to sing as well as rap.
  • Most people think Macklemore is a solo artist rather than one half of a duo with Ryan Lewis. Even though Lewis has been given equal credit on all of his songs, 9 out of 10 people will only recognize the former.
  • Admit it, out of the 15 current members of the A$AP Mob, the only one you can name is Rocky. Although Ferg has some known hits, Rocky remains the most famous member by far.
    • Yams is a tragic case, since people only knew about him after his tragic death.
    • People would probably name a non member of the group such as Playboi Carti before naming another actual member after Rocky and or Ferg.
  • Deltron 3030 is a collaborative project between rapper Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, producer Dan the Automator, and DJ Kid Koala. A lot of people don't know this, and tend to assume that Deltron 3030 is just Del's alter ego. This despite the fact that Dan The Automator was frequently name-checked on songs on the self-titled album, and that the lyrics of "Mastermind" consist pretty much entirely of Del praising him for his production skills.
  • The title of most recognized member of Hollywood Undead is tightly contested between Charlie Scene, Danny, and J-Dog (Deuce too, before he left). No one will say its Johnny 3 Tears, or Funny Man.
  • To many people, Black Hippy is Kendrick Lamar and his buddies. Although ScHoolboy Q has had a few hits, he's not even close to Kendrick's level of recognition.
  • Averted with Eric B. & Rakim, who is well...
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince might as well have been called "the adventures of Will Smith in the '80s!". Even their greatest hits cover art downplays Jeff in favor of Smith.
  • G-Unit is 50 Cent and a bunch of other guys. Lloyd Banks might get a mention, and also The Game due to their falling out.
  • Lil Jon... & the Eastside Boyz.
  • P$C is T.I. and some other guys. The fact that P$C is virtually unknown outside of Atlanta, and T.I. is a worldwide rap superstar, this was inevitable.
  • Speaking of which. Bankroll Mafia is T.I., followed by his protege Young Thug, and some other southern rappers.
  • Name a member of OutKast, and more likely than not André 3000's name will pop up sooner than Big Boi's will.
  • Although each rapper in the Jurassic 5 has roughly equal microphone time, Chali 2na is easily the best known thanks to his incredibly distinctive voice, as well as for having the most notable solo career of the bunch.
  • The Classmates was a group with Travis Scott and some other guy that was formed before Travis became popular.
  • Sqad Up was a group Lil Wayne formed with a few other rappers from his hometown. The only one people might recognise is Gudda Gudda, who is one of the more known lesser members of Young Money.
  • People only know about The Go Getters cause it was some of the oldest music and production of Kanye West. The only other member people might be able to name is GLC, do to him appearing on Kanye's first couple albums.

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