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Face Heel Turn / Music

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  • No More Mr. Nice Guy by Alice Cooper. A Take That! against Moral Guardians who ostracised him and his family from their church because they thought his stage act promoted satanism.
  • Roger Martinez, the former lead singer of the Christian thrash metal band Vengeance Rising, has since denounced his former religion and joined the Church of Satan.
    • This could also be considered a Heel–Face Turn, depending on your perspective.
  • The song "Heel Turn 2" by The Mountain Goats is named after this trope, from the wrestling-centric album Beat The Champ. The first verse portrays the narrator as "an upstanding, well-loved man about town," but he realizes "I don't want to die in here" and in the second verse is willing to do anything to win: "I'm walking out of here in one piece / Don't care what comes after," describing his fanclub's president in tears and the trash raining down on him from the rafters.

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