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  • White Mage from 8-Bit Theater, she gave Red Mage a kick in the shin, decided it wasn't for her and turned good again.
  • Dr. Schlock from Sluggy Freelance, though he'd been straddling the fence for quite some time, anyway.
  • Otra appears to be doing this in Girly, shown here.
  • Panther in Dead of Summer does this in a very scary scene, first by tearing out Dr Light's eyes and killing him, then by declaring Doug Fetterman will be the new leader, Though not really, as it's an evil clone of him as part of Fetterman's Evil Plan.
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  • Sebastian Jalek in True Villains does this in the first Saga. He tries to not regret it.
  • In Zebra Girl, Sandra turns evil after being dragged into hell by Professor Broadshoulders. She's having fun now.
  • In Sidekicks
    • Olivia, who was a top student in Justice College but ended up in the Under Corps anyway, turned to the side of evil when Metheos gave her Phantom's Mind Control superpower. She then took on the name "Iblis".
    • Gale does so too after being dismissed as a sidekick.
  • In The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Dr. McNinja is having trouble battling the evil Frans Rayner, because all the McNinja clones (long story) are triggering Conservation of Ninjutsu. So the Genre Savvy doctor does the only thing he can — team up with Frans and start taking the clones out himself. Yes, Face–Heel Turn as a fighting tactic. The clones were going to die either way, and Doc would have died with them if he hadn't changed sides. Besides, he went back to Face when there were no more clones, because Conservation of Ninjutsu was no longer in effect (and Rainer would have killed him had he stood quiet).
  • Homestuck:
    • Eridan from does this after deciding that the fight against Jack Noir is completely hopeless and as the "Prince of Hope" he believes he is the most qualified to determine if all hope is lost. He figures the only chance for survival is to pledge his loyalty to Jack. He then proceeds to K.O. Sollux, kill Feferi, and finally kill Kanaya (while destroying the key to restoring the Troll race) when they try to stop him before he escapes.
    • And then, not long after, Gamzee runs out of sopor slime pies and goes insane (or sane, considering that sopor slime pies are a troll drug), which causes him to remember his destiny as a murderous Subjugglator, and is later seen working for Caliborn/Lord English.
    • Much later on, Aranea turns from a helpful Ms. Exposition to a Well-Intentioned Extremist.
  • Ellen of El Goonish Shive shortly after her creation. Fortunately Dan scrapped the idea of her staying evil.
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  • In To Prevent World Peace, Kendra's future would have involved becoming a Dark Magical Girl. She decides to prevent this by choosing a Face–Heel Turn instead. This was not precisely what the future-seer intended when she warned Kendra about it . . .
  • Synn from the The Law of Purple performed one of these before the start of the comic. It didn't take very well, tho, since it took little more than a few words from his old best friend before Heel Face Turning back.
  • Ruby of Sticky Dilly Buns is moralistic to the point of sanctimoniousness when she first appears, and as a result acts as The Conscience to title character Dillon once or twice. Unfortunately, she then develops an obsession with yaoi, and starts trying to make her Guy on Guy fantasies happen in real life — usually by exploiting Dillon's trust. However, her own conscience doesn't entirely disappear.
  • Ménage à 3:
    • Roxy, a semi-pro wrestler, executes a classic in-ring Turn, attacking her own tag team partner from behind.
    • For the first couple of volumes or so, DiDi is, if not heroic, at least well-meaning and genuinely naive. However, her increasingly desperate quest for an orgasm isn’t good for her personality, and she actually becomes worse after that quest succeeds; by the tenth and final volume, she’s become a monster of casually manipulative ego.
  • Corrick does this unwillingly in Plume, as he must protect whoever's wearing his amulet and Dom manages to get ahold of it, forcing Cor to turn against Vesper.
  • Sailor Moon Cosmos Arc:
    • Hotaru ends up on the side of evil when she's possessed by Chaos's final avatar, Servant Chaos.
    • You know how in the canon Sailor Moon Chibi Chibi really pushed Usagi into destroying the Galaxy Cauldron in order to stop the cycle of good of evil? Chibi Chibi is none other than a reincarnated Usagi, who decides that she can't bear to be in a world where evil can't be completely eradicated.
  • Sandra on the Rocks: While Sandra is back in Canada for a year, the combination of the manipulative Eva's machinations and some personal issues send Sandra's good-hearted young friend Marie into a spiral of hard partying, broken friendships, and increasingly bad attitudes. By the time Sandra returns to Paris, Marie is regularly behaving pretty horribly.


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